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June 2013

Expert Tips for Getting Your Business Found Online

Digital marketing expert Elisabeth Osmeloski shares expert online tips for the success of your business.

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“How can I get found on the Internet?”

This is probably one of the most-asked questions among small business owners, and for good reason. The ever-increasing presence of the Internet as a marketing channel has made search engine optimization and marketing a priority for small businesses regardless of what they do, or where their potential customers are located.

Digital marketing expert Elisabeth Osmeloski is the ideal guide to answer this question. Building on her extensive experience in agency and brand marketing, she is a key leader for two of the leading trade publications in digital marketing, and is President of SLCSEM.org, Utah’s professional association for online marketers.
Q: Internet-related technology and marketing seem to evolve on an almost hourly basis. Because entrepreneurs must stay focused on their business, what are some easy, time-efficient ways to stay in touch with what’s happening?


It’s far too easy to get distracted and pulled in multiple directions, but I do recommend trying to carve out thirty minutes to an hour a day to keep up with both your local market and internet/technology that may directly affect your business. One easy way to do this and remain flexible is to use a reader app on your tablet or smartphone such as Flipboard, Google Currents, or Pulse to quickly scan trusted content from a variety of news sources or customize with your preferred favorites. If you’re short on time, you can always mark something to read later.

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