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SF Fancy Food Show 


Gone are the Chemicals

We're back from the Fancy Food Show, and excited about the new trends. Last Wednesday's blog entry describes a shift in the direction of "real food", trending away from the artificial and towards basic, natural ingredients. As one vendor put it, "Sure it contains sugar and fat, but your body is able to process it." This is all about great food created by people with passion.


It will take a little time for these new products to show up on our shelves, so here are a few that you can anticipate seeing in the upcoming weeks.



Gluten-Free, But You'd Never Know It.

Cup 4 Cup Flours

We have been watching them for a while, and they just became available to sell in grocery stores. Cup 4 Cup replaces all-purpose wheat flour in traditional recipes cup for cup-which makes translating your favorite recipes that much easier!


Developed in the famed restaurant French Laundry, by Chefs Lena Kwak and 

Thomas Keller, Cup 4 Cup has a neutral flavor, just like wheat flour, and performs as well (and sometimes better) than wheat flour in test recipes. Look for their all-purpose and pancake flours soon.


Ready-Made Paella Broth  

Caldo Aneto

We are really excited about bringing in this Paella Broth in a box from Caldo Aneto. They may the Spanish version of the boxed broths you see in our store, and they are so newly distributed that their website still only has a Spanish version. 

Look for them in our International Aisle. 

Hard-to-find Spices
Whole spice has one of the most thorough
list of spices that we have seen offered in one place. Their chili varieties alone is enough to make us swoon! High standards guarantee quality and freshness. Look for the Afghan Ribs Blend, Zahtar Mix and Moroccan Paprika along with others in our spice aisle. 


Vendor of the Month 

Illy Coffee


Authentic Italian Coffee

We love Illy's Arabica coffee for its flawlessly con�sis�tent, smooth, balanced flavor, and it's never bitter. Illy's under�stated elegance is better than any commercially-roasted coffee that we have tried. And for espresso fans, it has a beautiful flow, and makes a generous crema.


Let us put together a 
delicious spread, so you can relax and enjoy the game.


Our Catering Department features a wide selection of sandwiches, hot and cold hors d'oerves, and salads that can be ordered by the bowl or pound.


To Order Call the Deli Depart�ment by Friday, or at least 48 hours in advance. We are open for pick-up on Sunday.

(510) 653-8181 


And while you are stop�ping by, here is a list of some Super Bowl supplies:

  1. La Morenita Tor�tilla Chips
  2. Piedmont's Own Sanchos Salsa Spread and-or
    Pappy's Pimiento Cheese Spread
  3. Roberto's Of Santa Cruz Gua�camole
  4. Cut Veggies  with Piedmont's Own Dill Dip
  5. Assorted Fresh Cheeses: Sonoma Jack, Parrano Gouda and Black Dia�mond Cheddar
  6. Rain�coast Crisp Crackers
  7. San Fran�cisco Potato Salad (from the Deli)
  8. Fresh Rib Eyes and-or fresh Caggiano sausages for the grill
  9. Gianna's Assorted Iced Cookie Tubs
  10. Just Desserts Brownie Bites
  11. La Panzanella Crocantini
  12. Val d France Sparkling Juices
  13. Mirror Pond Ale from Deschutes Brewery in the great North�west
  14. Paper cups, plates and nap�kins for easy clean-up


These chips just fly off our shelves, and for good reason. 



Imagine biting into a delicious restaurant tortilla chip, but miraculously, you just pulled them out of a grocery bag! That's La Morenita quality. We sell them all day, every day for just $3.99 a bag.


And if you are looking for some delicious guac to serve up, try Roberto's of Santa Cruz All Natural Guacamole. It's good!





From Amy and our "What's For Dinner Wednesday" recipe blog 

Your Vietnamese Grand�mother Was Right 


So everyone in my family is either sick, get�ting sick, or get�ting over being sick. The kids are get�ting over being sick, finally. My husband is sick. really sick. Poor baby. I am get�ting sick and trying to will myself into not get�ting worse while I nurse the others back to health. Not sure if I am winning that battle.


I am trying to combat the sick�ness with hot and spicy Vietnamese Pho. It's my personal take on the Grandma's Chicken Soup cure. I figure if nuclear hot, anise seasoned broth doesn't kill the virus maybe the Sriracha sauce will. That's stuff can do anything.


I'd like to say that I take the time to make the broth from scratch, but that would be a big, fat lie. I have done it and it makes a delicious stock, but I don't have the time, nor do I feel well enough to spend multiple hours in the kitchen. I am all for authenticity but, please!


Pacific Foods makes a great ready-made Pho broth base that we carry in our Asian section. I usually use the beef, but the chicken is great too. Because I like the broth to be more beef-y, I add about 2 cups of beef broth to the Pho base, and maybe a little bit more salt. I have also been known to add demi-glace. It depends on your preference.


Just ask our guys in the meat department will slice you some extra-thin meat to cook in the boiling broth. They are happy to do it. I prefer Sir�loin but again, it's up to you.


What�ever your soup cure of choice, I wish you all good health. Get some sleep. Drink liquids. Wash your hands often, and if all else fails you can try a few shots of Sriracha. Read more.. 



Read the article and get the recipe on our website...
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