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October 2013

7 Resources For International Business

The world market is no longer just for big business. The smallest mom and pop store can now reach customers internationally as easy as those down the street. Trade has become an essential part of small business. Let SCORE show you how to become part of the global marketplace.

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Import and Export Considerations

There certainly is a lot of interest today by entrepreneurs in establishing import and export companies and getting involved in international business. The international shipment of goods is highly organized and very efficient in getting the goods to and from most countries. After you organize your new company, set up a bank account and an accounting process, write a business plan and get your business licenses, there are some very important import and export issues you will have to fully and completely understand in order to be successful. In this article, we'll explain important considerations for importing and exporting in your business.

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Dell Tech Tip:
Dell-Logo Cyber Attacks Increasingly Target Small Businesses

Did you know that nearly half of small businesses report having been the victim of a cyber-attack? We hear about large-scale attacks on government agencies and large corporations, but in fact the majority of security breaches may occur in companies with fewer than 100 employees. Dell’s Tech Page One outlines the latest findings about the potential threats to your business’s online security, as well as the safeguards that can help protect your valuable intellectual property and data.

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Starting Your International Business:
What You Must Know and Where to Find It

Are you interested in international trade but unsure how to begin? Have you selected the product/service you want to export or identified foreign suppliers or partners? Have you identified the area of the world where you are most likely to succeed? Do you have an understanding of the laws in the country where you’d like to do business? Market research is critical for a successful trade effort. Have you done any research for tentative products/services or identified foreign suppliers or partners? Import/export laws and regulations vary from country to country. Do you have an understanding of the laws in the country where you’d like to do business?

If you answered no to any of these questions, SCORE can help you get started. In this workshop, we will briefly discuss these topics and spend some time on negotiating across cultures with potential partners. Review this workshop to learn the basics of international business and discover the major aspects that differ when you try to bargain in another country.

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Go Daddy Website Development Tip:
Go-Daddy-Logo Create a Contact Page to Generate Leads

Your website isn't just a place where customers go to learn more about your products and services; it's the best place to generate valuable leads! With a Contact Us page, you can easily provide potential customers with your phone number, email, address, and hours or operation. Even better, you can use a contact form to let visitors send messages directly to you from your website. Giving customers more ways to reach you is a great way to generate leads online!

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Why Now Is a Great Time to Do Business Internationally

What's stopping you from getting your share of the trillion-dollar import/export industry? Are you worried about the costs involved, concerned there is too much red tape or don't think your business has what it takes to go global? Step one: Get over your fears.

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Intuit Tools:
Expanding Your Exporting

Small businesses make up the largest group of exporters in the United States, but they have a lot of room to expand. Ninety-three percent of the companies that sold goods across borders in 2011 were small firms, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, and their sales accounted for 24 percent of the nation’s total exports. However, while many small businesses are exporting today, the majority of those companies (60 percent) did business in just one foreign country. Read more on how you can leverage technology and a global mindset to scale to more places. Subscribe to the Intuit WorkSmart newsletter to get additional small business tips and tricks.

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SCORE Success Stories
ATC International - Silver Spring, MD

Since 1991, Amy Frey has helped Australian manufacturers gain a niche in the lucrative North American market through her small business, ATC International. Drawing on her experience as a trade consultant for the State of Victoria (which includes Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city), Amy has nurtured ATC from its humble origins in a spare bedroom office to a 6,000-SF warehouse outside Washington, D.C. From here, she and her four-person team provide market research, business management, distribution and logistics services to clients in Australia and New Zealand.

Despite having a tailor-made educational and professional background for this kind of business, Amy knew that even the most successful entrepreneur occasionally needs advice. Her father had been a SCORE Volunteer Mentor in her home state of New Jersey, and she recalled how the organization had helped many small business owners launch and sustain their own ventures.

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