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January 2013

Harmonize Your Work & Personal Life

Dr. Will Moreland, bestselling author and leadership expert, shares his thoughts on ways to harmonize our interrelated business, personal and emotional lives.

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Dr. Will Moreland is known as “America’s #1 Leadership Life Trainer,” and for good reason. Just as he transformed his own life through the study of leadership, he’s helped thousands of individuals, teams, and organizations create and master change through his seminars, speeches, and books such as the highly acclaimed Genius Potential.
Q: We often hear about how stressful today’s world is compared with days gone by. Is this really the case, or does it just seem that way?


I really think most people have not used recent advances in technology to be more effective and efficient. We have so many tools at our disposal that can allow us to accomplish more in less time. This is critical for small business owners and entrepreneurs because our time, resources and energy are very limited.


Some entrepreneurs may feel that they can’t afford to make mistakes, which compounds the inherent stress of running a small business. How can they avoid this mindset?


Making mistakes is normal, but it is not the end of the world. You want to understand why the mistake was made, what measures to put in place to avoid the same mistake in the future, and what can be learned from the experience. When you take this approach, mistakes can become powerful tools for your business. I believe when you remove the fear of “making mistakes” you increase your innovation and creativity.

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