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August 2013

Expert Tips for Best New Business Ideas

This month, Michael Evans, Managing Director for Newport Board Group, shares expert tips for capitalizing on the best new business ideas.

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“How Can I Take Advantage of New Business Ideas?”

Entrepreneurs are the consummate collectors. Only instead of baseball cards or bottle caps, they’re constantly on the lookout for ideas that will help them improve the quality, efficiency, and profitability of their small businesses.

Because there are so many facets to running a successful small business, it’s no surprise that good ideas are emerging all the time. Keeping track of them has been Michael Evans’ specialty during a consulting career that has included serving world-class clients across a broad spectrum of industries. He shares some thoughts on some of the best new ideas for today’s current and aspiring small business owners.

Q: Are there some long-held assumptions about small business success that are no longer true, or are as reliable as before?


It was long assumed that megastores would wipe “Mom and Pop” businesses off the map. Strikingly, that trend has started to reverse itself. The recession of 2008 provided the catalyst for laid-off workers to create home-based businesses using a low-cost website to create and sell products and services. The Internet also gives them greater access to manufacturers and raw materials. Also, an explosion of new capital since 2008 has made it easier to get a loan.

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