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May 2013

Expert HR and Hiring Tips for Your Business

Human Resources expert and author Mary Anne Kennedy shares professional HR and hiring tips for the success of your business.

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People are the most important asset in every small business, yet few entrepreneurs are well-versed in the nuances of human resources and the extensive range of laws and regulations governing hiring, compensation, and management.

That’s why so many organizations rely on HR professionals such as Mary Anne Kennedy. As both an HR Director and consultant, Kennedy has helped a wide range of businesses become more successful employers and enterprises.
Q: We often think of human resources revolving around hiring employees, administering benefits, and complying with regulations. What is the “true” role of HR in a small business?


HR has to be an integral part of business strategy. This is true regardless of your size, and whether you do it yourself, have a full-time administrator, or use a consultant. You have to know the business in order to ensure that the proper systems and processes are in place. HR is not just a police department you bring in to address problems.


What are some common mistakes small businesses make during hiring interviews, and how can they be avoided?


Interviewers often go in unprepared. Often, they haven’t reviewed the candidate’s resume or prepared specific, relevant questions. A similar mistake is asking inappropriate and illegal questions, such as race, religious affiliation, family obligations, and so forth.

Nor should you ask future-oriented questions, such as “What would you do if” Ask only behavior-based questions that cover what the candidate has done, and how it may relate to your current situation.


Are there any important hiring process issues that are often overlooked?


You should have least three candidates to choose from, but make sure you evaluate each candidate against the work, not against each other. Never settle for someone who may not fully live up to your needs. It’s better to do the work yourself than to have wrong person.

And think about what needs to happen after you’ve made your selection - welcoming the new employee and having everything ready to integrate them into the organization.

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