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The Power of Community...the Strength of Family
Thank You!
Awareness Month 2013...A month like no other!
Programming Priorities for 2013
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May/June 2013
The Power of Community...the Strength of Family
  Awareness Month 2013
When Ben was diagnosed with Williams syndrome 27 years ago, Gary and I were alone in Ben's hospital room.  There were no family close by, there was no internet to consult.  We were provided with a 20+ year old medical paper, and the news that our lives, and that of our 6 week old son would be immeasurably different than we had thought just a few days earlier.

In the days and weeks that followed we would scour libraries for information with very little success, and speak to therapists and specialists who had little, if any knowledge of Williams.  And then, quite by chance, we learned that there was another family in our area who...

Thank You!
With the help of more than 100 event hosts and countless other committee members and onsite volunteers, there were more awareness activities in 2013 than ever before and Awareness Month was a wonderful success. 

We want to extend a very special thank you, not just to our hosts and committee members but to everyone who participated.  Whether you hosted or attended an event, shared daily messages, sent in a donation or simply told a passer-by about Williams syndrome, you made a difference. We will ALL share in the benefits of increased awareness, and the special funding that was contributed during many of the events.  Thank you!

Awareness Month 2013...A month like no other!

Visitors by country to the WSA Facebook page during 1 week in May
During a "typical" month, the Williams Syndrome Association is busy.  The phone rings regularly, the mail box is never empty, and WSA staff is busy enough most days to wish we had another staff member or two.  In an average week there are 4000 - 8000 visitors to the website and about 4500 per week to the WSA Facebook page.  Approximately 1/3 of our visitors come to us from tablets and phones, and the average visit to the website lasts about 3 minutes in length.

And then came Awareness Month...Wow!

Programming Priorities for 2013

Awareness Month efforts were very successful. Along with many other fundraising events, general donations and the annual appeal, Awareness Month fundraising helps insure that the WSA is able to accomplish all of our programming goals for the year.


In 2013, the WSA will...   

Catch a Wave to Future Opportunities
Convention 2014 Planning is Well Underway!


With two planning meetings already under their belt, the 2014 convention planning team is well on their way to creating a convention that will include something for everyone. We hope that you will plan to join us in Anaheim next July 2 - 6, at the Hyatt-Garden Grove.


Our convention schedule for 2104 is set, and the Hyatt is now...
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