2015 Issue 2
Relevancy Matters:  Access to Grade Level Curriculum Shapes Citizens of the World
What does it mean to be relevant?  Does everyone have an equal opportunity to BE relevant?  They say that what you don't know won't hurt you.  But I'm not so sure they are right.  For individuals with Williams syndrome and other learning differences, what they don't know has a huge impact on their ability to understand the world around them, and, consequently, their ability to engage in relevant social conversations and experiences with their peers.

For instance, in about 3rd to 4th grade... typical students in class are reading "Sarah, Plain & Tall".  They are learning about
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Aurora Walk for Williams
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Family Vacation Cruise
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WS Registry

Knowledge about Williams syndrome  is growing.  However, we believe that by encouraging research, knowledge can grow even faster and lead to better ways of caring for persons with Williams syndrome.


To learn more about the WS Registry, please click here .
Williams Syndrome Awareness Month Highlights
Six years ago when we first started talking about the possibility of promoting WS Awareness, none of us ever imagined that we would be able to make the impact we have. Through the efforts of many wonderful volunteers and their relatives and friends, many thousands of people are learning about Williams syndrome. Local businesses (and even a few national corporations) are asking how they can help, media attention is growing, and increased...Continue reading

Volunteers - the Heart of the WSA

Awareness Month is a "Call to Arms" for WSA volunteers. Any many of you answered our call.   Whether you hosted or attended an event, shared information through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, made a donation, or simply told a passer-by about Williams syndrome, you made a difference. Thank You!  


The WSA is fortunate to have countless volunteers who do all of these things and more to help raise awareness...Continue reading 


WSA Camps and Enrichment Programs   

Forty-seven Adventure Seekers (adults with Williams syndrome ages 21 & older) took Branson, MO by storm last month. Not only did they have a great time attending shows, music sessions with local performers, technology sessions with Robin Pegg, dinner with Elvis & Michael Jackson... but more importantly they raised awareness of Williams syndrome in the best possible way.


Whenever asked (and they were asked everywhere they went) they provided excellent information about Williams syndrome, and just by being themselves they
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Save the Date for the 2016 National Convention: July 3 - 7, 2016   

The committee for Convention 2016 in Columbus, Ohio is hard at work creating an experience that will be educational, enriching, and highly informative for all who can attend. The Hyatt will begin to accept hotel reservations in August. Watch for details on pricing, scholarships and...Continue reading


Special Olympics World Games - Let Us Know if You Will Be There!   
During the last week of July, approximately 7000 athletes and 3,000 coaches representing 177 countries, along with 30,000 volunteers and an anticipated 500,000 spectators  will converge on Los Angeles for the Special Olympics World Games.

If your son or daughter will be participating in the games in some way (athlete, torch bearer, cheer leader, entertainer, spectator...) we'd love to know. Perhaps we can find a way to bring everyone together.  And if we can't do that, we can let all of our Facebook followers know who to...Continue reading 

2015 Family Vacation Cruise   
The WSA has partnered with Norwegian Cruise lines to bring member families an opportunity to enjoy a cruise at a discounted rate.  Cruise along the Mexican Riviera for a festive 7-day vacation. In Cabo San Lucas, be sure to visit El Arco, a stunning rock formation. The beaches in Mazatlan will take you to paradise while you enjoy...Continue reading 

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