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May 2012

For followers of Islam, a mosque is traditionally a center for worship, information, education, and dispute settlement. Within the mosque is the masjid; the designated worship area. As with many religions, there are detailed specifications that must be followed to design a place of worship, making this a perfect project for Bertin Engineering. In the May issue of our Newsletter you will read about our involvement in the design of a Mosque in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 




Calisto J. Bertin
Bertin Engineering

Bertin Engineering appointed lead designer for Mosque in  Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!


Rendering of proposed Mosque

Masjid (Mosque) Design

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada



Bertin Engineering served as lead designer of its first mosque for the Dawoodi Bohra Community of East Brunswick, New Jersey. Inaugurated in August 2004. That mosque is approximately 30,000 SF and has a congregation of approximately 200 families. Bertin Engineering provided civil, structural and MEP design services for the site and the building, and oversaw the architectural design.


Tricone is a Design Build Manage company for the Dawoodi Bohra Community and has worked on many of their locations across the world. Tricone was the contractor for the project at East Brunswick and has returned to Bertin Engineering to work with them for a new facility that is being planned for Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.


 Dawoodi Bohra Mosque, East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA



The Dawoodi Bohra Community is based out of Mumbai, India. The local communities have spread around the world with approximately 490 centers and 800 masjids (mosques). The Mississauga Dawoodi Bohra Community has been housed for the past 10 years in a light industrial building on Argentia Road in a mixed use part of the city. The building does not provide the spatial requirements to properly function as a place of worship and cultural center.




The local community is now ready to construct a proper 45,000 SF, three-story Mosque and demolish the existing building. The site covers approximately 3.5 acres of land. In addition to the building, the site will contain "contemplative" gardens, walking paths and parking for approximately 224 cars. The proposed building will include a prayer room with 2 levels of balconies; social room, full kitchen, classrooms for cultural education and an apartment for the resident priest.


Bertin Engineering has formalized the concept plan to carry the project forward through the municipal approval process, and prepared the civil site plans (grading, utility, landscaping and lighting) in accordance with the local regulations and bylaws. Scott Burns, a Toronto based planner will be assisting in the permitting process. Bertin Engineering will prepare or coordinate all the construction documents for the building and the site.



The Dawoodi Bohra Community incorporates the building design principles found in Fatimid architecture that flourished during the 10th through 12th centuries throughout northern Africa, especially in Egypt where several mosques of the period maintain their cultural importance. The name Fatimid traces its origin back to Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad. Like in East Brunswick, this mosque will utilize crisp lines, somewhat pristine finishes and the proportions governed by the classical Islamic principles including windows and a minaret that is to reach a height of 80 feet (25 meters).Vijay Kale, architect with Tricone worked closely with the organization to generate the conceptual building exterior and interior program.