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Holiday Tastes and Traditions
Old World Holiday
A wonderful thing about being a grown-up during the holidays is the ability to adapt our own traditions. We have all that has been handed down to us, and also the opportunity to create what future generations will remember. (See our Mexican Christmas Eve post.)

There are hundreds of holiday traditions to draw from. Did you know that it is a custom to eat Mandarine oranges in Spain on Christmas? Or, on January 6th Mexican children leave out hay and water under their beds for the camels, and receive gifts in exchange? Or in Finland a sheaf of grain is tied to a pole in the garden for the birds, and people will not eat their Christmas dinner until the birds have had theirs?

Here is a short list of great ideas, from Old World traditions. Check the aisles at Piedmont Grocery for products and ingredients.

Sweedish Glog and Ginger Thins
Gl�gg is the classic Scandinavian winter warming drink. Spiced with cloves, cardamom and citrus, Grandpa Lundquist Gl�gg is ready to be gently heated and served. This beverage is non-alcoholic, and you may choose to add wine or spirits.

And enjoy your glog with crispy, spiced Anna's Ginger Thins cookies.  

Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes and Pannetone
In many parts of Italy, the Feast of the Seven Fishes involves gathering family and friends for course after course of luxurious seafood dishes--often as many as seven, ten, or even thirteen. For a fantastic and detailed feast menu with recipes visit this Epicurious page.

English Christmas Pudding and Holiday Trifle
Christmas Pudding has its origins in Medieval England, and is a moist, spiced cake containing dried fruit. Wilkin & Sons Ltd. makes a lovely version of the historic dessert.

Holiday Trifle is a decadent dessert drenched in sherry and kirsch and featuring layer upon layer of ginger cake, custard, berries, chocolate, and cream. It's a showstopper. Try this Saveur recipe.

German Marzipan, Leibkuchen and Stolen
Christmas cannot happen in Germany without these three traditional sweets. We recommend Niederegger Chocolate Covered Marzipan and Weissella Soft Glazed Gingerbread Cookies. For wonderful storybook history of Marzipan, visit the Niederegger site. And as for Stolen, the German sweet bread filled with dried fruit, do come in because there are so many to choose from in the store!

Buche Du Noel, Danish Butter Cookies and Mexican Panche
Here are three more treats that we recommend highly. The traditional French Yule Log or B�che Du Noel can be purchased at the store, or if you want to make your own this Saveur recipe is excellent. Royal Dansk Butter Cookies are classics that go well with any meal. And Ponche, or the Traditional Mexican Christmas Punch is a delicious, warm accompaniment to dessert. 

This cupcake-sized panet�tone is absolutely charming. Weighing in at 1.76 ounces, it makes a per�fect addi�tion to a gift basket, or a per�sonal treat.

G.Cova is simply the best. They bake fan�tastic, moist panet�tone. This is G.Cova's classic fruit panet�tone, beau�ti�fully pre�sented in their vin�tage style box. A delight to open at the Christmas table. (Or before if you can't wait that long!)

Pas�tic�ceria G. Cova & Co was est�b�lished in Milano, Italy in 1930, and has been owned and oper�ated by Gio�vanni Cova and his family ever since. Known for their quality ingre�di�ents and inno�v�a�tive com�bi�na�tions, Cova is one of Milan's most beloved bakeries.


Some of the most amazing choco�lates you'll ever put in your mouth. Period.

If you want to indulge in smooth, silky, dark deca�dence made from absolutely the finest ingre�di�ents, look no fur�ther. Coco D�lice's hand�made choco�lates are pure gourmet and incred�ibly creative.

Artisan choco�lates in the classic French style, they pos�sess an inten�sity in flavor that is rich and dis�tinct. Cre�ated by hand, in small quan�ti�ties, and using only the highest-quality and freshest ingre�di�ents, you can taste the care and pas�sion that goes into each mouthful.

Coco D�lice Fine Choco�lates is located in Emeryville  

Pied�mont Gro�cery will have extended hours for hol�iday shop�ping, and also be closed for Christ-
mas Day and New Year's Day so we can all be home cel�e�brating with loved ones.

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