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February 2013

Free Advice and Tools from SCORE for Financing your Small Business

Is there a secret to getting funding to start or grow your business? It starts with knowing what lenders are looking for, followed by careful planning.

Read on for free tools and tips, or make an appointment for FREE one-on-one advice from a SCORE mentor today!

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5 Low-Risk Ways to Fund Your Business

Many businesses can grow successfully with financing approaches that don’t require major commitments or ceding control to outside investors.

The idea is to prepare and position your business for growth so you don’t miss out on opportunities when they arise. That means keeping your current balance sheet in shape, and lining up potential funding sources.

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"I went to SCORE for direction. I needed to know if my business model made sense. What I got was much more. SCORE offered the backup and support I needed for true business success."

Theresa Drazba
Love My Jean Skirt

When Theresa Drazba wanted to take her clothing business Love My Jean Skirt out of her sewing room and into local stores, she knew she couldn't do it alone. Theresa discovered SCORE, and her business grew as fast as her products' reputation.

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Get Bank Financing for Your Business

If you’re thinking about getting financing for your business, it’s crucial to keep an eye on how closely you’re sticking to your business budget. Now is the perfect time to get a handle on your cash flow, so you can lessen any "surprises" later on.

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New Approaches to Financing

Come to blog.score.org this month as Dallas Kerley, Chief Development Officer for Benetrends, shares tips on an innovative funding strategy that can help you find financing while lessening your risk.

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Business Funding Advice

Benetrends has been helping entrepreneurs find funding for 30 years. In this month's ExpertAnswers newsletter, Benetrends CEO Len Fischer provides advice to small businesses looking for funds to start or grow. Get these tips (and more) delivered to your inbox.

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