Reducing Bit Rates

Our multi-pronged approach to reducing bit rates for IP video images includes intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (iDNR) and encoder regions.


iDNR uses a combination of spatial noise reduction and temporal noise reduction and dynamically adjusts them based upon light levels and movement in the scene. When the scene is quiet or no motion is present, bit rates are minimized up to 50%. When an important object is detected, bit rates increase to enable capture of movement with maximum details.


Encoder regions allows for further bit rate reduction by adapting the encoder compression ratio for various regions of an image. Multiple regions in a scene can be defined, each of which is assigned specific compression level parameters. An unimportant region can be set to use more compression and thus reduce bit rates. Important regions can be assigned a lower compression ratio to show more details. This reduces the requirement for a constantly low compression ratio for the general picture, while allowing you to achieve a lower average bit rate for a specific image.


Using iDNR in conjunction with encoder regions reduces bit rates, and therefore bandwidth and storage requirements, by up to 50%. This helps lower total system costs without reducing image quality.


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Featured Video

This technical video tutorial walks through how to activate and configure up to eight encoder regions within a scene. Each region can be set as background, default or object. This can be done via Configuration Manager or the camera's web page using the Picture Settings menu.


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Tip: Configuring Encoder Regions

When configuring encoder regions, drastically reducing the resolution of an unimportant area could increase noise in this area, which will generate higher bitrates. Be sure to check bitrates before and after configuration to ensure you are achieving the desired results. 

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