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May 2013

Free Resources for Managing Your Business

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Avoid the Top 10 Human Resources Pitfalls
Free Online Workshop

Managing a business keeps you busy enough - how can you also stay up to date with ever-changing labor laws and regulations? Take this free online workshop, presented by Paychex, where you will learn to assess your level of HR compliance within your organization.

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Evaluate and Improve Your Management Skills
What Kind of Boss Are You?

What does it take to be a great boss? USA Today columnist Steve Strauss describes the habits great bosses develop to keep employees happy, motivated and performing at their best.

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Learn to Manage Your Finances and Accounting
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Each month we interview successful SCORE clients, experienced SCORE Mentors, and experts from dozens of small business fields. Tune in this month for expert finance and accounting tips from SCORE Mentor Hal Shelton.

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SCORE Success Stories
Cloud 9 Ranch - Caulfield, MO

“I would recommend any size business and anyone planning a business to have SCORE as a part of the operation and use them on a regular basis.” - Coy Jackson, GM

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Learn to Market Without Money
A Free Video Series from Tom Patty

Tom Patty, SCORE Mentor and former CEO of Chiat/Day, has crafted the marketing strategies behind some of the world's biggest brands including Apple, Nike and Nissan. Sign up now for Tom's free 60-minute video series based on his book Marketing Without Money!

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Technology Tips for Your Business
Dell Monthly Tech Tip

Your business data ranks up there with your intellectual property, entrepreneurial spirit and go-get ‘em moxie as the most valuable resources driving the growth of your small business. Your data also faces the most risk! Check out the Data At Risk Series on Dell’s Tech Page One to educate yourself about data encryption, anti-malware, and best practices in data security.

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