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October 2014
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Shabbat Service Schedule

Shabbat Window  
Friday, October 17: 7:00 PM Consecration/Simchat Torah Family Service
Friday, October 24: 7:30 PM Shabbat Services
Saturday, October 25: 10:00 AM Shabbat Services and Michael Breslow becomes a Bar Mitzvah
Friday, October 31: 7:30 PM Celebrate Shabbat at home with friends and family. No services at Or Chadash.
Friday, November 7: 7:30 PM Shabbat Services
Friday, November 14: 7:00 PM Shabbat Family Services - 5th Grade Siddur Program and Kristallnacht.
Friday, November 21: 7:30 PM Shabbat Torah Service
College Student Outreach
The purpose of this program is to maintain a Jewish connection for our students away from home at preparatory, college or graduate schools. Students will be mailed a treat symbolic for each of the following holidays: Hanukkah, Purim and Passover. The Rabbi includes a delightful letter reminding students of the significance of the occasion. Students tell us each year how much they look forward to these packages and how comforting it is to know that they are still important to our Or Chadash Family.

We create a new "Student Address List" each year, so all interested parents should send in their child's address for the coming year as soon as possible. You must submit this each year, even if there has not been a change. You will notice that there is space for an email address. 


Don't let your child miss out on the second mailing, which will be for Hanukkah!

Click here to complete the registration form. 

In Our Community

Refuah Sh'leima (Get well) to... 
Eileen Berkelhammer
Susan Blaicher  
Fred Bernstein
Barbara Sansevere
Dorothy Saks
Virginia Murphy

In order to help us be a more caring community, please share your lifecycle events with Rabbi Forman
Feel free to click on a hyperlink to send a note and let someone know you are thinking about them.

yahrzeit photo

Upcoming Yahrzeits 

May the memories of the following individuals be for a blessing: 


October 10

Lillian Cart

Sister-in-Law of Hilda Suchow

Hyman Gorin

Grandfather of Debbie Weiss

Seymour Hersch

Husband of Evelyne Hersch

Father of Sherrie Mazzocchi

Morton Kail

Stepfather of Deborah Beer-Christensen

Regina Leon

Great-Grandmother of Betsy Zalaznick

Matthew Ringel

Father of Robin Lewy

Joan Woerner

Sister of Alice Schwade


October 17

Jack Kluft

Uncle of Betsy Zalaznick

Meryl Weil

Mother of Paul Weil


October 24

Benjamin Cohen

Grandfather of Paul Weil

Frank Rapp

Father of Salena Kern


October 31 (Will be read on October 24)

Selma Bland

Mother of Beatrice Abrams

Blanche Margaret Erkkila

Mother of Craig Erkkila

Helen Gordon

Grandmother of Robin Lewy

Michael Joseph Sansevere, Jr.

Father of Joseph Sansevere 

Joan K. Weinstein

Mother of Susan Albert


November 7 (Will be read on November 14)

Jerome Marrus

Father of Alan Marrus

Greta Platt

Mother of Cheryl Platt

T. Tony Spitzberg

Grandfather of Jim Kassanoff

Louis Zalaznick

Father of Bruce Zalaznick


November 14

Mildred Marrus

Mother of Alan Marrus

David Topf

Father of Alice Schwade

Herman Weinstein

Grandfather of Susan Albert


Thanks to all who contributed as of October 15, 2014 


7th Grade Bar/Bat Mitzvah Gift:

Robert & Susan Lazar


Board Directed Fund: 

Adam & Audrey Belkin

Jeff & Christine Berg

Harvey Gold 

John Graybeal & Laura              Senator 

Gerald Jones & Karen Tovi-      Jones 

Louis & Caryn Speizer 

David & Kimberly Turner

Gary & Debbie Weiss 

Bruce & Betsy Zalaznick


Educational Enrichment Fund:

Jeff & Christine Berg 


General Contributions:

Jeff & Christine Berg

Bruce & Betsy Zalaznick


High Holy Day 5775 Donations:

Larry & Beatrice Abrams

Paul & Deborah Augustus 

Steve & Susan Albert

Steven & Susan Albrecht

Mark & Nancy Beckman  

Adam & Audrey Belkin 

Paul & Elyse Belkin  

Jeff & Christine Berg

Tim & Miriam Blanke

Jeff & Cyndy Bloch 

Ray Blumenfeld & Audrey          Hackel  

Jon & Lori Blutfield 

Ira & Estelle Breines 

Scott & Maryann Breslow

Craig Erkkila & Ruby Halper-Erkkila

Harvey Gold 

John Graybeal & Laura              Senator 

Alan Hecht & Maria Jose De      La Hoz   

Evelyn Hersch

Ken Hillman

Mark & Jessica Hodkinson 

Susan Ingram 

Gerald Jones & Karen Tovi-      Jones

Nancy Kanter

Craig & Sudha Kantor

Estelle Katcher 

Andy & Michele Korfin

Nelson & Beverly Kornstein 

Samantha Krongold

Robert & Shirl Levy

Sherrie Mazzocchi

Vadik & Kate Metelitsa

Bernard & Carol Miller 

Stuart Oxenhorn & Robin          Schutz 

Tony & Barbara Persichetti

Chris & Melissa Pickell

Darren & Yulia Pincus  

Rick & Jill Rosenthal 

Joseph & Carolyn Sansevere John & Toby Sarinick 

Don & Sara Schenker 

Robert & Alice Schwade

Stephen Sinoway & Beth Golden  

Victor Sloan & Sandra Gong

Louis & Caryn Speizer 

Andrew & Jane Stein  

Marc & Caryn Tomljanovich 

David & Kimberly Turner

Edward Tyler & Renee              Trambert 

Gary & Debbie Weiss 

Craig Wolfson & Vicki              Tuschak 

Bruce & Betsy Zalaznick

Eric & Naomi Zwerling  


G. Kulp Music Fund:

Jeff & Christine Berg

Gary & Debbie Weiss: In honor of Kathy Gohr 


Prayer Book Fund: 

Larry & Beatrice Abrams Joseph & Carolyn Sansevere

Sergey & Tamya Wortman-Vayn 


Rabbi's Discretionary Fund: 

James & Arlene Berg: In honor of Jonatha Berg becoming Bat Mitzvah

Jeff & Christine Berg

Ellen Pytlar  


Tree of Life Fund:

Paul & Maureen Weiner: In honor of Abby's Bat Mitzvah 



Hilda Suchow 

In Memory Of Benjamin Freidman 


Yizkor 5775: 

Steve & Susan Albert

Steven & Susan Albrecht

Paul Beers 

Paul & Elyse Belkin 

Ray Blumenfeld & Audrey          Hackel 

Jon & Lori Blutfield 

Harvey Gold 

John Graybeal & Laura              Senator

Phil & Andrea Harvey 

Alan Hecht & Maria Jose De      La Hoz  

Susan Ingram
Nancy Kanter

Andy & Michele Korfin  

John Langer & Annette Ivry 

Elizabeth Lewy 

Stuart Oxenhorn & Robin          Schutz 

Tony & Barbara Persichetti

Chris & Melissa Pickell

Darren & Yulia Pincus 

Don & Sara Schenker

Stephen Sinoway & Beth Golden 

Andrew & Jane Stein

Ken & Cindy Stoter 

Edward Tyler & Renee              Trambert 

Paul & Meredith Weil

Richard Willey & Meridith Sigel-Willey 

Craig Wolfson & Vicki              Tuschak 

Bruce & Betsy Zalaznick


Youth Programs Fund:

Paul & Maureen Weiner 

Health Services Available
The Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center at Hunterdon Medical Center is offering free screening tests for breast, cervical, colorectal, and prostate cancer to those who qualify. If you or someone you know is without adequate health insurance, call the Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center at 908-237-5409 to see if you qualify. 
Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family Services 




JFS is a non-profit, non-sectarian social service agency whose mission is to preserve and strengthen the quality of individual, family and community life based on Jewish values. We provide our services to a diverse socio-economic client population that includes individuals, children, young adults, families and the elderly.

 Click here for information on additional services.  


Meals On Wheels 
Meals on Wheels needs volunteer drivers in our area. Serve your homebound senior neighbors a hot noontime meal. The commitment to drive is only once a month. It will take only an hour or two once a month to get that good feeling of giving. Call our office at (908)284-0735 to offer your time or for more information (and/or check out our website at mowih.org). Help us, help others. Many thanks. 
Rabbi's Message
Dear Members and Friends of Or Chadash,
The High Holy Days have come and gone -- and not without the tremendous efforts of so many dedicated members of our congregation.  To all of them -- and to all of you who continue to strengthen our community-- I say: Todah!!  Thank You!!  Or Chadash is a community that relies deeply on the care and assistance of its members to make all the wonderful programs here happen.  It also depends on the tireless efforts of our small senior staff. We are blessed with a gifted cantor -- Kathy Gohr -- who enriches our worship and programming with song and spirit.  And we are blessed with our remarkable educator, program creator (and baker extraordinaire -- just ask members of our Teaching Staff or Board of Trustees), Betsy Zalaznick, for all she gives of herself to our community.
We are also fortunate to have a group of volunteers who give of themselves tirelessly.  Our president, Caryn Tomljanovich, has been a support to me and a cheerleader for all thing OC!  In addition to the demands of her job, family and other commitments, she manages to find time to devote to Or Chadash.  An Ashet Chayal - a true Woman of Valor - as our tradition would say.  Jerry Jones, our Religious Practices Chair, who has dedicated himself to making sure that all the details of the High Holy Days were taken care of, is a gift to our community.  And our Treasurer, Deb Weiss, has labored tirelessly during this busy season (as she does all year long) to make it possible for everyone to be able to stay connected to OC.  There are so many others who also have given of themselves.  I appreciate every one of you and every minute you give to building our community!
During this holiday of Sukkot - known as the Season of our Joy - I hope each of you find joy in the work you do, the family you support, the friends who surround you and the communities that are enriched by your presence.
Wishing you a year of blessing.

Rabbi Joseph M. Forman
President's Message

Let me share something with you. I'm tired. It's been a busy eight weeks since the start of the school year, and that, combined with the whirlwind that is the Jewish High Holy days, means I'm ready for a long nap. But as usual, there is more on my plate. School events, synagogue events, family time, and making time for myself. As the days get shorter, I am called inside and have this strong desire to make soup and cookies. While I'll indulge that feeling, there are things outside of my house I don't want to miss.


Or Chadash's upcoming Simchat Torah celebration is certainly worth marking on your calendar for Friday, October 17th. We welcome our new Religious School students and new members and come together as a community to read the final portion in the Torah. Later in the fall, save November 15th for our Annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser at Old York Vineyards. It is open to the entire community and a great way to spend some social time with the Or Chadash friends. Bring your neighbors as well!.


If you have not yet made your contribution to the Or Chadash High Holy Days Appeal, there is still time to do so. You can make your gift through our website (by clicking here) or mail it in to the Or Chadash office. Your gift of any size is greatly appreciated and brings us to our goal of 100% participation of our entire congregation. Thank you for your support.





Simchat Torah Celebration
Consecration/Welcoming Our New Members
Friday, October 17 at 7:00 PM

Please join us for a wonderful evening as we welcome our new members and also celebrate consecration, the formal beginning of religious school for our newest students. During this service, the entire Torah scroll will be unrolled around the perimeter of the sanctuary. Cantor Kathy Gohr will be leading us in song. 


This event is open to the community, so please bring family and friends along to join in the fun. Please sign up for this special event, so we can have an accurate account and be "oneg ready!"  

B'ruchim HaBa'im...
Or Chadash Welcomes our New Members
We Welcome Our New Members:

Jeffrey and Jill Barna join us from Branchburg with their children Evan and Casey.

Douglas Beman and Kimberly Gold join us from Flemington with their daughter Katherine.

Brian Chizever and Jodee Chizever join us from Three Bridges with their children Gideon and Seraphina.

Brian and Faith Costello join us from Whitehouse Station with their children Brooke and Jack.

Dan and Jacquelyn Freedman join us from Milford.

Nancy Kanter joins us from New Hope. 

David and Michele Kinderman join us from Milford with their sons Simon and Calvin.

Adam and Jana Levison join us from Whitehouse Station with their sons Ryan and Jack.

Tony and Barbara Persichetti join us from Flemington.

We Welcome Back Our Returning Members:

Glenn and Lydia Sokoloski join us from Flemington with their children Zak and Sarah.

We Welcome Our 'Religious School Only' Families of 2013/14 ... As Members:

Pierce and Stacey Hubbard join us from Flemington with their children Braden and Alicia.
Craig and Sudha Kantor join us from Asbury with their daughter Shayna. 
John Langer and Annette Ivry join us from Three Bridges with their son Harrison. 
Barry and Alison Levine join us from Flemington with their daughters Emma and Hannah. 
Darren and Yulia Pincus join us from Flemington with their children Daniel and Sierra.

Click on their names above to send them a welcome email.
Sukkot Events
On Sunday, October 5 at 9 AM, the construction of the Sukkah took place. The Brotherhood once again led the construction of the Sukkah.

We celebrated Sukkot on Friday, October 10 at 6:30 PM with a combination Shabbat/Sukkot Experience and Picnic Dinner in the Sukkah followed by s'mores.

2nd Annual Wine Tasting at Old York Cellars
Saturday, November 15 at 6:00 PM
Come Join Or Chadash for our 2nd Annual Wine Tasting Event! Saturday, November 15 from 6:00 to 10:00 PM at

Old York Cellars
80 Old York Road
Ringoes, NJ.

You will get a tasting of 6 different wines and there will be food for all. Wine is also available for purchase. 

Come and enjoy the night out and bring friends and family!!! This event is open to the entire community and is sure to be a blast!


Cost: $40/person

Purchase tickets here using your credit card or send a check, payable to Or Chadash to:

Adam & Audrey Belkin
6 Jennings Lane

Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889 

(or you can drop them off at the Temple).

Please contact Adam and Audrey if you have any questions at 908-534-3676.


All funds raised go to support Or Chadash. 

The Cooking Corner - Cara Tannenbaum 
Sunday, November 16 at 10:00 AM
Or Chadash welcomes Cara Tannenbaum, the author of In a Nutshell: Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds.
The only cookbook of its kind,
In a Nutshell is a complete guide to cooking and baking with nuts and seeds, ranging from soups and sauces to pasta and dessert. Cara Tannenbaum and Andrea Tutunjian deliver the essential cookbook for Mother Nature's most versatile and nutritious ingredients. Publishers Weekly calls the book, "A smart blend of toothsome and approachable recipes, this volume gives readers plenty of options for all times of the day as well as appetites." With more than 250 recipes exploring the culinary and cultural history of nuts and seeds in foods from Hazelnut Roulade to Pumpkin Seed Guacamole, In a Nutshell unites the smooth, crunchy, savory, and sweet and proves that nuts are so much more than just a Happy Hour snack. 

Cara Tannenbaum is an award-winning chef, caterer, and Instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education.

This event will be held at Or Chadash on Sunday, November 16 at 10:00 AM. Fee: $8/advance or $12/day of event. Includes Bagel and a "smear."

Sisterhood Vendor Event 
Sunday, November 16 at 11:30 AM
Calling All Vendors!

We are very excited to be planning our first vendor
shopping event. It will be held at Or Chadash on Sunday,
November 16th from 11:30-2pm. 
We are looking for vendors who would like to have a table to sell their merchandise. We are asking in return that the vendor donate 10% of their sales to Or Chadash. Prior to reaching out to vendors that we know outside of the congregation, we are first asking if any congregant would be interested in having a table. 
Jana Levison, one of our committee members, has agreed to sell Lia Sophia jewelry, so other than that we will take any member on a first come basis.

Please email Debbie Weiss (deb1508@aol.com) if you are interested.

Everyone please mark your calendars!

Or Chadash Sisterhood


High Holy Days 5775
This year our Children's Service on Rosh Hashana offered activities for Tashlich at Turtle Rock (a P.J. Library Book by Susan Schnur and Anna Schnur Fishman which influenced our program) including making handprints of fond memories and crossing a stream to to discard bad behaviors.

 Lilly's Plastic Purple Purse by Kevin Henkes inspired our movie star glasses on Yom Kippur (the are holographic glasses that let you see Jewish stars when looking at bright points of light) and reminded us that we can be special, especially when we learn to say sorry.

Break The Fast

America's Grow-A-Row 
Thursday, October 9

On Thursday, October 9, the 5-10th grades volunteered at Peaceful Valley Orchards to harvest tomatoes for America's Grow-A-Row.  50 member of Or Chadash gathered over 3800 lbs of tomatoes in 90 minutes!!  All donated to food deserts in NJ.

Jewish LIFE: Learning Is For Everyone
Jewish Life
Jewish LIFE (Learning Is For Everyone) Upcoming Special Events include: 
Janna Gur, author of Jewish Soul Food, Wednesday, November 19, 12 Noon at the Birnbaum JCC, Bridgewater (Fee includes Luncheon: $18/person in advance or $22/person day of event)
Allen Salkin, author of From Scratch:  Inside the Food Network, Wednesday, December 3, 12 Noon at the Birnbaum JCC, Bridgewater (Fee includes Luncheon:  $18/person in advance or $22/person day of event)
Jewish Federation Women's Philanthropy Imagine Event, Wednesday, November 5, 6:30pm, Fiddler's Elbow Country Club, Bedminster (Fee:  $125/person)
Jewish Family Names with Dr. Nathan Reiss, Tuesday, December 9, 12:00 Noon at the Birnbaum JCC, Bridgewater (Fee includes lite Bagel Lunch : $5/person); 
The Irma Horowitz Film Series Featuring Falafel and Israeli Short Films, Friday, December 5, 6:30pm at Or Chadash, Flemington and Thursday, December 11, 6:30pm at the Birnbaum JCC, Bridgewater (Fee includes Falafel Dinner: $12/person in advance or $15 day of event).  
To register for programs, please contact the Shimon and Sara Birnbaum JCC at 908-725-6994 x201 or register on line at www.ssbjcc.org.
Scrip News

L'shanah tovah to you from me and my family!

Now that we have asked ourselves the important questions about what we have done wrong this past year and what we can do better, I wonder if I could add another question for you to consider:


Would you be willing to be part of a $12,000 fundraising initiative for Or Chadash that would cost you nothing? 


Raising that great amount for Or Chadash can truly and easily happen if we all chip in and participate.


But how do we fundraise at no cost to us?

The scrip program.  Participating together.  My goal is to explain how easy it is to participate and how easy it is to earn money for Or Chadash from hundreds of retailers.


How does the scrip program work?

Scrip is the same as gift cards.  The Great Lakes Scrip Center sells scrip online. You sign up to make purchases and designate Or Chadash as the beneficiary. Each retailer offers a certain percentage back to Or Chadash.  You get what you pay for, and Or Chadash gets a percentage because you purchased scrip.  *Bonus:  you also get a scrip credit on dues, which means this program actually pays you to participate!


What do I need to do to contribute to the $12,000 fundraising goal?

Choose one retailer and commit to buying scrip for that retailer every month.  Buy your groceries with scrip (ShopRite, Stop&Shop, A&P).  Buy your gas with scrip (Shell, BP, Exxon). Make all your Walmart or Target purchases with scrip.  There are hundreds of retailers from which to choose.  Find something you purchase every month, and do it with scrip.


How does my single purchase contribute to the $12,000 goal? Your purchase matters.  It is one meaningful part of a group effort that can easily bring in $12,000 to Or Chadash in just one year.  For example, I buy $500 of ShopRite scrip every month.  That earns Or Chadash $20 in one month.  In one year, my ShopRite scrip purchases earn Or Chadash $240.  If you do that, too, Or Chadash gets $480.  If 50 families do it, too, then Or Chadash earns $12,000.


Please consider joining me and Jeff, and the 20 families signed up so far, and participating in the scrip program each month.  You can make a difference!  And together, we can make a very big difference!


Feel free to find me with any questions at all: cberg3@comcast.net.  The Scrip FAQs are also on the Or Chadash website and can be accessed here.


Thank you for your consideration!



Taste of Hunterdon

On November 13, Family Promise is holding its annual Taste of Hunterdon. To register for this event, please  visit this site.

Bar Mitzvah of Michael Breslow
Michael Breslow will become a Bar Mitzvah on October 25. He is the son of Maryann and Scott Breslow and the grandson of Irv and Bea Breslow & Jim and Julia Tirinato. Michael is a 7th grader at Readington Middle School where he is an Honor Roll student and a member of the Jazz band and Track team. He also participates in many clubs including the Debate Team, various Mathematics competitions and Tennis Club.  He is currently on the Readington Recreation Junior Tennis team and will be playing in two competitive matches with recreation teams from other towns.  Michael is also a member of the Readington X-Treme travel baseball team and competed in a week-long tournament in Cooperstown, NY over the summer.  Michael enjoys most sports, but loves baseball, basketball and tennis and is a huge fan of the New York Yankees.   In addition, he is a Boy Scout with Troop 186 and has recently earned the rank of Second Class.  He also plays piano and has performed in many recitals over the past 5 years. 
For his Mitzvah Project, Michael volunteered with the Hunterdon Outreach Programs helping special needs children learn the skills needed to play basketball and baseball.  In addition, Michael has collected used sports equipment and is searching for the right charity to donate all the items to.  His Torah portion, Noah, sparked a lot of family discussions on what Noah did and what his options were.  We are very proud of all of his accomplishments and look forward to his special day on October 25th.