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October, 2015
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"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough."
~Lowell Lundstrum

Just as the trees are changing their colours, so are we.  This month marks the launch of our new look - and just like the trees we're showing our colours in the newsletter header.  

Continuing the 'colourful' theme, we're proud to unveil some more details about our LIVE AND IN COLOUR conferences planned for Calgary and Vancouver in December.  It's not to early to reserve the date so check out our Upcoming Events listings for more information and registration links. 

We've got a link to a great article on why some leadership development programs don't work, and some observations from the front line on how Insights has changed people, and the people around them.  

So top up the coffee mug, take five, and catch up on the latest news from Insights Learning and Development. 

Organizational executives around the world rank leadership development as both a current and future priority.  But how can you sidestep the common mistakes that prevent companies from developing stronger more capable leaders, save time and money, and boost morale? An Insights and Publications article by McKinsey and Company details four critical areas to consider when developing and deploying a leadership development program. 

First, don't overlook context - it's a key component of successful leadership.  A brilliant leader in one situation doesn't necessarily perform well in another.  So don't make the mistake of assuming one size fits all when developing leadership training strategies.

Next, connect reflection to real work.   Tie leadership development to real on-the-job projects that have a business impact and improve learning.  While it isn't always easy to create opportunities that simultaneously address high-priority needs and provide personal development opportunities for the participants, linking these two are key to your programs success.

Challenge self-perceptions.  Becoming a successful leader often requires changing behaviour. Identifying some of the deepest 'below the surface' thoughts, feelings and assumptions often lead to those 'breakthrough' moments that result in real growth.

Finally, measure your results.  Use tools like 360 degree-feedback exercises, on-going coaching sessions, and monitor subsequent success and growth. 

If leadership development is one of your organizations top priorities, talk to us.  Insights Discovering Leadership Effectiveness can be the start of your leadership development program, and the Insights Transformational Leadership modules are designed to work with your leaders over the course of their career.   For more information about Insights leadership development programs, contact our office. To read the complete McKinsey and Company article follow this link.
Upcoming Events              
Insights Discovery Accreditation, 
Calgary - November 16-19 (M-Th)
Vancouver - May 10-13, 2016 (M-Th)

There are now over 30 public and internal Accreditations each year across North America, which demonstrates how many organizations are choosing to bring Insights Discovery 'in house'.  In fact, we always end up with a waiting list for IDA sessions, so if you're considering attending either the IDA session in either city, don't hesitate.  Register today.  Full details and registration information is located here.

Client Practitioner Renewal Session
Wednesday, November 4th
If you're looking to enhance your presentation skill-set as a Client Practitioner, we have a CP Renewal session scheduled for Wednesday, November 4th at the Vancouver Learning Centre. It's never too early to plan for your continued professional development with Insights.  And who couldn't use a few more exercises and tools to use in their workshops?   Check out full details here.

Annual December Conference
Calgary - Friday, December 4th
Vancouver - Monday, December 7th

Our Annual December Conference and Professional Development Day is the perfect opportunity to connect with peers and fellow Insights Practitioners.  This year, our conference will feature a full day of learning, sharing, networking and updates on Insights materials.

For the first year, we'll be hosting back-to-back events in Calgary (December 4th) and Vancouver (December 7th) so no matter where you live in Western Canada, there's a venue close to you.

Full conference details and registration links are located here. 
A pig flew by, and hell froze over......

Senior Consultant Kim White in the Vancouver office received the following note a few weeks ago from one of her clients.  We thought you'd enjoy hearing how Insights has impacted the day-to-day communications within their organization.  

"Hi Kim,
Choose your favorite saying to describe something that you thought would never happen. 
On Friday, the day after our retreat with you, Person One came into my office and said that Person Two had met with her for a while that afternoon, and at the conclusion Two apologized for the way she treated One during my leave year.  You were involved in that situation. One accepted the apology, and then apologized for the manner in which she responded, though she made it clear she wasn't apologizing for raising the issue, just the way she did.  
And yesterday Person Three was in my office for a meeting and at the end, laughingly said something about being a "Blue Person."  After I reminded her that she's not a blue person, she is someone who brings a logical, questioning, evidence-based approach to issues, she told me that she and One had compared notes about their profiles and that they are exact opposites in terms of preferences.  (They get along very well.)  Three then pointed out to me that our team (10 people) is spread around the wheel, as opposed to the technicians who with a couple of exceptions hug the blue and green side.  She said that perhaps this gave us strength as a team.  !!  So I think she saw something of value in the instrument and the day. 
Thank you SO much for your skill, knowledge, enthusiasm, preparation...everything it took to make our day such a success.  I am feeling tears well up as I write this - I am full of hope for our group.
Hope your work retreat goes even half as well as ours - it would still be a success!
Again, thank you for everything you've done."

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Dale Nelson, 
Insights Learning and Development