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October 2013

“How Can I Expand My Business Internationally?”

Chiradeep Sengupta (commonly referred to as Deep) is a TCAS Principal at FedEx Trade Networks Trade Services Inc. Deep is responsible for relationships with international governments, international trade promotion agencies and trade associations. In February 2011, Deep was appointed by the U.S Secretary of Commerce to the President’s Export Council Subcommittee on Export Administration (PECSEA) to advise the Obama administration on its export control reform efforts. Deep was also appointed by the U.S Secretary of Commerce to the District Export Council of Northern California, where he currently serves as the Educational chair since 2006.

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Q: What obstacles and regulatory hurdles do small businesses normally face in international trade?


The main obstacle that small businesses face is in getting paid. In addition, protection of one’s intellectual property rights (IPR) is a major concern. Further, lack of confidence or trust in the partners or agents in the local country is another obstacle.

From an international trade regulatory perspective, it is important to know the destination country’s rules, restrictions or license requirements before shipping your products to the end destination to avoid logistical delays and unexpected costs.

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