April 2013
Issue No 1

Happy 2013!


After a short break, the Museum is back open and ready for guests.  We are excited about this year-we have great things planned.   If you haven't been to the Museum yet this year, we encourage you to drop by and see our new exhibit "The Secret Life of a Museum".  Click the link to download the Museum's current schedule of events.


Please share this newsletter with those who may be interested, and with those who may not even know we exist!  Word of Mouth is our best publicity, so hit that forward button for us, and spread the word!


Sincerely - Rebecca Suddeth, Executive Director


Earth Day Earth Day Plant Sale


The annual Earth Day Plant Sale hosted by Master Gardeners is set to take place Saturday, April 20th.


The sale takes place on the parking lot behind South Broad Park, directly across from the Cardinal Drive-In, Broad Street. Betty and Wendy will conduct the sale for the benefit of the museum.  The sale is advertised to start at 8 am and ends by noon.  The Tailgate Market also opens April 20th.



To those of you who will be donating plants please bring them to the museum the week before the sale so Betty and Wendy can price and label the pots. It would be great if you would put a marker in each pot with name of plant and light requirements; shade, sun, dry shade, damp sun, part sun, etc. Old plastic mini-blind slats can be cut into 6" lengths and make the perfect marker.  Place your plants, along with the others, back by the raised bed gardens starting now.


Come early to the sale for best selection!

Heritage Giftshandcrafts


Heritage Gifts has been freshly re-stocked with items made by local crafters. Selection is great, from rag dolls, to pottery, wood toys, genealogy charts, sewing kits, stylish hats, scarves and sunbonnets, framed watercolor pictures, and items with our county's historical buildings. We pride ourselves on selecting high quality, one-of-a-kind items.
Our book selection has been expanded.  A list of available books will be online soon.  Heritage Gifts has the largest selection of aprons in the area. Reasonably priced grill aprons, craft and service aprons, coverall aprons, and ruffled aprons. Feel pretty while you cook and craft!!!
Museum members receive a 10% discount on all merchandise. Heritage Gifts is open when the museum is open: Wednesday through Sat. from 10 AM to 5 PM. Please stop in. Shop with us.

Featured Artistcandles




We have one remaining Boozer Bunk bluebird house left in stock made by our March Featured Artist Brandon Holmes.  We will also take orders for more of them. The price is $29.95, the actual cost of materials in honor of Brandon's step-father's (the late Jim Boozer) custom of giving them away to so many people in the community. 


Todd Owen is our Featured Artist for the month of April. A native of Transylvania County, he spent several years in Albany, Georgia before returning here to live. Todd enjoys using his artistic talent to create beautiful objects from wood. Please come by and see some of his work. Prices range from $5.00 to $125.00.


The year begins!


Before the Museum officially opened on March 2nd, it already had several eager visitors.  The Brevard College Student Volunteers came at two different times to help with work around the Museum in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr Day.


The 4-H Farm Fun Club had a meeting to plan the upcoming planting season, and a Tiger Cub Scout Pack visited the Museum to learn about family and to hear some really interesting "Little Boy Stories"  from Board Member and Genealogist Linda Anders.  


  Scout visit  

Can you guess? 


This item was recently donated to the Museum. A hint? This is the side of the door you had rather see!    Email  your best guess!


December's item was a speaker box used at a drive in movie theatre.

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Earth Day Plant Sale
Heritage Gifts
The year begins!
Can you guess?
Calendar of Events

"The Secret Life of a Museum"  Exhibit
March 2-May 18
Earth Day Plant Sale  April 20th Parking Lot behind the South Broad Park. 8 am-12 noon
4th Friday Gallery Walk  April 26
The Road Apple Ramblers will perform at the Museum 5:30-6:30


Save the Date! May 17.  TCHS Annual Preservation Dinner.  Watch for more details.