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  " We lose ourselves in the things we love.  We find ourselves there too."
~Kristin Martz

Across Canada, February has evolved to celebrate Valentine's Day, and we're pretty sure no matter what your preferred colour energy is, you'll be 'dialing up your Pink' for the 14th.  In this issue, we're featuring a story on how Nature's Path Natural Foods is 'feeling the love' for their clients and the community, and we're challenging you to join in.

This month we're also linking to a major article on measuring the impact of your training solutions.  This was a hugely popular afternoon session at our December conference, so we're revisiting some of the key points to help you develop ways to measure and manage your learning solutions results. 

We've also got news on our March Refresh session for Client Practitioners, the May Accreditation in Vancouver, and exciting news about some of the people changes happening here to support our clients. So we invite you to take five and catch up on the latest news and information from Insights Vancouver.  
MAY IDA Filling up Fast; CP Refresh Next Month
Discoverylogowithglobe AccreditationHurry!  If you are planning on bringing Insights Discovery in-house, the next Insights Discovery Accreditation will be May 4th through 7th.   There are less than a dozen seats left for this Vancouver session so contact your client manager or the Insights Vancouver office as soon as possible to book your spot.  Registration closes April 2nd. If you'd like to discuss the advantages of an Insights Discovery Accreditation session, please contact our office. 
RefreshIf you're looking to enhance your skill-set as a Client Practitioner, we have a CP Refresh session scheduled for March 25th. It's never too early to plan for your continued professional development with Insights.   And who couldn't use a few more exercises and tools to use in their workshops?  Check out full details here.
Note: Insights Refresh sessions qualify for 7 CHRP Professional Development credits.  Insights Discovery Accreditation qualifies for 30 CHRP Professional Development Credits.   


Measuring the Impact of your Training Solutions

MeasuringA common view of learning and development professionals is that corporate learning contributes to an improvement in organizational performance. According to D. Garvin in a review of the literature for the Harvard Business Review...   


"Far from being academic, philosophical, and inefficient, corporate learning is much more likely to be practical, applied and linked to the bottom line. Learning is not desired for learning sake, or for abstract academic purposes. It is needed to get the job done."


We know that to remain competitive in today's work environment where change is constant, corporate learning must be continuous and linked to the achievement of organizational goals. In spite of this, it's surprising how many organizations don't measure the impact of their staff training and development on performance. According to an extensive report from the Deloitte University Press (Global Human Capital Trends 2014) employee training represents a $130 billion global market and most organizations are not sure what results, if any, the training delivers back to the organization.


As the old saying goes; if you can't measure it, you can't manage it. And if you can't measure or manage it, you won't be able to justify investing in it. At our December conference Mike Forbes of Insights Global and Deborah Lang of Insights Vancouver led an afternoon break-out session on how to measure and demonstrate the impact of your learning solutions. Click here to access

an in-depth article we've created capturing the elements of this session along with links to a number of additional planning resources and documents mentioned here.  



Jayne Tellier - Director, Client Solutions
Jayne Tellier
Joyce Gwilliam, President of Insights Learning and Development Vancouver is pleased to announce the appointment of Jayne Tellier to the newly expanded role of Director, Client Solutions. 

In her new role, Jayne will build, manage, and sustain strategic relationships with Insights Vancouver clients.  As an integral member of the Insights Vancouver Leadership team reporting to the President, the Director, Client Solutions works as a collaborative partner with all members of the Insights Vancouver team.  This role will serve to strengthen offerings with current and emerging clients.   Jayne will also serve as an ambassador for Insights throughout our marketplace and work in alignment with Insights offices around the world.
Nature's Path Raises the Bar
Unpacking the Nature's Path container
This past Christmas season our dear friend and former Insights Vancouver team member Shauna Grinke of Nature's Path Natural Foods sent an entire box of delicious (and good for you) treats to our office. We were amazed at this wonderful gift, which was delivered in a remarkably well executed marketing box with supporting materials. Along with all the delicious items inside came a challenge, and a pre-printed shipping label to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.


We were encouraged to either 'pay it forward' by redirecting the box in its entirety to the Food Bank or use the carton to conduct our own office food drive and send the results along. We've decided to fill the box with non-perishable food items and forward it along to the food bank (.... OK, we admit to tucking into some of the contents before we'd read all the instructions....)


This is a tremendous example of a company really living their brand, and encouraging others to think beyond the bottom line of business and connect with the larger community. Nature's Path made this simple by providing the pre-printed shipping labels, the container, and even an incentive in the way of great food products.


Nature's Path has created a very thoughtful and powerful tool to connect customers and clients to the greater community, and we applaud them on this initiative. We take this opportunity to challenge you to do the same.

A to Z Exercises
AZAt our December Conference, attendees received the A-Z Card Deck, with 26 exercises to improve the effectiveness of their teams.  We thought we'd have some fun and create our own deck of A to Z exercises. 

We've already got a few submissions, so help us fill up the alphabet by sharing an exercise that works for you.  Drop us an email with the following details:
  • name of the Exercise,
  • overview,
  • learning objective,
  • materials required to run the exercise,
  • the estimated time required to run the exercise,
  • and instructions on how to run the exercise.

Or you can submit your exercise by filling out the form on our website. 


We'll assemble your submissions and then make sure you get a copy of all 26 exercises that have been shared by members of our own Insights community. 


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Dale Nelson
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