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July 2013
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Georgia's Future. Now! 
is a package of initiatives that has withstood the scrutiny of teachers, principals and research.  It features high standards, evaluation and accountability measures focused on improvement, and career pathways to inspire students based on their personal interests and aligned with business needs.
Georgia's Future. Now! means: 

What is "Georgia FIP: The Keys to Student Success? 
The Georgia Department of Education's Assessment and Accountability Division has
launched an online professional learning opportunity dealing with Formative Instructional Practices (FIP).
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Georgia FIP: The Keys to Student Success is designed to enhance educators' use of formative instructional practices and is aligned to the new teacher and leader effectiveness systems.  The course content is based on the work of Rick Stiggins, Jan Chappius, and others.  Research has shown consistently that effective use of formative assessment leads to significant increases in student achievement, even with learners who have previously struggled. 


Georgia FIP consists of seven online modules. The primary target audience for five of the modules is teachers, while the other two are designed for administrators, coaches and teacher-leaders.  Georgia FIP has four major content components:  (1) Establishing Clear Learning Targets, (2) Collecting and Documenting Evidence of Learning, (3) Providing Effective Feedback, and (4) Developing Student Ownership of Learning. 
GADOE's Assessment and Accountability Division provided additional information, support, and guidance through informational webinars, which were held on Monday, June 24th and Wednesday, June 26th.  You may view a recording of the webinar by click on the link below.

More information about this initiative, including implementation resources, can be found on the following webpage:

Common Core Georgia Performance Standards: Professional Development Available! 
Through funding provided by Georgia's Race to the Top initiative and in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education, new self-paced professional development courses are available for teachers who will be teaching English Language Arts and Mathematics according to the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS).  
The Georgia Department of Education has developed two flexible, ready-to-use online courses to support Georgia educators in the understanding and effective implementation of the Common Core GPS state standards.  The courses may be used by individual educators, professional learning communities, or by districts or schools.  
The ELA and Literacy online course includes modules covering: Standards Foundations, Literacy in Practice, Literacy Across Subjects, a ELA CCGPS Self-Check, and Course Survey.  The Math online course includes modules covering: Standards Foundation, Mathematics, Additional Information, Math CCGPS Self-Check, and Course Survey.
Each course contains hands-on activities, related readings and research, recommended topics for discussion, web and video resources, and self-assessments.  The time required for the courses may be customized for a variety of applications by expanding the amount of time spent on the activities and in discussion.

The content of the courses was developed under a grant from the U. S. Department of Education. However, the content does not necessarily represent the policy of the U. S. Department of Education, and endorsement by the Federal Government should not be assumed.


View CCGPS Online Professional Development Courses


Laying the Foundation for Career Pathways
Dept. of Education Develops Courses for Career Clusters/Pathways
The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) has developed the foundational courses for its Career Clusters/Pathways, a new high school model that will begin with this fall's freshman class.


Career Clusters_Pathways

The courses are part of a law passed by the Georgia General Assembly in 2011, authorizing Georgia to follow the Career Clusters Framework.  Under the new model, students - with the help of parents, teachers and guidance counselors - choose a pathway in one of 17 Career Clusters, or in the areas of Advanced Academics, Fine Arts and World Languages.  


Students select their pathway based on what they want to do after graduation and take a core set of classes coupled with electives based on their chosen field.  They have the freedom to switch pathways or clusters if they discover a particular area is not their passion.  Students can choose pathways that lead to two-year or four-year colleges, technical colleges or directly 

into careers.


"Too many students drop out of school because they can't make the connection between what they're doing in class and what they want to do after graduation. We have to make high school relevant for students," said State School Superintendent Dr. John Barge. "Our new Career Pathways will keep students engaged and on the road to graduation."  


Joseph Harrison, a Culinary Arts student at The Newton College and Career Academy, thought about dropping out of high school until he found his passion.  "Attending The Newton College and Career Academy this year was an eye opening experience for me," said Harrison. "Prior to attending NCCA, I had a very dim outlook on the world of academia.  School seemed somewhat pointless to me and I had no drive or goals.  I found my passion when I was given the opportunity to work with my hands and truly exploit my talents.  I found something I truly love to do and am utterly excited for the future now that I have discovered this passion."

Sample graduation plans for each pathway have been posted on the department's website so that students and parents can see what options are available in Georgia's high schools. To view those graduation plans, click HERE 
The contents of this newsletter were developed under a grant from the U. S. Department of Education. However, these contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the U. S. Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.

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