Michael O'Doherty - NEWS March 2015
Michael celebrates 25 years of working in healthcare
Michael & Tom on the LATE LATE SHOW .. 25 Years ago ..
Watch clips from the show that changed everything ...


Michael demonstating bio-energy at one of the healthcare seminars
Recent Media Coverage & TV Appearances
Michael made an appearance on Michael Flatleys Life Story on Piers Morgan Life Stories
Michael made 2 appearances on ITV's "The Only Way is Essex" .. see them on Michael's YouTube Channel

Michael appeared on ITV's "Michael Flatley - A Night to Remember" & attended the show at ITV in 2014

Seminars & Programmes
In recent years Michael has worked closely with sports people & dancers. He was involved in introducing the SAP programme (Strength-Agility-Preparation) to the World of Irish Dance in association with The Marie Duffy Foundation 
Children's Healthcare Programme 2014-15

in association with The Neil Prendeville Show RedFM. 


Our most recent Children's Healthcare Programme got underway in December 2014 in Cork.  Here is what parents were saying after the first night of introductions to Bio-energy techniques from Michael & helpful dietary advice from Mary Kerin.


"Thanks so much for last night. The course was extremely interesting and I'm so excited about the future"


"Programme has been great so far, very interesting. Looking forward to the next night"


"Thanks so much for last night we got loads out of the meeting"


"Thanks last night was brilliant"

Children's Healthcare Programme
Radio Interviews

Listen in to some of Michael's recent interviews with Neil Prendeville on Cork's RedFM Radio.

rsvpHealth Tips

In the coming months, in conjunction with RSVP Michael will be dishing out some great health tips for children 

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Eva Ruh teaching Energy Breathing Techniques as part of the training programmes

Michael with Mary Kerin who teaches nutrition as part of the training programmes

Family Healthcare Programme
May 2015

We are running our next Family Healthcare Programme on 23rd & 24th May 2015 at The Templegate Hotel, Ennis, Co Clare

(Saturday 10.30am-6pm / Sunday 9.30am-5.30pm)


For more information & bookings please contact Sharon at 065 6841844; 

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Welcome from Michael  

In 1990 the people of Ireland awoke to a new understanding of how the body functioned and how they could deal with illness differently when both myself and my colleague Tom Griffin appeared on Gay Byrnes Late Late Show demonstrating the effects of working on the energy system of the body. Patients with particular illness such as Stroke, Asthma, Headaches, Depression, Neurological issues etc. all of whom were chosen by the researchers of this TV show testified to the amazing benefits of this health-care system. In fact the recovery for some seemed remarkable, even miraculous. We pointed out quite clearly to the audience and viewers that when you deal with the cause of illness that anything was possible. It wasn't a case of mind over matter but we were dealing with something that was real and all that was needed was for people to open their minds and that all avenues needed to be explored to overcome their illness.


The reaction to the show was enormous and probably the biggest compared to any item that had ever been on the TV show. Such was the response that thousands of people queued for hours at various venues throughout Ireland and the UK to avail of the treatment.  Many came from around the world seeking help. The success of our work at that time was well documented and can be seen on my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/MichaelODoherty


Over the last 25 years the knowledge and experience that I have gained about life, illness and health is enormous, and the message is still the same. Simple lifestyle changes bring about miraculous results once we get the energy of the body balanced and flowing properly.


Hard to believe, but 25 years on I can look back and see the enormous impact that this approach to treating disease has had on many peoples lives. Patients who were told there was no cure for their illness to go home and live or die with it proved otherwise. Many things have changed also, with science particularly in the area of Quantum and non-local physics establishing as fact what we talked about all those years ago.


Most recently, my work with people like Mr. Michael Flatley whom I got back to full health from a serious illness that threatened his career, has attracted a lot of attention internationally.


Others like comedian Brendan Grace, International soccer player Garry Kelly, Matt Molloy of the Chieftains as well as actor Jody Latham (Shameless, Tudors, The Fixer), Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton and Liz Mc Clarnon, celebrity favourite Sam Faiers and Kirk Norcross all add to a long list of some of the world's most influential businessmen and women and a raft of A-list names that are all seeking treatment at my clinic.  Check out our testimonials page for news from some of those who have benefitted from our work.

There will be lots happening this year, we will be holding an event celebrating the 25th anniversary, launching a new health care system based on my 25 years experience, publishing an eBook, making a documentary and lots lots more. So stay connected and change your life.



De-stressing the Airwaves
Michael pictured with Liam Dunne, Beat & WLR FM & Robert Finnegan, CEO 3 Ireland

In association with Learning Waves Skillnet, Michael is running Stress Management Workshops with employees of some of the nations radio stations including Corks RedFM, WLR FM & Beat 102-103 Waterford  

Professor Valerie Hunt 
Special endorsement of Michael's renowned DVD "Just Imagine a Life without Illness"  
In July 2013 Michael received the following email from the late Professor Valerie Hunt, Research scientist, author, lecturer and Professor Emeritus of Physiological Science at UCLA.


Best known for her pioneering research in the field of bioenergy, Dr. Hunt's visionary approach coupled with a rigorous adherence to the highest scientific standards has won her international acclaim in the fields of physiology, medicine and bioengineering. Her groundbreaking research has led to the first truly scientific understanding of the relationship between energy field disturbances, disease and emotional pathologies.

MOD JustImagine
Dear Michael,

Thank you for your DVD. It is artistically and technically a beautiful production which keeps the viewers in higher consciousness. The power and rhythm of the ocean brings such fullness and tranquility.


Michael, I give you highest praise for your clean, precise healing techniques, for how you communicate with your clients and the results reported.


Your continual inspirational message of hope is outstanding as a way to get their personal, emotional participation. Your DVD is indeed the best I have ever seen from any healer in my long years of association with them.


I like your insight that emotional problems and physical disturbances closely coalesce and that by improving medical conditions the person can more effectively handle problems of life.


If you follow my website and books you will note that my emphasis has moved on from energy healing to the deepest sources of health problems in past lives- shock and soul-destiny as the driving emery of each individual. With your healing techniques and skills you will probably get a glimmer of this quite often.


I am also working with geneticists in altering the genetic damage done in this life by physical shock using bioenergy application to homeopathic RNA drops and sprays they use. This is the frontier of medicine today and I hope will replace the current limited diagnosis, incorrect prognosis and destructive treatment by chemicals.


Michael, if you are ever in the States on the West Coast I would love to meet with you. 

With my highest appreciations for you and your contributions.

Caringly Professor Valerie V Hunt.

Talks, Seminars & Programmes
Michael has been busy ..
Michael continually aims to instill a focus on HEALTHcare & wellness rather than a focus on disease.  He has been busy giving talks & seminars throughout Ireland & as far as the United States & also regularly brings in experts to educate his therapists.
Taking Control of Your Health - Kerry
Taking Control of Your Health - Wexford
Children's Health - New York
Special Needs Seminar - Cork
Children's Healthcare Programme - Cork
Michael has been instrumental in introducing innovative programmes bringing together healthcare professionals and experts in promoting & facilitating wellness in our communities. 

Exciting plans for the future include the development of a Family Healthcare Programme in association with Dr Pradeep Chadha and Dr John McKenna
Michael with Dr John McKenna

The PRM (Prevention, Recovery, Management) Diabetes Programme successfully & uniquely combines bio-energy, nutrition with the expertise of Helena Farrell RGN, MSc Diabetes of  Diabetes Insight 

Michael with Helena Farrell of Diabetes Insight

Danny's Story 

We are delighted to share Danny's recovery story with you all.  Danny came to Michael's clinic over a year ago ..

  • I have lost nearly 5 stone in weight
  • My cholesterol is now better than average
  • I am no longer pre diabetic
  • I have the blood pressure of a 35 year old (I am nearly 53)
  • No medication needed I can visualise the pain away
  • No longer need a 50,000 spinal stabilisation operation
  • I no longer smoke
  • I have more energy
  • I can sleep
  • I can remember things and I can think clearly
  • I have got my life back and my family have got me back from the brink 

"I just listened to the advice Michael gave me and made some lifestyle changes like improve my diet cut out processed food, stretches, visualisation to de stress and help me sleep and got my gut bacteria revitalised and hydration can't believe the changes myself.  Thank you Michael for all your help me and my family are forever grateful"


In an exclusive interview with Nora Owen on TV3, Brendan Grace speaks about how Michael's treatment & advice helped him enormously to overcome his health challenges.

Watch the clip

Our Training Programmes

Family Health-care - One Weekend Programme

Michael O'Doherty offers individuals the opportunity to take control of their family's health with a proactive, preventative approach to health management within the family unit. This popular one-weekend programme presents intense yet simple and practical tips - covering an introduction to the science of the energy system, the general energy healing programme, active meditation, emotional transformation techniques, basic nutrition and children's healthcare, amongst other topics. 


Upcoming Family Healthcare Programme

23rd & 24th May 2015 at The Templegate Hotel, Ennis, Co Clare

Saturday 10.30am-6pm / Sunday 9.30am-5.30pm

For more information & bookings please contact Sharon at 065 6841844; `

Email: info@michaelodoherty.comCourse details on our website

Therapist Training
This course offers individuals the opportunity to learn the skills of the most successful & exciting therapy available in healthcare & wellness today.

Dates & Updates are posted on our website at http://michaelodoherty.com/index.php/therapist-training

May 2014 Graduates


Michael O'Doherty
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