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Another year already!  At Insights Vancouver we've just taken the wrapper off a year that will be filled with learning opportunities.

This month, we bring you news about our upcoming INTE qualification as well as links to an article on Diversity and Inclusion which was a well attended session at last month's conference.  We've got a Client Practitioner Refresh planned for March, and there will be a Vancouver Accreditation opportunity in May.

We're also asking you to help us create a 'locally grown' A to Z card set of exercises we can share with our broader Client Practitioner community. 

So we invite you to take five and catch up on the latest news and information from Insights Vancouver.  
INTEQ Registration Deadline Fast Approaching
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INTEQTake team development to the next level with Insights Navigating Team Effectiveness Qualification.  


Insights Navigator is a powerful development tool used to measure capability against key performance indicators. Navigating Team Effectiveness enables teams to measure their performance against eight critical success factors and 32 underlying issues for high-performance teams. You can download a fact sheet here.  


This February 25th Qualification session is for Insights Discovery Accredited Practitioners who wish to take team development in their organizations to the next level and have met with their Insights Client Manager to discuss the entry criteria.  Participants will gain the ability to use the Insights Navigating Team Effectiveness Assessment in their organization.


Note:  To provide sufficient time for pre-work prior to the February 25th Orientation workshop, registration for this INTE Qualification closes January 28th.  


The Qualification includes:

  • one-on-one time with an INTE Coach
  • templates for sponsor support and communicating with the team
  • orientation workshop
  • design assistance for your first program
  • coaching after your first delivery
  • full materials package including 9-foot Team Effectiveness mat, Workshop Journals, and Coach Notes  
  • 100+ focused team exercises

To learn more about Insights Navigating Team Effectiveness Qualifying or to register click here. 


Diversity and Inclusion - Bring your whole self to work

At our recent December Conference, this afternoon breakout session attracted a large group. We thought we'd share a few of the key points from the presentation in an article on our website, as well as providing links to some of the articles shared during the breakout.


Globalization has changed the workplace in profound ways. As members of the learning and development community we need to understand how the changing dynamics of the workforce impacts our ability to hire, manage and develop employees.


Diverse and inclusive workplaces reduce employee turnover, improve overall business performance, foster greater creativity and innovation, and create more qualified workforces. Creating an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion may not be an easy thing to do but it is an enormously valuable and rewarding journey to embark upon.  


March CP Refresh or May IDA?
Discoverylogowithglobe RefreshIf you're looking to enhance your presentation skill-set as a Client Practitioner, we have a CP Refresh session scheduled for March 25th.  It's never too early to plan for your continued professional development with Insights.   And who couldn't use a few more exercises and tools to use in their workshops?  Check out full details here. 

AccreditationAnd if you are planning on bringing Insights Discovery in-house, our next Insights Discovery Accreditation will be May 4th through 7th.   Contact your client manager or the Insights Vancouver office as soon as possible to book your spot.  Registration closes April 2nd. If you'd like to discuss the advantages of an Insights Discovery Accreditation session, please contact our office.    

Note: Insights Refresh sessions qualify for 7 CHRP Professional Development credits.


An Insights Discovery Accreditation qualifies for 30 CHRP Professional Development Credits. 


Aah - the life of a Facilitator.
Last month, Senior Learning Consultant Anne Bishop was brought in to facilitate Insights Discovery sessions for two global technology clients in San Jose, California.  She shared her experience with the Insights Vancouver office, and we decided to let you in on her recent adventure. 

So, facilitating is a wonderful blend of rigorous preparation, skill, and 'in the moment connectedness' that I love.  Getting to and from the facilitation session is an entirely different matter. Here is the hilarious zany life of "knowing the way to San Jose":

  • Crazy 1: Labour dispute stops delivery of my sessions packages to hotel- figured it out ( I am a little slow )  just hours before my flight so had to  rush out to office where Ken and Sharyn ran like crazy people to run off profiles and pull materials together ( bless them)  - then Ken found out that UPS said I could pick packages up at their dispatch office in San Jose I ran to the airport without the stuff after all. Made my flight ( whew!)
  • Crazy 2: On plane - I lift my bag into luggage bin - catch the side - it rebounds into my face and bends my glasses! (Wobbly frames for 3 days) Whoops.
  • Crazy 3: Finding my way in dark and traffic to a far away UPS centre to get materials (God bless the taxi!) but - there were two boxes and I only picked up one - Whoops!
  • Crazy 4: Looking forward to a nice sleep after all that travel and kerfuffle ...not to be - at 3 am Monday night - the hotel fire alarm goes off ( really) . We dutifully all empty into the parking was apparently an accidental bump of the alarm - also no staff came to get us or give the all clear - but hey it wasn't raining. - Whoops on the hotel.
  • Crazy 5: Had a great day with eBay - just changing for dinner when a maid unlocks my door and comes right on in - not sure who was more surprised! Whoops on her!
  • Crazy 6: having a nice cup of after-dinner tea in my room when - a staff guy unlocks my door and tries to barge into my room - ( this time the lock thing was on - see I can learn) Whoops sorry ma'am!
  • Crazy 7. So tired from night before really want a good sleep - but at 1 am - another staff guy knocks on my door! ( really, truly, not making it up) I was not who he expected and he ran down the hall like a crazy man...Whoops - is everyone in the hotel crazy or just me? ( I figure this room is the staff go-to room to kick back when your shift is slow!)

Bottom line is I have a GREAT  GREAT team - who seemed to think I needed flowers today ( thank you so much - but I should send the support team the flowers!)  I discovered I can do stellar work with no sleep ( or more importantly - I think I can) and I got to work with 2 great clients - including one of the top four technology companies in the world with head offices in San Jose. (If you don't know who they are, you can Google it.)


Editors Note:  Five days after her California trip, Anne was checked in and standing in line to board a flight to Ottawa to meet with another global client when she received a phone call that the meeting had been rescheduled.  In her usual gracious style, Anne had the airline retrieve her bag from the aircraft and she returned home. Some days it's just easier to stay in bed!  


A to Z Exercises
AZAt our December Conference, attendees received the A-Z Card Deck, with 26 exercises to improve the effectiveness of their teams.  We thought we'd have some fun and create our own deck of A to Z exercises. 

We've already got a few submissions, so help us fill up the alphabet by sharing an exercise that works for you.  Drop us an email with the following details:
  • name of the Exercise,
  • overview,
  • learning objective,
  • materials required to run the exercise,
  • the estimated time required to run the exercise,
  • and instructions on how to run the exercise.

Or you can submit your exercise by filling out the form on our website. 


We'll assemble your submissions and then make sure you get a copy of all 26 exercises that have been shared by members of our own Insights community. 


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If you have comments, or suggestions for articles in upcoming newsletters, please

 contact me directly.  

Dale Nelson
Business Development and Communications Consultant,
Insights Vancouver