Dynamic DNS Basics

Internet Service Providers (ISP) issue new DHCP addresses on a regular basis. The timeframe varies between ISPs and the type of service (cable, DSL, T-1 or ISDN). Address renewals can cause issues for video systems where remote access via a mobile device is required.


Domain Name System (DNS) is like a giant phone book that translates hostnames, such as bosch.com, into IP addresses, and Dynamic DNS offers a way to overcome issues caused by frequent updates to the user's DHCP address.


There are approximately 50 DDNS service providers in the market today, and many of these are free. Accounts are easy to set up. You pick a hostname like "example.dyndns.org" and the service provider will keep track of what your IP address is and update its phone book on a regular basis. Now, you can connect remotely to a hostname instead of trying an IP address that may be expired.

Tip: Built-in Support for DDNS

Most off-the-shelf network and IP video equipment has built in support for several of the more established DDNS service providers, like Dyn. This makes updating the service provider easy and keeps the user online.

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