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Receiving and Distribution Center Opens
Fun, Fearless Fashion Touches Down at San Diego International Airport
Airport's First Duty Free Store Opens
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Receiving and Distribution Center Opens

In November 2012, the airport debuted its new receiving and distribution center (RDC). The RDC is a 21,000 square-foot central delivery location for food, beverage, retail and other goods. By consolidating all truck deliveries to this one location, it is expected that truck trips on Harbor Drive will decrease by 50-75 per day. The center will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water and energy consumption through a number of innovative features.


The RDC helps reduce traffic by centralizing all truck deliveries to one location.

The receiving and distribution center is one of several projects planned for the north side of Lindbergh Field, in an effort to maximize the airport's efficiency. Similar to The Green Build, development on the north side is being designed to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, incorporating "green" design principles such as use of alternative energy sources, recycled materials and renewable resources.


In other north side activity, over the coming months SAN Park Pacific Highway will be relocated farther north to allow for the development of the rental car center and construction will begin on the fixed-based operator building. To receive updates on north side construction, email  

Fun, Fearless Fashion to Touch Down at San Diego International Airport

West coast trends and east coast style, including celebrity-inspired clothing, are scheduled to arrive in Terminal 2 West when Apricot Lane opens in summer 2013. While Apricot Lane franchise boutiques can be found in 29 states, this will be both the first airport store and San Diego location.


Apricot Lane will be located just outside Sunset Cove in Terminal 2 West.


The Apricot Lane merchandise mix is broad and designed to appeal to women ranging from teens to grandmothers. Travelers will find tops, premium denim, scarves, handbags, jewelry and accessories -- at a range of price points.


"We're flexible in the merchandise mix and we can reflect the demographics of the San Diego travel market. If you see it at the airport and love it -- buy it. It won't be there next time," said Ken Petersen, CEO of Apricot Lane. That's because Apricot Lane keeps its inventory at six per item, so women won't find themselves wearing the same thing as their neighbor.


Apricot Lane takes on high fashion and makes it affordable, offering an impressive collection of branded apparel that strives to create the looks seen on the runway and current issues of fashion magazines.


Speaking from his personal experience, Petersen reports that "Apricot Lane is the perfect place for husbands, boyfriends and fathers to pick up gifts for all the women in their life...or for the female traveler who forgot to pack a particular clothing item or piece of jewelry."

Apricot Lane will be located in Terminal 2 West just outside Sunset Cove, opening in summer 2013.

Airport's First Duty Free Store Opens


The airport's first duty free store opened in December 2012, the result of increased international flights between San Diego and destinations including Tokyo, London and Mexico. Located in close proximity to the airport's Customs facilities in Terminal 2, Duty Free Americas sells chocolate, liquor, perfume, tobacco and other common duty free products.


The duty free store is located just past security in Terminal 2 East.


This opening marks the beginning of the airport's transition to a new Concession Development Program (CDP). The program will completely revamp shopping and dining at the airport, increasing the variety of food, beverage and retail offerings and representing the best local, regional, national and international concepts.


When complete, the CDP will offer 87 restaurants and retail locations to travelers, increased from 55 currently. Openings will take place over the next 14 months, with completion in early 2014. Other restaurants and shops opening in the coming months include Phil's BBQ, Warwick's of La Jolla, Jack in the Box, Jer's Chocolates and Jewelry by Samanatha Davimes, as well as two spa locations and several wine bars.

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