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November 2013

6 Resources for Retail & eCommerce Sales

The customer base for a business has become unlimited. Sales are no longer dependent on just retail locations. Your place on the web has become as important as your place in the neighborhood. Entrepreneurs have found two steady streams of sales with retail and eCommerce. Let SCORE show you how to make the most out of both for your business.

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12 Sure Fire Steps to Improve Retail Sales

The purpose of any business is to bring in customers which can only be accomplished through marketing. If your cash registers don't ring something is wrong and you had better find out what fast because in today's competitive retail world getting results is what counts.

Successful retailers aren't any more talented or intelligent than you are, they simply have learned to do things in a different way and make money in the process. Use these 12 steps to improve your retail sales, simplify your efforts, multiply profits and increase the odds of success.

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Build Industry Credibility with a Blog

Go-Daddy-Logo Add a blog to your business website to position yourself as a subject-matter expert. Your business blog is an ideal forum to comment on industry trends and share timely information about your products and services. Plus, a blog can drive new traffic to your website.

Get more free tips for running your online business in the Go Daddy Small Business Center.

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How to Add eCommerce to Your Website

If you’re currently using your website as a marketing tool and/or to give customers valuable information, the next obvious step is to add ecommerce capabilities. Selling products or services isn’t as hard as you might think and creates a new source of cash flow for your business. This tactic can allow even non-retail businesses to create new income streams. Here are some ideas for what to sell.

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Selling Online: 10 Tips to Fill Holiday Shopping Carts

The customer’s shopping experience influences when they purchase and how much they spend, both in person and online. Make sure your website provides holiday shoppers with elements that improve their online shopping experience.

View this online workshop to hear from GoDaddy Web Expert Shawn Pfunder as he discusses key strategies for online sales success during the holidays and every day.

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Six Beneficial Apps for Your Mobile Device

Dell-Logo Feel like you’re constantly peering down at a tablet or mobile device killing time while you wait at airports or appointments? As an entrepreneur, you want to keep your mind fresh and engaged, but it can’t always be all about work. Why not turn your downtime into enjoyable learning time with 6 specially-curated apps for the curious-minded? Learn your lessons with 6 recommended tablet downloads over at Dell’s Tech Page One.

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SCORE Success Stories: Wonder Works - Mt. Pleasant, SC

When the hospital she worked at was bought out, Christine Osborne, an occupational therapist and marketing director, went home one day and told her husband, "My creativity's gone. I can't do it again for another company." The antidote for Christine and colleague Dan Morrisey was to open a retail toy store that showcased the "wonder and magic of fun." Since those early days in 1990, Wonder Works has become a model citizen of the Charleston community with 4 locations that greatly enhance the enjoyment and success of locals' lives.

Knowing very little pertaining to “retail,” Christine Osborne and her former partner, Dan Morrisey, reached out to volunteer SCORE mentor Bud Garforth in 1990, and he helped them lay the groundwork for the store's continued success. “We took his advice and contributing elements to the next level and now have a business model that is so unique and full of momentum.” said Christine.

Bud’s advice became invaluable from a business standpoint to include exceptional customer service tips, of which Wonder Works is known for in the region. For the first 3 years, Wonder Works did not make a large business decision, without first consulting Bud. Without Bud’s guidance, Wonder Works would currently not be in its present position with 4 successful stores. The groundwork and support provided was crucial in establishing Wonder Works mission and branding within the community.

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