October/November 2014

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Striving for Autonomy
The Best Education for Students with Williams syndrome 
Children with Williams syndrome have many similarities, but they are not all alike.  If we lump them all together, or make assumptions about an individual with WS who we just met, based on an individual or 2 we may have met in the past, we will probably be doing our new friend an injustice.  However, when it comes to education, a teacher's knowledge of their similarities - especially in learning styles, will be extremely helpful.

Family Medical Leave
Volunteer Spotlight

If your child with WS needs extended care or has regular appointments that will require you to be away from your job more than is typical, and you haven't signed up for Family Medical Leave Act with your employer, be sure to do so.


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Sunshine Region Chairperson, Debby Johnson, has been an active and supportive member of the WSA for more than 18 years. Originally from Southeast Michigan, Debby has been volunteering her time as an RC for Florida and Puerto Rico since she and her husband Bernie moved to Treasure Island, FL.
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Educational Conferences in Massachusetts and Florida Reach Nearly 150 Education Professionals
Conferences in Brockton, Massachusetts and Kissimmee, Florida in October were a great success. Teachers, therapists, clinicians, day care providers and para professionals joined the WSA's Educational Conference Team to learn more about Williams syndrome and the unique learning profile of students with WS.
Save the Date: 2015 Family Vacation Cruise
The WSA has partnered with Norwegian Cruise lines to bring member families an opportunity to enjoy a cruise at a discounted rate.  Cruise along the Mexican Riviera for a festive 7-day vacation.

Event Calendar
There are many holiday events happening all across the country.  Be sure to checkout our event calendar to see what's happening in your area.