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December 2012

Master your Business Plan

Expert advice from Mark Lowenstein, technology industry executive, educator and SCORE Mentor.

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Want your Business to Succeed? Plan for it!

SCORE Mentor Mark Lowenstein spent 30 years in the private sector as a technology industry executive, and has served on the faculties of the College of St. Joseph and Newberry College.

Whether you're running an established company or just starting up, an up-to-date business plan is critical for planning and reaching your goals. This month, Mark provides expert advice on mastering this fundamental business tool.

Q: Why is the process of developing a business plan as valuable as the plan itself?


People tend to gravitate to the areas of running a business that they like, and give less attention to more difficult or less enjoyable aspects. Unless you have the discipline to fully research and prepare a business plan, you tend not to deal with the details necessary to meet goals, or measure your progress toward meeting them.


Can a well-established small business benefit from taking a fresh, thorough look at its business plan?


Yes, it’s easy to get complacent if things are going well. We don’t ask for help because we don’t feel it’s needed. Every business should be in constant improvement mode, so it makes sense to get a check up and see if there are things that need to be addressed or improved upon.

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