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December 2012

Everywhere you go these days you see solar panels - on roof tops, over parking areas, even mounted on utility poles. With manufacturing costs coming down and efficiencies approaching 33 percent, solar panels are fast becoming an effective and popular way for building owners to lower operating costs.

The Solar Panel project for Prudent Publishing is perfect example of how at Bertin Engineering we use Yesterday's Experience and Today's Technology to provide a Vision For The Future.



Calisto J. Bertin
Bertin Engineering


Bertin Engineering Monitors Solar Panel Installation at Prudent Publishing


Johnson Soils Company (JSC), a division of Bertin Engineering, was recently retained by Prudent Publishing to inspect the installation of solar panels located at their Landing, New Jersey office.  Prior to this new solar panel installation, Prudent Publishing had installed solar panels on the roof of their building. However it was quickly realized that the installed solar panels did not provide the proper electricity to operate their daily activities as intended. Therefore, Prudent Publishing opted to install five (5) additional solar panel arrays alongside the site's existing parking lot. 


JSC was contracted to oversee the construction work and confirm that the field work matched the proposed design plans and specifications. JSC inspected all 224 foundation excavations, supervised construction techniques and provided complete concrete compressive strength testing for the proposed solar panel foundations.  


The foundation installation of the proposed arrays was extremely difficult for both machinery and manpower due to the extreme steep slopes within the construction site. JSC confirmed that the depth of the excavations met the minimum requirements and the soil conditions within the excavation were acceptable for the foundations. In addition, JSC coordinated with the site's contractor and developed a system to keep the foundation excavations clean of debris prior to the concrete pour.  During the concrete foundations pours, standard concrete cylinders samples were taken to confirm that the strength of concrete met the design requirement of 4,000 psi (pound per square inch). 


With the construction of these additional solar panels, Prudent Publishing will be able to generate the necessary amount of electricity and realize a cost savings of approximately $10,000 a month in energy bills.  It is estimated the construction cost of the solar panels including both the materials and installation will be paid off in as little as five years.

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Meet Our New Associate

Welcome to Joseph Chiappetta



PetroScience, Inc., a division of Bertin Engineering, is pleased to announce that Joseph Chiappetta has joined the firm as their Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) Practice Leader. Joseph brings 14 years of experience in environmental engineering, remediation and project management to PetroScience.


Joseph has extensive hands-on experience in soil, sediment and groundwater investigation, feasibility studies and risk assessments, sediment, soil and groundwater remediation, wetlands determinations and permitting, ecological risk assessment and natural resource damages.  


Joseph has been involved in numerous Brownfield redevelopment projects, NJDEP Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund sites, and USEPA Superfund sites in the New Jersey/New York area. 


Joseph has designed creative, cost-effective solutions to a variety of complex environmental problems and has served as an effective liaison between clients and regulatory agencies.


 Mr. Chiappetta is a Permanent New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional and a New Jersey Licensed Subsurface Evaluator. He is actively involved within various Licensed Site Remediation Professional Association committees.


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