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March 2013

Free Advice and Tools for Boosting your Sales

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You'll find useful advice on sales strategy, sales calls and pitch planning, and using technology to create new sales opportunities.

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9 Steps to Successful Lead Nurturing

If your small business is spending precious advertising and marketing dollars to generate leads, and you have prospects calling or clicking just as you hoped, that’s great. But what now?

As most business owners know all too well, leads must convert to sales – either now or in the future – before they can benefit your bottom line. Lead Nurturing is a process you can use to follow up on leads and ultimately turn those prospects into customers.

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“My SCORE Mentor Joe has been readily accessible and supportive during the past year. His enthusiasm and encouragement with a little hand holding helped give us the courage & confidence to grow our business much faster than we would have been inclined to do. It has been fun and rewarding.”

Squatty Potty
St George, UT

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Plan Your Sales Pitch

Now that you’re an entrepreneur, you want the sales pitch for your small business to have a positive impact on your prospective customers. Don’t worry that you’re not a “born salesperson;” in truth, few people are. All it takes is research and planning—the same steps needed for every other business decision you make.

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America's Small Business Summit
April 29 - May 1, 2013
Washington, DC

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s annual event - America’s Small Business Summit - empowers you to make a big impact. By uniting with small business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs from across the country you will have the opportunity to learn, network, and discuss common legislative and management concerns.

America’s Small Business Summit delivers more impact than any other event. Make your voice heard – register today!

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Texting and Driving... It Can Wait
Take the Pledge

No text message, email, website or video is worth the risk of endangering lives behind the wheel.

Texting and Driving... #ItCanWait. Learn more, take the pledge and spread the word!

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