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November 2013

“How Can I Grow My Retail Business?”

Retail is one of the most popular venues for aspiring small business owners. In fact, more than 24 million people make their living via small retail operations, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. But as rewarding as owning a small store can be, its challenges and frustrations can be daunting, particularly in today’s highly competitive environment.

That’s why many retail entrepreneurs often call on Edward O'Malley for help. His 40-year career in the fashion industry includes owning and operating two clothing companies, giving him a unique insight into starting, building, and maintaining a successful retail enterprise.

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Q: In an age where so much shopping is done online, and large chain stores can offer deep discounts, what advantages can a small retailer offer his or her customers?


One is the ability to offer unique products. For example, many artisans cannot support the volume demands of a big store.

But, customer service is also particularly important. A small retailer has the opportunity to build more of a personal relationship, and have a better understanding of the customer and his/her needs.
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