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December, 2014

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Save the Date!
Saturday, April 25, 2015

Walking A Faithful Path



District Assembly 2015 will be held Saturday, April 25, 2015 at the First UU Society of San Francisco.  We are very excited about the possibilities for this year's program, which will be on the theme "Walking a Faithful Path."


The district staff is currently looking for interested individuals and groups to present workshops at District Assembly.  The workshops will be grouped by four broad themes:

  • Nuts and bolts (the daily work of UU communities)
  • Deepening (spiritual practices and theology)
  • Reaching out (social justice and connecting outside our usual boundaries), and
  • Religious exploration (shaping the faith of all ages in our complex world).
Please see the Request for Proposals (RFP) for more information!

Join us for dynamic worship, workshops, connections, and celebration!

Watch the PCD Web Site and this newsletter for more information.
A Message from the PCD Board

This message is to inform you of a significant change in the organization of the youth-led programming in the PCD, affecting only the YRUU group.


As you may be aware, the Board of the Pacific Central District has been engaged for over a year in an ongoing conversation with the District's Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU) group about some aspects of the group's activities.  


Our concerns are for the safety of the youth, for our accountability to their parents and guardians, and for legal and insurance liabilities.  Three issues are foremost:  First, PCD-YRUU's current age range for participation is 14-20, which the Board feels raises concerns about safety and which is not consistent with national UU norms; second, there have been occasional reports of violations of YRUU-created covenants prohibiting sexual activity at PCD-YRUU Cons; and third, when those violations have occurred, actions in response do not necessarily include informing parents about them.  Taken in combination, these three issues caused serious concerns for the Board.


At our meeting on November 22nd, the Board again met with representatives of the PCD-YRUU Leadership Council, expecting to continue discussion about these concerns.  As the conversation began, we were informed that the PCD-YRUU had decided to end their affiliation with the Pacific Central District, to establish a relationship with the Northern California Unitarian Universalist Camps and Conferences, and to continue their program without PCD oversight. 


We are writing to inform you of this disaffiliation, which we believe is effective immediately.  The Board is taking no formal position on endorsing the new group's activities, but the Board wants participants and adults to understand the issues which led to the disaffiliation. It is clear that the YRUU program has been greatly influential in the lives of many of our youth, and also that it does not serve all of the District's needs.


Rich youth programming which fosters the personal, moral, and spiritual development of all our youth is vital, for their own benefit and for the future of our faith.  We will continue to do everything in our power to make sure that this is available in the Pacific Central District.  We have been in conversation with a number of stakeholders and will also be reaching out to our regional resources to help fill gaps in our youth programs.


In faith,


The Members of the Pacific Central District Board



UUA Logo green on white Non-Profit Solar Power

RE-Volv, a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization, is working to make solar more financially accessible to local community groups. The organization is building a program that allows community centers to make the switch to clean energy with no upfront costs.


"RE-Volv recently raised funds to finance the installation of a 26-kilowatt system for the Kehilla Community Synagogue in Oakland, Calif., an LGBTQ-friendly, progressive faith community of about 350 families, which places emphasis on social justice and sustainability.


Here's how it works: Money donated to RE-Volv by community members and a growing network of solar enthusiasts is used to finance the purchase and installation of solar panels for a community center. Then, instead of paying a power company, the community center makes a monthly payment to RE-Volv.


These payments are then rolled back into the revolving fund, providing the seed money for the next solar project. With each new project, RE-Volv increases the size of the fund-making more financing available to facilitate the spread of solar."


You can read the article at: http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Making-a-difference/Change-Agent/2014/0213/A-pay-it-forward-approach-to-funding-solar-projects


UU College of Social Justice Global Justice Summer Internships


In collaboration with partner organizations, the UU College of Social Justice has developed a number of summer internships for young adults (ages 18-34) who wish to deepen their engagement with social justice and discover new ways to put their faith into action. 


In collaboration with partner organizations, the UU College of Social Justice has developed a number of summer internships for young adults (ages 18-34) who wish to deepen their engagement with social justice and discover new ways to put their faith into action.


Please see:  http://uucsj.org/internships/  for more information.


GA Voting Youth sm
Youth Caucus for GA 2015

If you have amazing youth who would like to be on Youth Caucus for GA 2015, the applications will open soon.  Please pass on to people you think are, or could be, leaders in our faith.


Youth Caucus refers to programming at General Assembly designed specifically for youth. Youth Caucus includes workshops, meetings to discuss GA business, networking and other social opportunities, and worship. Youth are also welcome and encouraged to take part in the wider GA programming, including plenary sessions, public witness and worship.

The purpose of Youth Caucus is to serve:

Youth who want to grow as Unitarian Universalists through a variety of workshops and worship opportunities, and who want to network with the wider UU community.

Youth, including youth delegates, who are interested in or committed to learning about and participating in plenary session and the business of GA.

All youth (grades 9-12 in the preceding school year or the equivalent for home-schooled youth) are welcome to participate in Youth Caucus. Youth registration is required for all GA attendees aged 15-17. Eighteen year-olds are not required to register as Youth, but must do so in order to obtain the youth registration rate. Fourteen year-olds may register as youth if they will have completed 9th grade (or the equivalent for home schooled youth) before GA.

UUA GA-2015: Volunteers Needed!

The UUA General Assembly will be in Portland in 2015. There are many ways you can contribute as a Volunteer to help make it a smashing success.


Portland-knowledgeable "Ask Me" Greeters to greet and direct attendees at the convention center;

Portland-knowledgeable Greeters to staff local information tables at the convention center and airport;

Ambience Volunteers for decorations, the banner parade, hang­ing banners, and taking down banners;

Volunteers to provide accessibility services and information;

Ushers for worship services and general sessions;

Volunteers to staff the registration desks and offices;

Volunteers to staff the volunteer office for a wide variety of tasks and activities.

Positions are limited and competitive - put your name on the list now!


Free GA registration to participate in all activities when not volunteering;

Meeting and interacting with UUs from across the country

Serving our UU faith movement.


24 hours of volunteer service, in 4-hour shifts;

Some shifts on June 21-23; Most shifts on June 24-28.


For more information or to sign up, contact:

Ed McClaran



Contact us:

PCD Board of Directors

Congregational Life Staff

Congregational Life Staff

PCD District Administrator

Katrina Leathers
PCD Youth Chaplain and
PCD Coming of Age Coordinator

Pacific Central District - UUA
4100 Redwood Road, #344
Oakland, CA 94619-2363
(510) 530-1437

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Judy Young
Board Buzz 
Judy Young, PCD Board President


Regionalization & Youth Programming


Your PCD Board has two major areas of focus this year:  Regionalization  & Youth programming.


All 16 UUA district presidents met in Boston in November and discussed our unique adaptations to the national congregational life staff reorganization into regions.  The district presidents from other parts of the country thought that their roles as the district level leaders will change from policy governance to spending more time as lay leaders exploring the possibilities in social justice and congregational enhancements.


Our 4 western districts agree on a slower, collaborative direction keeping districts independent.

 There is hope that regional cooperation in administrative and operational action will be more efficient so that our congregational life staff will be freed up to do the work they are called to do with congregations.  We will be monitoring and offering feedback to the UUA through regional advisory councils.


Your Board's immediate focus is trying to figure the best way to address the concerns expressed by youth, parents and ministers about aspects of our district youth programming.  We  need to improve our communication and involve all stakeholders as we explore options in the coming year.  It is time to listen well, pay attention and invest wisely in our future generation of UU's.  It is about time that youth programming becomes our highest priority.  


WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER.... be it multi-generational, districts, regions or UUA.





Judy Young, President

PCD-UUA Board of Directors


Covenanted Community Life 
Rev. Jeanelyse Doran Adams, 

Congregational Life Staff





God calls people to join in a global conspiracy of goodness and blessing, to heal and restore whatever human evil destroys.

We Make the Road by Walking, Brian McLaren


I write this article in the midst of preparing for a Thanksgiving meal.  I write as the family of humanity, once again, falls short. I write with gratitude and a heart longing for more peace, more love, more justice and mercy, and more humanity in the world. 


Brian McLaren's latest book reminds me that faith is an active exercise that requires walking even when the destination may not be clear.  It is the walking itself that makes the road clear, real, and possible.  It is the walk that brings the healing and goodness to a broken world. McLaren reminds me that that walk is for a purpose; to heal and restore whatever human evil destroys.


Many of us may define that purpose a little differently, restoring the Covenant of Life, building Beloved Community, bringing about the Kingdom of God here and now, Standing on the Side of Love, justice, mercy, wholeness and more. 


I think many of us could agree, that however we define it, a global conspiracy of goodness and blessing that heals and restores whatever human evil destroys is a worthy purpose.  It is a purpose many UU congregations covenant to bring about.


In her Thanksgiving message, liturgist Dr. Marcia McFee, said, ""Jesus broke bread, in the midst of a mash-up of devotion, sorrow, uncertainty, disagreement, and even betrayal." Jesus broke bread and kept Covenant in the midst of that mash-up.  As a covenantal faith we are called to do no less.


We certainly live in times of a similar mash-up of devotion, sorrow, uncertainty, disagreement, and betrayal. May we continue to promise to walk together in covenant and hope.  May we join and foster a global conspiracy of goodness and blessing that heals and restores whatever human evil destroys. May we enter the season of Advent and Holy Days with an anticipation of grace, peace, justice, and mercy breaking out in all our walking, words, and deeds.  And, when we stumble, for surely we will, may we forgive and begin again in love.


In faith, Jeanelyse


To view McFee's message:




In faith, 



Rev. Jeanelyse Doran Adams

Congregational Life Staff



Our Religious Lives
Joshua Searle-White, Ph.D.
Congregational Life Staff

I recently met a man who grew up in a very religious family. He respected the tradition he grew up in, but he had strong questions that his parents couldn't answer.  Primary among them was this: why does his family keep getting more and more things, while other people live close to him get so little? Why wouldn't his family give anything to them?  His questioning led him to religious exploration through reading scripture.  There he finally found some answers. He learned that love is the essence of a religious life and that inherent in being able to love is the spiritual practice of generosity.  As I watched him over a couple of weeks, I saw that he didn't just talk about generosity; he practiced it day after day. I was very moved.


Letting go of that which we most want to hold onto -- be it money, possessions, or deeply-held ideas and agendas -- is really hard work. But there has never been a time when it was more needed. If you look at the various crises that we as a human family are facing, you will find that underneath most of them is a fear of letting go.


But maybe as the holiday time approaches, you can experiment.  See what it feels like to practice generosity. Maybe it will bring you joy!


All blessings to you,


Joshua Searle-White, Ph.D.

Congregational Life Staff



PWR Assembly Logo

Pacific Western Region Webinars


The Pacific Western Region staff is committed to providing learning opportunities and connecting congregations across the region.  One way to do that is through webinars. 


Webinars are inexpensive learning opportunities that you can take advantage of in the comfort of your home, or for the same small fee, you can gather a group, project your computer screen, and learn together.

Register online for $15 per connection. If a group is viewing the webinar via one connection, this is still only $15. Check out all the offerings on the
Pacific Western Region Webinar page  and contact Lori Ragona, Training and Communications Specialist, with any questions at lragona@uua.org. See you at the webinars!


Social Media for Congregations Series

The Virtual versus the Actual - Social Media's Impact

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

7:00 - 8:15 PM Pacific Time

Kim Hayden, Membership Coordinator at Neighborhood UU Church in Pasadena, CA


How can we best position our limited time and resources to optimize our social media presence? It's terrific to be active in the social media stream, but this session will take a closer look at how our online presence translates to our Sunday mornings. We'll discuss communication strategies that impacts visitors, membership, and engagement.


Check out the recordings for the first two webinars in this series:


Prophetic Voices - Social Media and Churches


Getting Your Social Media Ducks in a Row


Russell Lockwood 
Leadership School

Big Faith - No Borders is not simply a tag line in the Pacific Western Region.  Big Faith - No Borders is a practice.  When the Mountain Desert District gifted Russell Lockwood Leadership School to the Region it meant releasing it to grow and change to meet the needs of leaders across the region.  It meant releasing the school to travel around the region.  The decision was filled with some loss and with great excitement.  The decision was a risk.  We could not assure that people from across the Region would attend. 


Russell Lockwood Leadership had always been an evolving learning lab.  Last year's school was open to people through the Region.  A couple of brave souls crossed borders to attend in Alta.  This year leaders from all four Districts crossed borders to arrive in Portland.  Now it is truly an evolving Regional learning lab. 


Plans are already in process for 2015 and a location has been selected for 2016.  We hope you will save the date and include leadership development in your congregational plans. 


Russell Lockwood Leadership School will be in Seattle, August 8-14, 2015. 


Congregational Highlights

Oakland Hot Spiced Harmonies!


Join us in this annual musical celebration of winter holidays with the very talented musicians of the First Unitarian Church.  You won't want to miss this eclectic mix of music featuring the Crescendo Choir, Joyful Noise, and several talented soloists and small groups singing and playing a variety of genres-from classical to Cajun, from blues to bluegrass.   This event is always a rockin' good time!


This is a fun, family-friendly event, but childcare is available with advanced reservations only (for infants and toddlers) by contacting sharon@utunescoffeehouse.net


For more information, or to volunteer or bring goodies, please contact Sharon Dolan, at the email above.


To purchase your tickets, please go to the UU Oakland concert web site!



Barbara Meyers B&W

Mission Peak UU Congregation


I am happy to announce that a new Mental Health Matters TV show is now available for viewing.


Caring for someone--whether you're a counselor, caretaker, parent, health professional, etc. can come with a physical and mental toll. How do you manage your own health and wellness, when you're in charge of another's care? Guests Beverly Kyer, founder and CEO of The Kyer Group and David Rages II, senior case manager of Edgewood Center for Children and Families explain.


Here's the link:  http://www.mpuuc.org/mentalhealth/mentalTVfatigue.html


There are open captions on the video. In order to see them, click on the "CC" on the bottom right of the screen, and select "On".


Archive: If you want to see any previous episodes of this show, go to: