Or Chadash Newsletter
 July 2013 

OC Summer Schedule
as of July 1, 2013
Please check the website for updates and changes. 
(A Shabbat pool-party, visits to Stockton Market and Dilly's,
Lambertville Fireworks, and more still to be scheduled.) 

Friday, July 12
6 PM
Kabbalat Shabbat Service
Sunday, July 14 Hava Nagila exhibit @ Jewish History Museum in NYC.
Look for more info soon.  
Friday, July 19
Celebrate Shabbat with family and friends -
No service at Or Chadash

Sunday, July 219 AMOC Hikes: Hike with us at a Hunterdon County Park.
Look for more info soon. 
Friday, July 266 PM
Kabbalat Shabbat Service @ Deer Path Park
Weather Permitting. 
Friday, August 2 
Celebrate Shabbat with family and friends -
No service at Or Chadash

Friday, August 9 6 PM
Kabbalat Shabbat Service @ OC
(Or it will be our
Deer Path Park Rain Date)
Saturday, August 10 9AM
OC Bikes: Meet for Breakfast @ Skylands Airport  
Bike ride to Stockton, then to the Peach Festival 
Or Meet us at the Peach Festival @ Manoff Farms in PA. 
Friday, August 16 
Celebrate Shabbat with family and friends -
No service at Or Chadash

Friday, August 236 PM
Kabbalat Shabbat Service - OC Reads.
Look for details on Book Selection. 
Friday, August 30 
Celebrate Shabbat with family and friends -
No service at Or Chadash
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Shabbat and Holiday 

Service Schedule

Shabbat Window 
July 5: No Services 
July 12: 6PM Kabbalat Shabbat 
July 19: No Services
July 26: 6PM Kabbalat Shabbat @             Deer Path Park
Important Dates to Remember
Sunday, July 14 - Visit Hava Nagila exhibit @ Jewish History Museum in NYC.  Details coming soon.

Friday, July 26 6:00 PM - Kabbalat Shabbat @ Deer Path Park
Kup O' Joe

Caffeinated Conversations
....with Rabbi Forman. 
Kup O' Joe takes a coffee break for the summer.  We look forward to sharing a cup with you again in the fall.

*Kup is Yiddush for Head/Mind

General Contribution

David and Isabel Malahick


Educ Enrichment Fund

Vivian Forman

In Honor Of Jon Zalaznick's Graduation

Bruce & Betsy Zalaznick

In Honor Of Brodie & Jack Costello Naming

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
Vivian Forman

In Honor of Charlotte Corey's 80th Birthday

Oneg Fund

Mark & Kristina Witzling

In Honor Of our son Josh becoming a Bar Mitzvah June, 8 2013

25th Anniversary
Robert & Shirl Levy

Steve & Susan Albert 

yahrzeit photo
Upcoming Yahrzeits 

May the memories of the following individuals be for a blessing:  


July 5 (to be read July 12)

Paul Adelman

grandfather of Laura Senator

Marcus Leon

grandfather of Betsy Zalaznick 

Harold Smith

husband of Connie Smith


July 12

Ilmari Bernard Erkkila

father of Craig Erkkila

Morton Garb

father of Lori Blutfield

Sarah Winter Lerman

loved one of David & Isabel Mahalick

Diane Sigel

mother of Meridith Sigel-Willey

Joe Zalaznick

grandfather of Bruce Zalaznick


July 19 (to be read July 26)

Israel Louis Levin

father of Ellen Pytlar


July 26

Samuel Barrow
father of Ruth Crawford
Ben Bland
father of Beatrice Abrams
Dick Coriell
father of Brian Coriell
Ida Ettinger
loved one of Shelly Weller
Ira Korfin
father of Andy Korfin
Simi Rotter
mother of Naomi Zwerling
Henrietta Weinstein
grandmother of Susan Albert

August 2 (to be read August 9)

Albert Berkerlhammer

husband of Eileen Berkelhammer

Ada Kadet Levy

mother of Robert Levy

Barbara Vrabel

cousin of Susan Albert 


August 9

Sanford Borgman

Father of Estelle Breines

Rose Breines

Mother of Ira Breines

Estelle Frankel

mother of Gregg Frankel

Jay Gilbert Fuhrman

Father of Joe Fuhrman

Lily Jacobsen

Grandmother of Caryn Speizer

Jessie Mazzocchi

granddaughter of Evelyne Hersch

Barbara Rabiner

mother of Betsy Zalaznick

Sophie Rabiner

grandmother of Betsy Zalaznick

Stanley D. Weinstein

Father of Susan Albert

25th Anniversary Donations
Or Chadash gratefully acknowledges the generous donations to the 25th Anniversary Fund received to date from:

Larry & Beatrice Abrams

Steve & Susan Albert

Kurt & Susan Blaicher

Tim & Miriam Blanke

Ira & Estelle Breines
Jeff & Christine Berg  
Jeffrey D. Charney  

Brian & Carol Coriell

George Eckelmann & Jane Engel

Rabbi Joseph M. Forman
Harvey Gold

Evelyne Hersch

Mark & Jessica Hodkinson

Estelle Katcher
Robert & Shirl Levy
Darren & Elizabeth Loew
Stephen & Diana Propper
Rick & Jill Rosenthal

Joseph & Carolyn Sansevere

John & Toby Sarinick

Robert & Alice Schwade

John Graybeal & Laura Senator

Stephen Sinoway & Beth Golden

Victor Sloan & Sandra Gong
Louis & Caryn Speizer

Gerald & Ronda Starr

Marc & Caryn Tomljanovich 
Paul & Meredith Weil 
Ross & Susan Weinick 
Gary & Deb Weiss
Richard Willey & Meridith Sigel-Willey
Mark & Kristina Witzling
Bruce & Betsy Zalaznick
Eric & Naomi Zwerling
Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family Services 

JFS is a non-profit, non-sectarian social service agency whose mission is to preserve and strengthen the quality of individual, family and community life based on Jewish values. We provide our services to a diverse socio-economic client population that includes individuals, children, young adults, families and the elderly.

 Click here for information on additional services.  


Website Launch
Our new website launch has been scheduled for Wednesday July 10.
After that time, please look around and explore.
Feel free to send me any comments and suggestions.

Abby Rutka, OC Administrator
President's Message

Shalom. As your new President, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Caryn Tomljanovich. My husband, Marc, and I have two children, Lyra, who starts 8th grade in the fall and Evan, who starts fifth grade.  Both of them attend Clinton Public School.   We joined Or-Chadash when we moved to New Jersey 7 years ago from upstate New York.  Having come to Clinton from a community with only two other Jewish families, we were looking for a congregation that we could make our Jewish home.  Through religious school, participating in synagogue events and my participation on the board for the past two years, Or Chadash is a community which we are proud to be a part of.  In the past years, Or Chadash has brought us a stronger understanding of Jewish practices and how we want to define our Jewish identity, connection to a Jewish community and some precious family time away from our busy secular lives.


I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know many of you over the next year. I encourage you to attend some of the great events that are planned for this summer and into the early fall. Join us for a visit to the Hava Nagila exhibit at the Jewish History Museum in New York City on July 14th or an OC hike on July 21.  There are also scheduled Kabbalat Shabbat services including one on July 26th at Deer Path Park.  I hope to see some of you there.


In the coming year, I would love to hear your ideas and input about what types of programming and activities that you'd like to see at Or Chadash.  This is our collective Jewish home and it is only with the participation of many that we can make it grow and flourish.  We are a diverse congregation with great ideas and enthusiasm.  I believe there is tremendous opportunity for both spiritual and social participation. Please feel free to reach out to me with your thoughts that I can share with Rabbi Forman and synagogue leadership.  I look forward to seeing you and speaking with you. If you want to reach me, my email is president@orchadash-nj.org.


Caryn Tomljanovich


In Our Community

Refuah Sh'leima (Get well) to... 
Eileen Berkelhammer
Muriel Trambert
Ira Brienes
Kathy Gohr
Mazel Tov...
We wish Abby Rutka Mazel Tov for her husband becoming an adult Bar Mitzvah on June 15.
In order to help us be a more caring community, please share your lifecycle events with Rabbi Forman


Feel free to click on a hyperlink to send a note and let someone know you are thinking about them.
What You May Have Missed

Our bike ride to Stockton Market on June 22.
Hava Nagila Exhibit Visit
The Hava Nagila: A Song for the People uses engaging imagery, video, music, and imaginative design to tell the little-known history of the wordless melody from Ukraine that became the theme song for Jewish celebrations around the world. The exhibition traces the song's hundred-year journey from a shtetl in Eastern Europe, to communities of early Jewish settlers to Palestine, to the banquet halls of America where it remains a centerpiece of both communal memory and popular culture.
For more information, click here.
Yiddish Book Center

Be dazzled by gems of our heritage. Explore your Jewish identity.


The Yiddish Book Center is a treasure  map of our cultural and religious heritage.  It brings to life the thoughts and feelings, the reflections and observations, the ethereal and the daily life of Jewish scholars and  ordinary people. Literature, music and drama, once trapped within the Yiddish language and script only a few of our generation could penetrate, are now available in formats accessible and understandable to all. Unlock the treasure. Check their  website.  http://www.yiddishbookcenter.org/


Bea Abrams


The Yiddish Book Center is a non-profit organization working to tell the whole Jewish story by rescuing, translating and disseminating Yiddish books and presenting innovative educational programs that broaden understanding of modern Jewish identity.

Saving a million Yiddish books was just the beginning.  Their priority now is to advance knowledge of the content and literary and cultural progeny of the books saved by:

  • Offering fellowships and on site and on-line courses for high school students, college students and adults covering issues from Jewish identity and literature, to Yiddish language.  
  • Translating Yiddish literature into English, including an on-line radio and audiobook and podcast readings. 
  • Recording oral histories and contemporary stories.

Some upcoming programs include an on-site music festival, "Yidstock", and an on-line course, "Yiddish con Salsa: The Jews of Latin America". Check the website and learn more about the many offerings of the Yiddish Book Center.http://www.yiddishbookcenter.org/

In The News
Sandy Relief Efforts
With the efforts put forth by our congregation after Hurricane Sandy, we wanted to share with you this article showing how thankful people were for the help of the Reform Jewish Community.

Reform Family Supports Hurricane Sandy Victims

It's that time of year again: Hurricane season. From my years living in Florida I know well that June-November is the official season. Living now in New York, one cannot escape the constant reminder of last year's 'Super Storm Sandy.' The news is filled with updates, as one-by-one the Jersey Shore boardwalks reopen for the 'season' and shops at South Street Seaport struggle to rebuild. Recovery after the second costliest storm in U.S. history (Hurricane Katrina was the most costly) will take many years. It will be a long time until every community affected by the storm will be back on its feet.

Click Here to see the entire article.
Meals On Wheels 
Meals on Wheels needs volunteer drivers in our area. Serve your homebound senior neighbors a hot noontime meal. The commitment to drive is only once a month. It will take only an hour or two once a month to get that good feeling of giving. Call our office at (908)284-0735 to offer your time or for more information (and/or check out our website at mowih.org). Help us, help others. Many thanks. 
Mazel Tov 

Mazel Tov to all of our graduates.

We wish you well on all of your future endeavors.

We like sharing milestones and have tried to include everyone. If your name is missing, please let us know. 


High School 


Jake Altshuler 

Hunterdon Central

High School 

Rutgers University 

Taylor Beckman 

Hunterdon Central High School

Muhlenberg College 

Rachel Brodsky 

Somerville High 


The College of New Jersey 

Mitchell Blutfield 

Hunterdon Central High School

University of Virginia 

Daniel Drill 

Somerville High


Ithaca College 

Zachary Hann 

Voorhees High


The Julliard School 

Jeremy Levine 

Hunterdon Central High School

Franklin and Marshal 

Erika Lewy

Hunterdon Central High School

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

Matthew Zwerling

Hunterdon Central High School

University of Florida 

College Graduates -  

Alyssa Becker 

Bucknell University


Jack Beers      

Drew University 


Michelle Coriell

Washington and Lee University


David Eckelmann

Lafayette College


Jon Erkkila 

Lawrence University


Jon Kurlansik

Rutgers University


Ben Speizer

West Chester University


Daniel Weinick

Rutgers University


Emily Weinick 

Gettysburg College


Jon Zalaznick 

Cornell University


Graduate Degrees 

Amanda Moutner

Cornell University, Masters in Archaelogy