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June 2013

Monthly Special

Book a hair transplant procedure on our June or August dates and receive 200 FREE GRAFTS*

and 3 months of Laser Hair Therapy FREE! 

*(Must puchase a Minimum of 1500 grafts)

Male Pattern Baldness
How to Prevent Hair Loss 

We all lose plenty of strays every day, but if you've found more and more falling out in the shower or after brushing your hair, stop the cycle before it gets out of control.  Read the full article on Yahoo! Health.


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Love it or Leave it Program!


You have always wanted to try a hair addition but did not want to be tied into a costly contract or a long commitment; this is what you have been waiting for!


No contract, no commitment, just new hair!


The details:

It includes 1 hair piece, that will be fitted and customized for you by one of our expert technicians.

After wearing your "new hair" for 4-6 weeks you decide if you love it or it or if you want to leave it...We know you will LOVE IT!

Contact Vicki at 716.681.7120 or at [email protected]

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Monthly Special
How to Prevent Hair Loss
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Transplant Dates
  • June 7, 2013  
  • July 19, 2013
  • August 16, 2013

(There is only 1 spot left for July)


To secure your time slot on one of these days, call Vicki at 716.681.7120! 




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We just received a new shipment of igrow Lasers.



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