2015 Issue 1
Health and Wellness: Make it a Priority in 2015   
The WSA has always strived to provide current, relative, and quality information for individuals with Williams syndrome and their families. Medical research, education, technologies, housing, and social issues continue to be at the forefront of our concerns.

The time has come to add Health and Wellness (excellent nutrition!) to our list. Several of you may recall our initial "small" steps along this path with my "Nuts about Nutrition" column in the newsletter. Beginning this year we will be expanding the concept substantially...
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Upcoming Events
Long Island Gala
Teens 2 Twenties Spring Gala
Adventure Seekers Reunion
Family Vacation Cruise
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Calendar for a complete list of events happening around the country.

Be sure to check the Calendar for Awareness events in your area.  New events are added daily!

WS Registry

Knowledge about Williams syndrome  is growing.  However, we believe that by encouraging research, knowledge can grow even faster and lead to better ways of caring for persons with Williams syndrome.


To learn more about the WS Registry, please click here .
WSA Summer Camp Programs
The WSA Therapeutic and Music and Enrichment camps are re-locating to Oscoda, Michigan beginning this summer. The new camp location is within YMCA Camp Nissocone on Lake Van Etten. Oscoda, MI is a beautiful summer tourist location on the East side of Michigan near Lake Huron. Parents of teens who are looking for a place to vacation during their child's camp week will not be disappointed. There are many...Continue reading

Williams Syndrome Awareness 
Our continued efforts to increase WS awareness are off to a great start. During the month of February, Williams syndrome was featured 12 times (4 each on Fox News Network, CNN and CNN Airport News) in 30 second informational videos. Added to that, a 2 minute video on WS will be shown on the seat-back televisions in 9000 flights on American and Frontier Airlines during the months of February and March. We are excited to have these wonderful opportunities to increase...Continue reading

The ABLE Act  
The Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2014 ("the ABLE Act") was signed into law by President Obama on December 29, 2014. This law has been much anticipated in the disability community and has undergone many amendments and changes prior to its passing. Under this new law, states will have the option, beginning in 2015, to establish ABLE programs. These programs allow disabled residents to save in excess of $2,000 in an ABLE account...Continue reading

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