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 February 2013 
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Shabbat and Holiday 

Service Schedule

Shabbat Window 
February 1: 7:30 PM Shabbat Torah Service
February 8: 7:00 PM Shabbat Family Service with 2nd and 3rd Grade Participation
February 15: 7:30 PM Shabbat Service with Book Discussion - When General Grant Expelled the Jews by Jonathan Sarna
February 22: 7:30 PM Shabbat Torah Service
March 1: 6:30 PM Shabbat Experience - Falafel and Films
March 8: 6:00 PM Shabbat Across America Spaghetti Dinner and Service
Volunteers Needed for Family Promise
(formerly IHN)

A time to help our neighbors.

As you all know, Or Chadash is a sponsor Temple for Family Promise (Formerly Interfaith Hospitality Network). This means that twice a year we host the families who are homeless from our county and staying in a Church for shelter. We partner with the Flemington Presbyterian Church and for two nights we stay at that church, visit with the families, provide and share dinner with them and spend the night.

Our next opportunity to help is Monday, February 25th and Tuesday, February 26th.

We have the following time slots that need to be filled by at least 2 members for each shift:

6 PM - 8 PM Monday, February 25th - this is the dinner time and as hosts
provide dinner, drinks and dessert for the families and share it with them.

8 PM - 7 AM Monday, February 25th - there are 2 single Aero beds
available for our use.

6 PM - 8 PM Tuesday, February 26th - same as dinner on the 25th.

8 PM - 7 AM Tuesday, February 26th - overnight stay.

This is a great chance to help people from our community in need. Children are allowed to participate, although it is preferred that each overnight session has 2 people of driving age in case of emergencies. Also, for any students looking for service hours this is a great way to earn them.

Please contact Carol Coriell at ccoriell@att.com or 908-234-5288 if you would like to help.

Thank You!
Volunteers Needed for Family Promise
(formerly IHN)

Caffeinated Conversations
....with Rabbi Forman. Drop-in for a Kup or two and we think you'll return for a refill. This informal gathering/discussion meets on Sunday mornings, from 9:00-10:00AM. No registration required.

All Dates on Sundays

February 10:Jewish Views on Gun Violence
April 14:TBD 

Childcare will be provided!

*Kup is Yiddush for Head/Mind


Building Fund

Steve & Susan Albert, in memory of Gisela Lynch 


Educational Enrichment Fund

In memory of Raoul Rabiner:

George Eckelmann & Jane Engel
Vivian Forman
Glenn & Vivian Goldenberg
John Graybeal & Laura Senator
James & Stephanie Kassanoff
Jay & Ruth Lenrow
Edward & Cheryl Lifshitz
Glenn & Lydia Sokoloski
Harold & Margaret Weil

Bruce & Betsy Zalaznick, in memory of Garth Johnson, Catherine Pytlar, Minnie Gyurisin 


Memorial Plaque

Bruce & Betsy Zalaznick, in memory of Raoul Rabiner


Mishloach Manot Larry & Beatrice Abrams
Jeff & Christine Berg
Nisim & Alexa Parliyan
Paul & Maureen Weiner  


Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
Darren & Elizabeth Loew, in memory of Gisela Lynch

Neil & Nancy Altshuler, in memory of Marilyn Altshuler
Evelyne Hersch, in memory of Samual Alpert

yahrzeit photo

Upcoming Yahrzeits

May the memories of the following individuals be for a blessing:

February 1
Gwendolen Barrow
mother of Ruth Crawford
Beth Gold Soodik
mother of Harvey Gold
Albert Leon
great grandfather of Betsy Zalaznick
Morris Newberg
uncle of Ellen Rosen
Isaac Sacks
cousin of Carolyn Sansevere
Ralph Sacks
father of Carolyn Sansevere
Rae Weil
grandmother of Paul Weil

February 8
Saul Marder
father of Susan Blaicher
Anthony Mazzocchi
brother in law of Sherrie Mazzocchi
Ralph Moutner
father of David Moutner
Myra Rascover
great-grandmother of Susan Albert
Sidonia Wolf
grandmother of Steve Albert

February 15
Beatrice R. Abrams
mother of Larry Abrams
Margaret Mazzocchi
mother in law of Sherrie Mazzocchi
Julie Speizer
sister of Louis Speizer

February 22 
Faye Alpert
mother of Evelyne Hersch 
Michael Hann
brother of Chris Hann 
Jack Levine
father of Dan Levine 
Judy Lewis
sister of Alice Schwade 
David Suchow
husband of Hilda Suchow 
Frederick Wolf
grandfather of Steve Albert

March 1
Rabbi Judah Fish
uncle of Rabbi Forman 
Arnold Kassanoff
father of Jim Kassanoff 
Peppy Kluft
aunt of Betsy Zalaznick 
Fay Sacks
grandmother of Jodi Brodsky

March 8
Dale Moutner:
sister-in-law of David Moutner 
Louis Eli Werstein
grandfather of Leslie Hann

March 15
Murray Bacal
father of Jane Stein 
Anna Gelb
mother of Shirl Levy 
Lee J. Kenyon
grandfather of Susan Albert  
Rochelle Ringel
mother of Robin Lewy 
Seymour Zwerling
father of Eric Zwerling 
25th Anniversary Donations
Or Chadash gratefully acknowledges the generous donations to the 25th Anniversary Fund received to date from:

Larry & Beatrice Abrams
Ira & Estelle Breines
Jeff & Christine Berg  
Jeffrey D. Charney  
Rabbi Joseph M. Forman
Harvey Gold
Robert & Shirl Levy
Darren & Elizabeth Loew
Stephen & Diana Propper
Stephen Sinoway & Beth Golden
Louis & Caryn Speizer
Paul & Meredith Weil
Ross & Susan Weinick 
Gary & Deb Weiss
Mark & Kristina Witzling
Bruce & Betsy Zalaznick
Rabbi's Message


Dear Members of Or Chadash,  


            Winter is typically a season for dormancy. A time when the trees and other plants, as well as many animals, shut down or hibernate during the cold weather. Not so for us humans. We have been busy. Presidential elections, significant legislation on taxes and perhaps gun control, a Superbowl game, and even a few Jews planting trees for Tu B'Shevat have kept Americans running around - not to mention the quotidian tasks of work and school and family.

            We are fortunate that we are able to replenish our energies daily, not requiring months of down-time to make it through another year. But the constant running about takes a toll on us. Shabbat is meant to help, but far too few of us seize the opportunity to take a much-needed rest - despite what thousands of years of history fought to achieve. There seems to be no off-season for most of us. That is not good for athletes. And it is not good for any of us, really.

            Cantor Lisa Levine has written a book called "Yoga Shalom", merging the practices of yoga with Jewish prayer modes. In an effort to bring the meditative rewards of yoga to a uniquely Jewish expression, she has developed a blend of these ancient traditions to benefit mind, body and spirit.

            This month - this Sunday, in fact - Or Chadash is inviting everyone to a private yoga class (OC members and friends only) in Bedminster. While we will be doing traditional yoga with a Bikram trained instructor, I am happy to lend you the Yoga Shalom book for your own exploration. I hope you will RSVP and join us as we find new ways to connect with one another, honor our own need for quiet time and promote a greater awareness of a healthful life.




Rabbi Joseph M. Forman


President's Message
Jeff Berg Dear members of Or Chadash,

What could be better than supporting our mission statement and eating hamantashen at the same time!  By now, everyone should have received in the mail the opportunity to participate in our traditional Mishloach Manot minhag.  As always, hamantashen will be included, but this year, a portion of each Mishloach Manot order will be donated to help the Jersey Shore communities affected by Hurricane Sandy.  At Or Chadash, acts of Tikkun Olam are part of our fiber, and we should all be proud of our continued efforts.  Thanks to the Purim Committee members for all their hard work in support of our membership and our community.

Jeff Berg
Student Cantor's Message
Kathy Gohr "Hava, Hava Nashira, Shir Halelluyah!"  "Let us sing, sing halelluyah!" On January 26 we opened our Friday night service by singing these words. The Torah portion for that week was Beshalach, which contains the song of the sea, the passage from which we draw the words, "mikamocha baelim Adonai," "who among the gods is like You, Adonai?"  It has become a custom to name this Shabbat "Shabbat Shira," the Shabbat of song; and synagogues all over the world commemorate this Shabbat with services that are centered around music.  At Or Chadash we were blessed to have our choir and students from our religious school join together to provide a service that was filled with music from beginning to end. What a joy it was to be present and hear all of our voices singing songs both new and old unto God. What added joy to know that communities all around the world were participating in similar worship on the very same evening.  As we join as  a universal community  we experience that common thread that links us together with our traditions across the globe and across the generations, giving meaning to the words "L'dor vador," "from generation to generation.

On March 8th we will have another opportunity to take part in an extended communal experience as we celebrate Shabbat Across America. On this evening congregations across the country will join together for Shabbat dinner and services enhanced by the awareness that families across the nation will be sharing in the same experience.  Our 6th and 7th grade classes will be participating in services as well which promises to be a blessing for all who attend.  Please come and join our extended family as we celebrate with congregations across the country!

Important Dates to Remember
Friday, February 8 - 7:00 PM: Shabbat Family Service with 2nd and 3rd Grade Participation

Saturday, February 9 - 4:00 PM: Movie Night at Or Chadash showing Toy Story 3.  See below for more details.

Sunday, February 10 - 9:00 AM: Kup O' Joe - Jewish Views on Gun Violence

Sunday, February 10 - 11:00 AM: Temple Tots.  Click here to RSVP.

Friday, February 15 - 7:30 PM: Shabbat Service and Book Discussion - When General Grant Expelled the Jews By Jonathan Sarna

Sunday, February 24 - 11:00 AM: Purim Carnival

Friday, March 1 - 6:30 PM: Falafel and Films Shabbat Experience

Friday, March 8 - 6:00 PM: Shabbat Across America Spaghetti Dinner and Service
Purim is This Month!

Volunteers Needed to Bake Hamantashen!


We need volunteers to bake hamantashen! If you would like to help by baking 3 dozen hamantashen, please click here and let us know!  


We will need these delivered by Thursday, February 21.


Mishloach Manot - Purim Project


We don't want you to miss out on Or Chadash's custom of sending Purim goodies to all of our fellow Or Chadash families. This custom, called Mishloach Manot, has become a beloved tradition at Or Chadash. It is also our NUMBER ONE fundraiser. On top of that, Or Chadash has the highest per cent participation of ANY of the 400 other Temples participating in the Mishloach Manot program (according to Purim Project, the company that manages this program for us). We are very proud of this distinction and want to surpass our previous participation percentage.  This year we are also donating a portion of each Mishloach Manot order to help the Jersey Shore communities affected by Hurricane Sandy.  


You should have received a letter containing your unique username and password in the mail. Use these to log onto the website and make your selections, or use the form included with the mailing. We will be taking orders until February 17.


If you have any questions, please contact the Or Chadash office.


Purim Carnival - Sunday, February 24 at 11:00 AM


Mark your calendars and please join in! The Purim Carnival is scheduled to entertain the congregation and beyond on Sunday, February 24th. If you and your family and friends enjoy games, crafts, carnival food, and great entertainment, then this is the party for you!

Movie Night at Or Chadash - Saturday, February 9
Toy Story 3
Saturday, February 9

4:00 PM
At Or Chadash

Join us as Or Chadash presents movie night! We will be making fresh popcorn with our popcorn machine and watching the movie "Toy Story 3." After the movie, we will have a brief discussion about the movie for those who wish to stay and participate. All ages are welcome. Bring friends! This animated family film is rated G and is 103 minutes long.
Purim Carnival - Sunday, February 24 at 11:00 AM

In Our Community

Refuah Sh'leima (Get well) to... 
Seth Parkoff, brother in law of Leslie Hann
Eileen Berkelhammer
Pat Wolf, mother of Leslie Hann
Evelyne Hersch
Don Corey, father of Faith Fuhrman

Condolences to...
Christine, Jeff, Jacob, Jonatha and Dylan Berg on the passing of their mother and grandmother, Gisela Lynch.
Todah Rabbah...
All our Religious School families who participated in our UNICEF Halloween collection.
In order to help us be a more caring community, please share your lifecycle events with Rabbi Forman


Feel free to click on a hyperlink to send a note and let someone know you are thinking about them.


Did you miss this....

  Religious School students celebrate the holiday of Tu B'Shevat with a yoga pose appropriately titled "Tree Pose."    

Lifelong Learning
Jewish Life
JCC Place to Be





A complete listing of Jewish LIFE special events and synagogue course offering for the 2012-2013 calendar year is posted on the JCC website:  www.ssbjcc.org   

Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family ServicesJFS is a non-profit, non-sectarian social service agency whose mission is to preserve and strengthen the quality of individual, family and community life based on Jewish values. We provide our services to a diverse socio-economic client population that includes individuals, children, young adults, families and the elderly.

 Click here for information on additional services.