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Holiday Traditions

Christmas is a time for tradition, and tradition has a life of its own. One great benefit of working at Piedmont Grocery is being immersed in the variety of cultures represented by our staff members. We got to talking about Christmas traditions in our families, and a wealth of cultural customs was revealed. 


So, in honor of all these traditions, we offer you a piece of the conversation, including links to recipes. Consider adopting one of these customs as your own!



Don, Produce Manager Christmas for my family means Tamales and Tostadas!

Darcy, Cheese Manager 
For my Italian family, it's not Christmas Eve without Tortellini Soup
The Dela Cruz Brothers, Grocery & Produce 
For these three, there are many family Christmas Traditions...  


For Al, it's fresh Lumpia
For Joseph, it's Sticky Rice
For Omar, it's the Queso de Bolla.
We never got to eat it though. It 
just sits on the table. I don't know why we never eat it but it is always there. Every Christmas.


Jasmin, Produce 
We always have traditional Puerto Rican Coquito to help celebrate Christmas with my family. 


Matt & Josh, Liquor & Meat 
We don't have too many culinary traditions
but we do have a piano recital and a 
contest to see who can sing all the
verses of the Twelve Days of Christmas after having a
few cocktails.


Nikki, Grocery
We have a contest to see who can make 
the best gingerbread house out of graham crackers.

Dennis, Wine & Spirits Manager 
Well there's always some Irish Whiskey to 
be consumed but the one thing we always
have are English Christmas crackers.


Alfredo, Meat Manager 
My family always makes Tamales, both sweet and savory, but we also have to have Ponche, a traditional Mexican punch. 


Vendor of the Month 


December is our biggest month for baking, and we couldn't make it through the holidays without King Arthur Flour. It is truly the best we've tested!


King Arthur Flour pays close attention to detail, consistency in milling, and set rigorous standards for their wheat. So much so, that it is the #1 flour of choice of Cooks Illustrated. Now, that's a pretty high standard! What does this means for you? The best flavor, and depend�able results in your baking.


King Arthur Flours come in many varieties including all purpose, whole wheat, bread, white whole wheat, cake and gluten free. Many are organic as well. Plus they have a great baking recipe archive on their website that includes a lengthy list of holiday ideas. Read More...


Spend more time with family and friends, and less time in the kitchen this holiday season!


Down�load our Holiday Catering Menu, and find out what delicious foods are avail�able for your holiday table. You can purchase a few sides, pies or roasted meats to con�tribute to a meal, or an entire holiday feast.


All orders must be received 48 hours prior to the holiday. We are closed on Christmas, and New Years Day.


To Order Call The Deli Department 


Monday to Sat�urday: 9 AM to 8 PM
Sunday: 9 AM to 7 PM


Download our Holiday Catering Menu here...



Dungeness Crab Season is at its peak this time of year, and that means fresh and abundant crab for the holidays. 


Dungeness crab season doesn't actually wind down until March, but about eighty per�cent of the Bay Area crabs are brought in by the end of the year. So, come in and pick some up to enjoy while it is still available.


This is one local speciality that is so delicious, you don't need really to do much to it. Here are links to two similar crab salad recipes with different combinations of flavors in the dressings. Enjoy! 

Get the Recipes...



From Amy and our "What's For Dinner Wednesday" recipe blog 

Grandfather Christmas 


One of my favorite things about the Holidays are the traditions. We all have things we do each year to cel�e�brate Christmas or Han�nukah or even New Years Eve and Day.


In my family we have quite a few. I've written about Ebleskiver and it wouldn't be Christmas without warm Gingie Cookies. One of my favorites though has nothing to do with food. Well, it kinda does. Sort of.


My Grandfather (Dad's Dad), was one of those people who would really put a lot of thought into a gift. As a kid, I didn't really get it, but as I grew older I under�stood and appreciated his presents more. One of my favorite, were the porce�lain fig�ures that he bought from Phair's (There's a blast from the past!), and attached to our Christmas gifts. Each one was hand-selected to match our per�son�al�i�ties. Mine was a duck in Vic�to�rian dress. Dad's was a bear with a three piece suit and glasses with a news�paper under his arm. My sister's was a cat, I think, also in Vic�to�rian dress. In later years the porce�lain was replaced by another set of fig�ures with Venetian masks a la the Three Mus�ke�teers. My mother used these fig�ures on the table for Christmas morning and Christmas Dinner as place markers for seating.


Now that Christmas morning has migrated to my sister's house, we no longer use the fig�urines. But my sister's wooden Mus�ke�teers make an appear�ance, and it always reminds us of him.


As far as I know, my mother still has all of the porce�lain fig�ures safely (I hope) tucked in a box. I have my Mus�ke�teer, and it is my favorite orna�ment for our tree. Every year he goes up, and every year I tell my kids "This was a gift I got from Gumpa".


Our menu for Christmas Dinner is always the same (yet another tra�di�tion!), and it was one Gumpa's favorites. The menu remains sliced BBQ Chateaubriand, Barley and Pine Nut Pilaf, and Carrot Souffl�. Below is the Carrot Souffl� recipe. It's easy, elegant and tasty with roasted meats. 


Read the article and get the recipe on our website...



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