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Chamber Academy: 
Productivity Tools
October 5, 2011 8:00-11:00 am
Guest Speakers Emily Fitzgerald OLS, Anthony Juliano Asher Agency, and Emily Bermes Solstice Consulting. Emily Fitzgerald will present "Organizing your Workspace."

IPFW Class
Clutter Control: Paper Management and Home Organizing 
October 20 & 27th, 2011
6:00 - 8:30 pm.
Call Division of Continuing Studies 481.6619 to register.
$59 (with a friend, $47 each)

Clutter Support Group


When: September 12
Time:  6:30 - 8:00 pm
Where:  Downtown Allen County Public Library
Email: nikki@OLSinfo.com
Fee: $5 for room rental  

Future Dates:  We meet the 2nd Monday, every other month.  Next date: Nov 14 


One attendee says, "I have learned so many amazing things... and made some small steps and at times giant leaps (of progress)". 


In the News...

  • Did you miss it? Emily was interviewed by the Star News in Auburn about Organizing an Office which printed on July 17.                
  • Look for Emily's article featuring Back to School Tips in the August issue of Northern Indiana Lakes magazine.

Can you help fill a need?


The Sexual Assault Treatment Center is in need of the following items, to make their spaces more comfortable for the clients they are serving in crisis.  Two interior designers are donating their time to help with the makeover.  Please email Emily (Emily@olsinfo.com) if you have any of the following to donate:   


Main Gathering area
Conversation seating: sofa, loveseat, 2 chairs, 2-3 end tables and a cocktail table that all at least blend
A table with four chairs- this could be a kitchen table and chairs or a conference table and chairs.
Two bar height tables. (They currently have beige and blue barstools)
Art -preferably abstract or landscape with blues
A cabinet that is 24" deep, 36" high and preferably at least 72" long with a laminate top. (think break room cabinetry) Again that would match blue and gray.
Two to four new electrical outlets.
2-3 36" wide bookcases
A new small commercial coffee pot

Counseling room
Loveseat and two matching chairs
A DVD player and a TV
Flowing sculpture

Helpful Resources:  


Pill Disposal

You can drop off any old or expired pills at any police station-local, state, or sheriff's location-during regular business hours.  Liquids should be disposed of in coffee grounds or kitty litter, then put in the regular trash. 


Tox-Away Day

Dispose of your old household cleaners, batteries, and any other hazardous waste.



Saturday, September 10, 2011

9:00am - 2:30pm




Quick Links


Organized Living Solutions Newsletter
Welcome Baby!

Hello All,


Where has the summer gone?! It's hard to believe school is starting in just a couple weeks.  Our family spent the whole summer waiting on our little boy to arrive-and he's finally here!  Lance was born on Wednesday, July 27, weighing 8 lbs. and measuring 21 1/2" long.       

Baby Lance 

As we moved our daughter into her new room and set up the nursery for a boy, I remembered a lady once telling me she couldn't wait until she was "organized, once and for all."  I tried to explain that organizing is like life.  Whenever life changes for you, your organizing systems have to change, too.  And if they don't change, that's when the layering effect of stuff on top of stuff can get out of hand.  Adding another member to your family/household is certainly cause for reorganizing spaces in your house, among many other life changes. The trick is to find and/or make the time to change things before they get so overwhelming you don't know where to start. 


If your car is starting to be one of those places that is out of control, or you are taking a late summer vacation, check out Nikki's vehicle and travel tips below to help you out. 


Best regards, 


Before/After of an Office 

A paper intensive industry took it's toll after moving into a new space. Emily helped get it back under control!


Office Before
Office Before
Office After
Office After

Nikki's Travel Tips


Organize the Car


What do you need at your fingertips while driving? Decide what items always live in your car vs. things that move in and out. Use the car's built-in compartments for permanent supplies. Break it down into ZONES - Driver/Passenger Zone, Kid Zone, and Trunk Zone.  


In the Driver/Passenger Zone: Clean out the trash often and have 1-2 trash can(s) that all can access. Store important items in the glove compartment such as owner's manual and emergency medical information, emergency contact numbers, and proof of insurance and registration.  Keep other handy items nearby: pen/paper, napkins/wipes, hand sanitizer, high energy snacks and bottles of water, plastic bags, lint roller, chargers, flashlight, maps, receipts/coupons organizer, CDS/magazines, change for tolls, sunblock, bug spray, etc.  


In the Kids Zone: Corral the entertainment activities such as books, CDs, and small toys. Consider using a product for storage that also protects the backs of your seats.  


And in the Trunk Zone: Store emergency supplies such as first aid and road side kits, Gather loose items in crates/totes such as reusable totes, sports equipment, extra clothes and blankets. Be sure to leave plenty of open room for strollers, foldable lawn chairs, groceries, etc.


Staying Organized While Traveling:


Try to pack all your items in one suitcase. The less you have to haul around, the better. Take travel-sized toiletries, complete outfits packed in clear bags, and choose items that can be mixed and matched.


If you're traveling with children, pack quiet, compact toys. Use a portable DVD or music player with a kid-friendly set of headphones. Include some snacks and a beverage in a cup with a lid. And don't forget their security blanket or beloved stuffed animal.


  Develop a reusable packing checklist file on your computer to print off for each trip.


Create a Travel File folder that you keep with you at all times including important information such as photo ID, passports, itineraries, tickets, contact information and confirmation numbers. Use an accordion file for storing items during the trip such as receipts, maps, brochures and mementos.


Protect your Technology:


o Label your computer with your name and telephone number in case it's lost or stolen. Put away your laptop in the airport or hotel after use.


o Don't use laptop bags because they are easily identifiable and attract airport thieves.


o Travel with a used or older laptop instead of a new one. If something does happen to it, your financial loss is considerably less. 



Emily in her office 

Emily Fitzgerald is a Certified Professional Organizer and founded Organized Living Solutions in 2003.  She helps her clients manage their information and stuff by creating personalized systems for the way they work.



Nikki Fingerle works for OLS as a Professional Organizer specializing in Residential projects.    She enjoys working with clients to improve the look, feel and function of thier various living spaces.


"Ninety percent of organizing is getting out of your own way." 
-Donna Smallin, Organizing expert, author, speaker
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