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September 2013

7 Resources to Price Products for Maximized Profits

Every business, big and small, deals with the issue of pricing. Not pricing properly can severely damage your bottom line. Use these resources to price your products and services to maximize your profits.

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Pricing Strategies for Home-Based Businesses

Many factors must be considered when developing a pricing strategy for a home-based business. Pricing decisions should be based on an orderly analysis rather than on an educated guess. Prices must be high enough to cover costs and earn a reasonable return, yet attractive enough so customers will purchase the product or service. By taking a systematic, step-by-step approach, you can make pricing a simple task. Learn this detailed approach by downloading this guide to properly pricing your products and services.

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GoDaddy How-To:
Go-Daddy-Logo Promote Your Business Through Local Review Sites

Did you know 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations? When you share what your satisfied customers have to say about your company, you'll increase their confidence to do business with you. Start by listing your company on popular online business listing sites like Google® Local, Yelp® and Yellowpages.com®. These sites are set up to allow consumers to leave and share reviews.

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Develop Your Pricing Strategy

This free online business workshop will help you develop your pricing strategy for your products or services. Find out the best way to determine if your prices are working for you. Then put it all together with provided worksheets. Get your pricing on track by taking this workshop now.

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Dell Tech Tip:
Dell-Logo Use Images To Enhance Your Website

Do you want to make your business website eye-catching and memorable, yet you’re not sure how to find free images that aren't restricted by copyright laws and intellectual property rights? Check out Dell’s Tech Page One for five great databases of free images to add visual appeal to your company website.

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Find Out How To Price For Profit With The SCORE Podcast

On this month's podcast, listen as retail, import/export expert, and SCORE mentor, Mike O'Malley discusses pricing to maximize profitability and value pricing. What's a fair price for your product or service? How do you determine that price? Should you alert customers about rising costs? How often does pricing change? Get answers to these questions and more on the SCORE Small Business Success Podcast.

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Intuit Tools:
Getting Answers to Your Business Questions

Do you need help answering a question related to your business, whether it’s about pricing certain products or reaching your target audience? Advice from your mentors and advisers can be beneficial, but it may also pay to get an outside perspective. Fortunately, the web offers many opportunities to seek advice from your fellow entrepreneurs. Here are four popular forums for finding answers to business questions. Subscribe to the Intuit WorkSmart newsletter to get additional small business tips and tricks.

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SCORE Success Stories
Morr Interiors - Exeter, NH

Two keys to Morr Interiors’ success have been specialized product packaging and pricing strategy. SCORE mentor Tim Cook aided the team in developing standardized pricing packages for their existing and new target markets. Using a SCORE cash flow template and with Tim’s guidance, co-founders Stephanie and Benjamin Morrison were able to finally take charge of their cash flow planning.

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