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It's Mushroom Season!

Try Something New
Mid-winter and mushroom season is happening. A surprisingly versatile vegetable, mushrooms are found across cuisines, and with tremendous culinary possibilities. They make a savory side with meat, and are hearty enough to stand as a main dish for vegetarians.

The varieties of fresh mushrooms that we carry are dependent on both the season and weather...for example we'll Morrels and Chantrelles are in one week, but when a little warm weather comes not the next. So, check the store and see what is available.

Shake things up and start experimenting with this earthy ingredient. There are so many ways to cook them: from stir-fry to grilling, from roasting to breading and frying.

Our Fresh Mushroom Varities Include:
Button Shitake
Large Shitake
White Button
Wood Ear

By Becky Selengut  
Chef and cooking teacher Becky Selengut's feeds our enduring passion for foraged and wild foods by exploring 15 types of mushrooms, including detailed how-to's on everything you need to know to create 75 inventive, internationally-flavored mushroom dishes.

Great photography, suggested wine pairing, and recipes like: Banh Mi sandwiches with Red Curry Roasted Portobellos and Pickled Vegetables, and Silken Scrambled Eggs with Shaved Alba White Truffles.

One thing to love about the Chinese New Year is how long we get to celebrate. As festivities continue over the next few weeks, we are looking forward to lots of feasting on delicious Asian food!

Check out our collection of inspiring recipes...

Becky Selengut give a quick video tutorial on how to make porcini powder. With her characteristic wit, she describes it as being "like mushroom crack". It's good on everything-especially steak.

Watch the Video...

Wine Forest Wild Foods

Taste the adventure of wild foraging.

Some of our finest-quality pantry staples come from deep in the woods in Napa Valley. Wine Forrest Wild Foods was a pioneer in procuring wild mushrooms, and has expanded to create delicious line of dried mushrooms, side dishes and seasonings that will make your meals exceptional.

Try something new this winter!


Dried mushrooms include: 

Yellowfoot Mushrooms
Black Trumpets
Candy Caps
Lobster Mushroom
Mousseron (Fairy Rings)


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News From the San Francisco Fancy Food Show 

The real point of this gas�tric free-for-all is to learn what is new and trendy, and what we will see on the market shelves in the coming year. That said, here are my five take�aways from this year's Fancy Food Show:


1. Power to the Veg�gies
Kale is still king, but it now has com�pe�ti�tion in the form of broc�coli, cau�li�flower and sweet pota�toes among other vit�amin packed veg�eta�bles. Every�where I looked there was a dif�ferent snack item pro�claiming it's par�tic�ular health ben�efit. And Chick�peas! They're everywhere.


2. Caramel is Taking Over
There will always be plenty of candy at the show. That's just the nature of the beast. In years past choco�late, in any form, dom�i�nated. This year, I was sur�prised to see that while there was plenty of choco�late, there were caramels in every form and flavor including some infused with a variety of hot and trendy spices. (It's all about the turmeric y'all.)


3. There's Some�thing About Mary
Mixology is still the rage, and walking down the aisles there were plenty of options to liven up your cock�tail party. Most inter�esting was how many booths were either offering you a bloody mary or at the very least inviting you to try their bloody mary mix. Others were pairing bloody marys with the beef jerky they were actu�ally there to sell. (Which is a whole other craziness...Jerky every�where.) Of course the bloody mary could be another man�i�fes�ta�tion of the power veggie move�ment that hap�pens to involve Vodka. I am okay with that.


Read the rest of the article for 4 & 5...  

This artisanal, small batch jerky is one of our great finds
from the SF Fancy Food Show.
Lone Mountain Wagyu Beef Jerky is the first and only beef jerky to made from 100% Fullblood Wagyu. It's hand sliced and smoked from select cuts, and perfectly seasoned with salt, garlic, and 100% pure maple syrup.


It is bursting with flavor, and has just the right amount of chew balanced with melt-in-your-mouth quality. Raised humanely and naturally, for the good of the animals, the sanctity of the land, and the health of our customers. Never fed hormones or antibiotics.


Be prepared to swoon.

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Spicy Mushroom Tamales 
From Amy and our "What's For Dinner Wednesday" recipe blog 

Tamales are traditionally made and eaten at celebrations, and I think these would be perfect for this weekend. Time consuming, yes, but oh so worth it. Serve them with some tasty beans and a salad and we have our own Fiesta del Amour!


Get the recipe...


Classic Chicken Chow Mein 
From Amy and our "What's For Dinner Wednesday" recipe blog 

Gam's Hey Fat Choi
Lately, I've had Chinese food on the brain. The reason is obvious-it happens every year at the start of Chinese New Year.

In honor of the Year of The Ram, and because my family likes it, I have been cooking more meals with an Asian flavor. I've never been that good an Asian cook, but I think I'm getting better. I made a Bok Choy Stir Fry the other night and managed to not burn the garlic.


My grandmother, a.k.a. Gam, was my Chinese Food Ambassador when I was a kid. She loved Chinese food but she rarely ordered take out. She usually made it herself. She had a collection of Chinese Cookbooks and old pages from Chinese cooking classes that she had taken over the years. When she passed away, I inherited them. (Okay. inherited might be a strong word. I packed them in a box with her wok, clay pot, bamboo steamer and chop sticks and got them to my house before my sister figured out what was happening. She got the purple water goblets. We're even.)


I have clear memories from my childhood of Gam, and her wok, and her super-long chopsticks that she always used-whether she was cooking Chinese or not. Because Gam taught my sister and me to cook with her chopsticks, I can eat at a Chinese restaurant without fear of looking like a fool...or worse, asking for a fork. (Gasp!)


In honor of the New Year and Gam's love of the cuisine, I give you Gam's recipe for Chicken Chow Mein from her cookbook called Chopsticks, Cleaver and Wok by Jennie Low. You can make this recipe with pan fried noodles (Hong Kong Style) or fresh cooked Chow Mein noodles. The crispy version is listed here but it's easy to swap for the softer version. (Just don't pan fry the noodles.) I have also listed Gam's notes from the pages so you can see her interpretation.


Get the recipe for Chicken Chow Mein...


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