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Take Back Movie Night!
We have grown accustomed to the ability to watch movies at the push of a button: anytime, anywhere. (Even on our BART commute!) Perhaps it's time to take back home movie night?

With a little attention and some good company, we can inject excitement right back in. A change of setting is helpful. Include the neighborhood by stretching a sheet over the garage door, and using it as a projection screen. Take the living room outside-grab a a carpet and throw pillows, bring some comfy chairs and blankets. Or perhaps you prefer backyard-intimate with just two arm chairs and a big-screen TV.?

Of course, good eats is crucial. Here's how to create your own spin on theater classics:
Super Nachos from Rachael Ray with La Morenita Tortilla Chips and Vella Cheese Company Dry Jack.
Bistro Sliders with Pickled Onions from Martha Stewart. (We always have slider buns in stock in our bread aisle.)
Caramel Popcorn from Real Simple
Make your own Twix Bars from Food 52
Make your own sodas with Torani Italian Syrups and sparkling water
And pick out a selection of boxed candies like these movie theater greatest hits: Junior Mints, Milk Duds, Whoppers, Mike & Ikes, Hot Tamales, Good & Plenty, and Jujubees.

And for cocktails, there's a classic Sidecar from Esquire Magazine, or Vanilla Rum and Coke from idrink.com.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Thursday, June 26 , Movie begins at sundown

Cozy up on the waterfront this summer for free outdoor screenings of hit movies, as part of the annual Waterfront Flicks series.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off on Thursday, July 10
Despicable Me 2 on Thursday, July 24
Man of Steel on Thursday, August 7
Sing-Along Cinema, The Wizard of Oz on Wednesday, August 13
The Lego Movie on Thursday, August 21
Sing-Along Cinema, Chicago on Friday, September 5

Moviegoers can start their evenings early with dinner at one of Jack London Square's waterfront restaurants, or pick-up a quick bite to enjoy during the screening.


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Vendor of the Month 

Bob's Red Mill  


Can't Rush Quality

Just in time for summer baking, Piedmont Grocery has moved, updated, and completely rearranged our baking aisle. There is a new section dedicated to Bob's Red Mill. We have too many of there products to list here, but they include: Flours & Meals, Cereals, Granola, Baking Mixes, Grains, Beans, Seeds, Oats (including Steel Cut Oats), Gluten Free Products and Baking Aids.

Now you have everything you need for your cobblers, crisps, pie, lemon bars and brownies!


World Cup Fever 2014 Give-Away

We've got Futbol Fever and we're passing it on to you!

Come into the store to enter your choice to win the 2014 World Cup and you could win!

1st Prize

*  $100 Piedmont Grocery Gift Certificate
*  Official World Cup Prize Pack

2nd Prize
*  $50 Piedmont Grocery Gift Certificate
* Official World Cup Prize Pack  

3rd Prize
*  Official World Cup Soccer Ball and Poster.

Voting will close June 26 so get your ballots in soon!

Winners will be drawn from ballots stating the correct winning country.
They will be announced on Monday, July 14.


Something New Under the Sun 

Quinn Pop­corn will com­pletely change the way you think about this classic microwave treat. This is the best bag of microwave pop­corn you have ever tasted, and considering the way they are flying off the shelves, our cus­tomers couldn't agree more!

First of all, it comes in fan­tastic epi­curean fla­vors like Parmesan & Rose­mary, Maple & Sea Salt, Lemon & Sea Salt, Hickory Smoked Cheddar, and Olive Oil & Herbs. Their list of fla­vors come from their test kitchen, and begin as cus­tomer suggestions.

Sec­ondly, every­thing about it is good for you: from non-toxic pack­aging to clean, healthy ingre­di­ents to the happy smile it leaves on sat­is­fied faces. The owners bend over backwards to produce the purest, most delicious product they can dream up.


Steak and Eggs with Smoked Paprika 

From Amy and our "What's For Dinner Wednesday" recipe blog 


In Theaters Everywhere...

Over the weekend my sister and I saw the movie Chef. It reminded me to strive to do what I am passionate about.


I was also reminded that this is the beginning of Blockbuster Movie season. Walking through the theater, I got a preview of what's to come. The walls were covered in posters advertising what will be blown up, turned into robots, animated, scared to death, invaded by aliens, laughed at, and enjoyed.


Summer Movie season is a little of everything. There are a few heavy films here and there (The Fault In Our Stars, anyone?) But for the most part the movies reflect the season. It's a fun and carefree way to spend some time cooling off from the afternoon heat, and to ingest way more than your daily allowance of sugar from candy and sodium from buttered popcorn.


I have been introducing my kids to some of my favorite movies from when I was their age. Back to the Future was a big hit, as was The Goonies. Unfortunately, I was made to suffer through Ace Ventura Pet Detective-but it was worth it if only to watch my boys totally loose it laughing.


This week's recipe is inspired by one of my favorite summer movies, Twister. "Tasty Cow Aunt Meg." Twister is one of my guilty pleasures, and everything a summer movie should be. It's scientifically questionable, totally cheezy and epically cool when seen on the big screen. (It's also quite good when shown on the garage door on a hot summer night!)


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