This Week at the Capitol - Week Seven
February 26, 2016
As the 2016 Legislature reached crossover day this week, AGC bills of interest saw action.  Bills had to pass their house of origin by the end of Wednesday or they would die.
SB 47 was heard by Joint Appropriations.  SB 47 seeks to fund the Unemployment Insurance administrative costs by diverting two one hundredths of an employers' UI contribution to the administrative fund.  In committee, the bill was hog housed with a form and style amendment which did not change the intent of the bill.  However, the chair of Joint Appropriations, Senator Deb Peters, will append a Letter of Intent to the bill that requires the Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council to craft language that creates a ceiling on the UI Trust fund and also to provide a report to Joint Appropriations on the feasibility of reducing UI contribution rates.  The report would be due in January 2017. SB 47 passed Joint Appropriations with two dissenting votes and will be heard on the Senate Floor early next week.   
Our weekly AGC phone call will be devoted to discussing the recent activity on SB 47.  It's a complicated issue and we need your input to seek the best outcome.  Please note that the call will be shifted to 11:00 a.m. Monday, February 29 so we can discuss this bill before it is debated on the Senate floor.
HB 1116 - The bill seeking authority for cities to add one cent of sales tax for a specified use for a specified time was amended on the House floor.  Rep. Elizabeth May successfully amended the bill so that Rapid City, Aberdeen and Sioux Falls would not be included in HB 1116.  She felt that this amendment was fair, since many people travel to those cities to make purchases and they would not be impacted by the bill. The bill passed the House as amended 37-30, and will be heard in Senate Local Government.
SB 141 sought to redistribute the tank inspection fee money so that current recipients (water, Petroleum Compensation Release Fund, Highway Fund) remained at or very near their current levels, and the ethanol incentives would be paid off early.  The bill diverted $7 million annually to the Local Bridge Improvement Grant Fund.  The bill included a trigger whereby money would flow between the PCRF fund and the highway fund so that there was a big enough balance for spill cleanup and tank replacements, but not enough so the fund would build and be swept by appropriators.  SB 141 was deemed to be an ongoing appropriation by the President of the Senate and required a two-thirds vote.  That vote lost by two.  Bill sponsors pledged to bring the bill next session.
To celebrate Mark Knight's AGC of America presidency, staff put together a legislative commemoration signed by members of the state House and Senate Transportation Committees.  It is in the permanent session record.  Read the commemoration here:
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