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July 2013

Expert Tips for Social Media Word of Mouth

This month, Whitney Lemon, a member of Google's Get Your Business Online team, shares expert tips for using social media word of mouth to improve your brand.

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“How Can I Expand on Word of Mouth?”

The power of word of mouth in marketing a small business has been well-known for decades. In today’s online age, entrepreneurs are looking for ways to harness the power of connectivity across the Internet and social media to increase both the reach and frequency of word-of-mouth marketing. Whitney Lemon, host of Friday 15: Small Business Tips, part of Google’s Get Your Business Online series, offers some ideas on how small businesses can use social media to get more word of mouth occurring about their brands.
Q: Studies show that approximately 70% of people trust opinions of friends when making buying decisions, and 40% trust the opinions of someone trustworthy whom they don’t personally know. What are some obvious truths about word of mouth that small businesses may overlook?


When considering word of mouth as it spreads across social networks, we’re really talking about a greater form of word of mouth: digital word of mouth at scale. Social media allows small businesses a gateway to harness word-of-mouth recommendations from customers and fans of the business, and spread that word far and wide—in many cases reaching new regions and markets that previously may not have been penetrated by this knowledge.

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