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February 2013

Expert Tips for Financing your Business

Len Fischer, founder of Benetrends, shares expert tips on obtaining financing to start or grow your business.

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A long-time expert in corporate financing issues, Len Fischer founded Benetrends in 1983 to help entrepreneurs use their qualified retirement savings to purchase or recapitalize companies. Since then, over 10,000 entrepreneurs have utilized his expertise to build successful businesses.
Q: With the economy showing signs of continuing recovery, has it become easier for new small businesses to get financing?


Yes, lenders have anxiously awaited a turn in the economy that would signal it was safe to expand their lending to more types of businesses.

I believe they have seen at least a few of those signs, because it has become easier for us to obtain financing for the startup businesses we've worked with this past year.


How can a business owner make a strong case to a lender for financing to cover unexpected costs, or as a bridge until market conditions improve?


Nothing presents your case to a lender stronger than a well-developed business plan. When you describe the project or need for the funds, be sure to explain how it will help your business survive or grow.

Be specific. Let the lender know the risks you are concerned about, how you will know if the project is a success, and your strategy if things don't go according to plan.

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February Tech Tip
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Your Email Address is the New Business Card

A custom email address is a branding must-have. Using a Gmail or Hotmail address is a missed opportunity to brand your business and to promote your website. Most people know that the portion of your email address after the “@” is your website address. Why not show them the way? Also, a custom email address looks more professional and adds more credibility that your business is legitimate.

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