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Soup's On!

We're all about soup this October, and nothing beats home made. In this issue you will find some of our favorite soup recipes.  


But we know that not all of us can make our stock from scratch every time. So, here are three fantastic recommendations that don't taste one bit like short cuts.    


Better Than Bouillon

We keep this trusty little jar within reach. A flavorful paste that is richer than canned broth or bouillon cubes, and is easy to work with.

Better Than Bouillon is also great in rice and pots of beans.  


More Than Gourmet  
These stocks are a wonderful addition to soups and sauces. They are reduced many times to a glaze, and can be reconstituted with water to make a clear broth.

More Than Gourmet comes in a variety of flavors from Classic Vegetable to Veal Demi-Glace, from Mushroom to Roasted Chicken Stock.  


Stock Options-Made by chefs for chefs. Classic, fresh products made entirely from scratch in small batches. You can find them in our freezer section.  


Use whenever you want very little effort to pay wonderful dividends at the table. 


20 Creative Pie Crimping Techniques in 120 Seconds!
Watch this great video...
October is soup season, and we are posting three of our staff's favorite soup recipes to add to your repertoire.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Get the recipes... for Thai Hot and Sour Chicken Soup, a delicious Minestrone, and Spicy Chicken and Rice Flu Chaser Soup.

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From Our Archives:
Soup Recipes


Vendor of the Month

 Coombs Family Farms Maple Syrup      


Thick, Sweet and Richly Delicious

Try for your�self, it must might be the best maple syrup you have ever tasted.

The supe�rior quality and rich, sweet flavor of pure maple syrup is utterly unique-and entirely deli�cious. For seven gen�er�a�tions, Coombs Family Farms has pro�duced great tasting 100% pure maple syrup, har�vested sus�tain�ably from trees nur�tured without the use of pes�ti�cides. It's a healthy alter�na�tive to sugar, and the flavor is per�fect for autumn.  Read More... 


Featured Product
It is high apple season in all it's glory.

Our produce aisle is awash with their autumnal colors, and the flavors are amazing!


Right now we've got Jazz, Pippin, Red Gravenstein, Braeburn, Jonagold, Cameo, and Honeycrisp along with our usual varieties of Fuji, Gala, Red and Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith.


Apples are making their way into our store in so many forms. We have cider, gelato, apple pies and tarts, apple sauce, apple butter, dried Apples
and hard ciders and Calvados in our Wine & Spirits section. 


Now is the time to pull out all of your favorite apple recipes, from applesauce to pies to crisps and crumbles. And then there are the savory dishes...


 Read More...  



Apple, Onion and Cheddar Soup 


From Amy and our "What's For Dinner Wednesday" recipe blog 


Soup to Nuts...
Or Nuts for Soup

OK, I admit it. I like soup. I am eating some right now, in fact. There is something about that first day when it actually feels like Fall, (My temperature gauge said it was 48� this morning.) that makes me want a cup of something warm and cozy. It also makes me think about what soup I will be making and freezing this weekend.


Canned soup is okay in a pinch, and there are some great ones available these days, but they don't hold a candle to homemade. (Cheating by making chicken noodle with store bought broth still counts.) I have found myself grabbing for the frozen soup a lot lately. Especially after football practice or afternoon activity. (World Series anyone?) A little soup and grilled cheese, maybe a salad, and you have the makings of a quick and comforting meal.


I have been trying to branch out a bit with my recipes. I still have my favorites like the one I am eating now, but I can get bored of the same old, same old after a while. So I've been on a mission to find the new and interesting, and I think I found one!


I have owned a copy of the New England Soup Company Cookbook for years, but it's one of those cookbooks that I tend to forget about. Last week I ran across it while looking for something else, and saw this recipe for Apple, Onion and Cheddar Soup. I knew I just had to try it. It's perfect now that apples are coming into their season.


Get the recipe for Apple, Onion and Cheddar Soup...


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Apple, Onion and Cheddar Soup
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