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March 2013

Expert Tips for Converting Sales Leads Into Buyers

Best-selling author, speaker and sales strategist Jill Konrath shares expert tips on converting your sales leads into committed customers.

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Sales expert Jill Konrath is the author of two best-selling titles, SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies. She has trained sales teams at Fortune 1000 brands including IBM, GE and Staples, and works with numerous small businesses to provide the same high-quality sales training normally available to large corporations.

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Q: All customers begin as leads, but is it possible to differentiate a “good lead” from one that may have a lower chance of panning out?


Absolutely. Good leads demonstrate a deeper interest in your products or services than “send me some info” leads; they want to learn. Any time you encounter someone actively searching for information and answers, you can assume they’re more likely to buy from you—or someone else.

Savvy small business owners will get more and better leads if they narrow their niche. It allows them to focus their messaging and website on their ideal customer’s needs, issues, and concerns. They look like an expert, not a jack-of-all-trades. And, that’s highly attractive to their leads.


Is telephone cold-calling still relevant or has that given way to “cold-emails”? And what are the benefits/risks of adopting that tactic?


Cold calling via the phone or via email can be effective. What matters is the message. You have to quickly establish credibility, pique curiosity, and suggest a next step, all in 20 seconds (phone) or 75 words (email). The focus should always be on your prospects – the issues and challenges they’re facing, and their objectives.

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Read the Interview
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