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January 2014

“How do you build a social media presence?”

For so many entrepreneurs, social media is still a complete mystery when it comes to generating business. How do you build a social media presence, then use it attract followers and - more importantly - customers?

Entrepreneur and SCORE Mentor Dan Beldowicz has helped owners of businesses both large and small answer those questions and create a social media business strategy that turns fans/followers into customers through speeches, seminars, and his training program, Social Media BS.

Read his advice on social media and internet marketing for small business.

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Q: Most of us have no trouble using social media in our personal lives, but making it work for our small businesses is often difficult. Are those two “worlds” really that different?


Business and personal have always been totally different worlds. Personal is about you; business is about your audience. You see it all the time on social media—most people continuously post about themselves and their world. When you think about business social media strategies, you needs to think about why your audience would care about what your business is posting.
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