Through quality control inspections, energy audits, and by training our peers,
we coach people to understand nature's laws - so everyone can live the lives they want.
Celebrating 40,000 Home Quality Control Inspections - So Far

Valuable Feedback and Lives Saved

Pure Energy is proud to be a QC Inspection Company focused on firm and fair feedback to: 

  • Contracting Company Owners
  • Energy Auditors
  • Crew Leaders
  • Installers
  • Program Administrators
Between our Energy Audits, QC Inspections, and other home consultations, more than 50,000 families have been served by Pure Energy Coach. 40,000 of these are QC Inspections.

We believe QC Inspectors must have:
  • extreme technical skills and knowledge,
  • effective communication skills,
  • and the commitment to perform challenging tasks

to work with contractors who are providing, and the families who are receiving, the benefits of programs.  

Pure Energy found those rare folks, and we're proud to share our knowledge, skills, and abilities with others.

We treat contractors as we'd like to be treated - with honest feedback and careful, thorough coaching. We understand what it is like to be all types of partners when delivering energy conservation and efficiency programs. 


Check out a description of our QC Inspection process HERE.

Call Tamasin at 717-293-8990 or email when you are ready for us to help you with your quality issues.  We'd love to help you. 

Crucial Discovery
High CO in Gas Ovens - one reason
Astracore LLC, Alexandria VA, has discovered a disturbing number of gas and propane ovens with closed air adjustment shutters, impacting ambient and flue gas CO levels. 

Of the 15 or so Mexican-made GE Profile gas ovens tested, 2 had acceptable test results, 10 had the air shutters completely closed, and three had the setting on propane (LP) instead of natural gas.

For a diagram which shows a typical air shutter, please click HERE.

Air shutters can be adjusted.  Shutters are located in the rear broiler compartment.  Consult a professional and adjust safely.

They credit their CO training with Dave Daly of Home Energy Medics and National Comfort Institute for the knowledge and experience to investigate these gas and propane ovens. 
Building Science for Everyone at ACI
It was standing room only at Tamasin's Building Science Everyone Should Know presentation at the May ACI National Home Performance conference and trade show in New Orleans. 

Kudos to the many utility program administrators who attended for the important reason of learning building science principles - and about what their program contractors do in the field; what they are invoicing; and typical weatherization and home performance terms. 
And on top of that, Tamasin was honored to share the stage with other leaders in the field of Home Performance for STUMP THE CHUMPS - an Ask the Experts Free-For-All on Day 3 of the conference. The group had fun while fielding questions from the audience. 
At the end of the session, each CHUMP had a chance to share his/her future vision of the home performance and weatherization industry with the audience. Tamasin envisions a future where all industry partners value our shared awareness that everything is connected, and what we do to others, we do to ourselves.
She also wants to be in a world without recessed lights and natural draft water heaters!  She stated that a lot of time and money is used dealing with recessed lights and natural draft appliances, in the form of testing, fixing, damming, protecting, retrofitting, air sealing.... before air sealing and insulating.  Removal might be more efficient and safer. 
Alan Meier shares a similar view, stated in the May/June 2015 issue of Home Energy magazine, where he states Truly sealing homes becomes easier - and cheaper - when combustion is eliminated inside the building envelope. I totally agree with Alan.
Eight Building Science Basics

Click HERE or on the graphic to the left to learn how utilizing eight basic principles of building science can lead to 
          • family comfort
          • building longevity, and
          • energy efficiency. 

Chief coach A. Tamasin Sterner wrote these basics which appear in the April 2015 issue of the magazine called Natural Awakenings.

Set It And Forget It?  Not a Best Practice!

Not so dry!

According to Linda Wigington, 
of 1000 Home Challenge, when typical dehumidifiers are set to the MOST DRY settings, they use 18 kWh per day, or 540 kWh per month.


At 12 cents/kWh, that's $65 a month!


They run and run and run, depending on the outdoor humidity, the leakiness of the structure, and the amount of moisture around the dehumidifier.


A more efficient way of using dehumidifiers is to keep setting them to a less dry setting until the humidity is too high - then turn it up a bit to a more dry setting.

Air Sealing Can Lights Safely

Those of you who know Tamasin know she is bugged by recessed heat producing fixtures!  They are costly to deal with so that insulation can be installed safely.  And, most people don't realize that the temperatures that build up inside dams in hot attics can easily exceed the maximum safe temperature for the recessed light wiring. 


As a QC Inspection firm, Pure Energy has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of unsafe recessed lights. Weatherized houses have burned due to improper treatment of recessed lights.

Everyone who insulates and air seals homes, or audits or inspects attics knows that recessed lights are trouble.
          • They let lots of air and moisture into attics, and bad attic air can get sucked into living spaces as well.  
          • They are hard to safely dam and air seal.  

Click on the picture and you will read an excellent article by Larry Armanda in Fine Homebuilding 

He did months of research, testing different products, and made an eye-opening discovery.

Thanks for reading,

A. Tamasin Sterner
President and Chief Coach
In This Issue
For the third year in a row, Pure Energy Coach has been named to Central Penn Business Journal's annual list of Top Energy Consultants - and proudly in the top 10!


After a long career educating consumers and young people about clean energy, Merrilee Harrigan left the energy field this year to start a new career as a glass artist.

See her work at

To read about her work before and with the Alliance to Save Energy, click HERE.

The mobile training and testing lab COACH, that we helped renovate and use to teach thousands over the years, has a NEW HOME in Vermont.

Capstone Community Action picked up COACH early May and have wonderful plans to continue it's legacy of an efficient and fun training and testing lab.
...or ranch, training center, family compound, treatment facility...etc.
Take a tour of this 212-acre turn key property and let your imagination expand as wide as the Montana sky.Information
...coming soon...


Paul H. Raymer's in-depth

review of the Domains of the QC Inspector Job Task Analysis will be available soon. Extraordinary Video Interviews and Tutorials. Available June 1, 2015 Heyoka Solutions.

Congratulations to two long time Pure Energy friends who are celebrating their 11th anniversary. Marcia Kadish and Tanya McCloskey are the first same-sex couple married in the U.S. Click HERE to watch a short interview with them.
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