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Welcome to the latest edition of the IFSPT newsletter.


This time, in addition to our regular newsletter, you may also have seen the extra blogs on the IOC Injury Prevention conference held earlier in the year. Judging by the reports and photos, it was a great conference and I was sorry to have missed it.


On the conference front, I am delighted to announce that the 2015 General Meeting will be held in Bern, Switzerland in November 2015. The decision was made at the recent Board Meeting, where the Swiss group managed to beat some very stiff competition. It is great to see so many countries interested in hosting an IFSPT meeting.


In view of the quality of proposals for that meeting we are also going to link to two other Member Organisation conferences in 2015. IFSPT plans to hold a seminar linked to the Finland Sports Physiotherapy conference 20th-22nd March 2015 as well as linking in speakers into the main conference. Similarly we will work with our Italian colleagues to promote and input into some content during their Sports Physiotherapy conference in 2015. This will be held in Turin, which is the European City of Sport that year, so it is a very fitting link.


We continue to get more and more enquiries and applications for the Registered International Sports Physiotherapy certificate, which is also an exciting development.


I expect many members will either be starting to catch their breath after a long team sport season or heading into a busy summer of sport. We have the FIFA World Cup in Brazil for those in football, and physios from Commonwealth countries may well be making plans for the Commonwealth games to be held in Glasgow this summer. Sadly I'm not going to the football competition, but if you're going to Glasgow, I'll see you there!


We are still looking for members to share news of what's going on in your respective countries - whether it's a report on a local conference or workshop, or perhaps an event that was covered in your area and what you learned from it. All contributions welcome! I really enjoy reading what others have been doing throughout the organisation, and often pick ideas for similar activities I might be involved with.


As always, let us know if there is anything on where you are and we will share on our website.


Dr. Nicola Phillips

President, IFSPT 


IFSPT Board Member Returns from Sochi
Dr. Nevin Ergun, IFSPT board member, and Head of the Sports Medicine Unit and Academic Coordinator of post graduate sports physiotherapist Master & Ph.D programs at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Turkey, served as a team physical therapist and Chef de Mission for the Turkish team in Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games, March 7-16.

"It was very beautiful and exciting," Nevin states. "There were three different locations for
sports events. The coastal village hosted ice sledge hockey and wheelchair curling; the
mountain village for Alpine skiing (downhill and slalom); and the Nordic Ski
Center village for biathlon & cross country events."

This was the first time a Turkish team was fielded for the winter paralympics. The Turkish team was comprised of two athletes for Alpine skiing. Esat Hilmi Bayındırlı is a T12
paraplegic, who participated in the Giant Slalom with a mono ski; he was ranked 18th. Mehmet Çekiç is a below-knee amputee who competed in the slalom and grand slalom. Mehmet was ranked 28th. They successfully represented the Turkish disabled population,  especially young adults, as role models.

Fifty countries and 500 athletes participated in the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games. For the first time, paralympic snowboard events were held; these athletes were classified according to upper and lower extremity disabilities. Visually impaired athletes also participated in many sports.

"I had meetings in the early morning each day, one day as Chef de Mission, and the next day as Team Physician. Approximately forty physical therapists were appointed to the
medical teams in the paralympic winter games,"  Nevin continues. "I met a lot of physical therapists during the games. One of them, Cristiani Gomes, is also a physio and she is
working with the International Paralympic Committee as a medical manager."

Nevin's first experience at a winter paralympic event will not soon be forgotten. However, she is not a newcomer to paralympic sports...Nevin has also served on the Turkish medical team for the Sydney 2000, Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Paralympic games.

The Welcome Ceremony at the Paralympic Games. Nevin Ergun is shown with Esat Hilmi Bayindirli of the Turkish team.

The Turkish team, including medical professionals.

Nevin Ergun meets Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Nevin and International Paralympic Committee President Phil Craven.

Nevin points to the Olympic torch.

Nevin and Christiani Gomes, another physical therapist.

Zuhkra Gilyazova, a Russian physical therapist, and Nevin.

The Alpine skiing facility.

Nevin Ergun and Mehmet Çekiç.

Esat Hilmi Bayindirli and Nevin Ergun.
The Conference Beat

Busy Spring Conference Schedule Brings IFSPT Members to Denmark, New Zealand and Italy

Late winter and early spring are times when the conferences are in full swing. We're pleased to feature a recap of recent conferences among IFSPT member organizations.

The Danish Association of Sports Medicine and the Danish Association of Sports Physiotherapy presented their conference Treatment and Prevention of Sports Injuries
Thursday, January 30 through Saturday, February 1 at the Hotel Comwell in Kolding, Denmark. Over 400 participants attended. The conference speaker list may be found here.

Conference handbook

Exhibit hall

Exhibit hall

Gala dinner

Dancing the night away!

Dr. Michael Krogsgaard, professor and orthopedic sports surgeon


Main conference hall

Reception and poster presentation
New Zealand
Sports Physiotherapy New Zealand (SPNZ) held its Sports Physiotherapy Symposium 2014 March 15-16 at the Millennium Hotel Rotorua. The theme, Exercise Across the Life Span, was supported by two keynote speakers, Dr. Mary Magary and Professor Craig Purdam, both from Australia, and invited speakers Dr. Lynley Anderson, Dr. Angela Cadogan, Dr. Rod Corban, Dr. Erica Hinckson, Dr. Tony Schneiders (who is also a member of the IFSPT Executive Board), Dr. Benjamin Speedy and Dr. Andy Stokes.

The sponsor exposition was well received by attendees.

Craig Oram, USL Medical Supplies, who was a sponsor, visits with Claire Lovelace, a private practice physio.

Attendees found time to network during the reception.

Mary Magarey, keynote speaker from Australia, left, with Dr. Gisela Sole, lecturer, Otago University.

Mary Magarey, keynote speaker, discusses shoulder injuries.

Adjunct Professor Craig Purdam ( AIS - Australia) keynote speaker, discussing hamstring injuries.

Dr. Tony Schneiders.

Hamish Ashton, SPNZ President, congratulates Justin Lopes, a private practitioner, on prize draw.

Michael Borich, secretary, being awarded life membership of SPNZ by past president Dr. Angela Cadogan.

Isokinetic Football Conference in Milan
Approximately 2,000 people from over 72 countries attended the annual Isokinetic Football Conference in Milan, Italy March 22-24 at the dramatic MiCo - Milano Congressi Conference Centre. IFSPT Board Member Dr. Mario Bizzini of the Swiss Schulthess Klinik and FIFA, was one of the presenters, as was Dr. Lynn Snyder-Mackler and Holly Silvers from the SPTS. Carlo Ramponi represented GIS Sport AIFI (Italy) at the event.  Link here for information about the event's proceedings.

Professor Jiri Dvorak, FIFA Chief Medical Officer, F-MARC Chairman, highlights the importance of injury prevention.

Amy Arundale (left) and Holly Silvers (right), SPTS-USA, pause to chat with Dr. Mario Bizzini, Switzerland.

A panel speaks behind an official World Cup ball.

Chris Powers, United States.

Carlo Ramponi (left) with colleagues from Kinescentre Messina at the Isokinetic Conference.

International speakers at one of the many sessions. From left to right: Mario Bizzini (Switzerland), Holly Silvers (USA), Steve Kemp (UK), Oliver Faude (Germany), and Fulvio Danelon (Italy).

ACPSEM Study Day: "Let's Get Physical!"

The ACPSEM sponsored their spring study day on March 29 at the University of Bristol. Nearly 100 attendees participated in the day's events.


Dr. Pippa Bennett kicked off the conference with a lecture on the Female Athlete Triad, followed by Dr. Nicola Phillips, who spoke on planning rehabilitation and exercise programmes for athletes, while sharing a case study of an extreme athlete. Other speakers:


Pelvic floor dysfunction in exercise related pelvic pain
Dr. Ruth Jones PhD MCSP - Chartered Physiotherapists, Clinician, Researcher, Lecturer, and Writer

Options on managing unexplained underperformance syndrome
Dr. Pippa Bennett -Sport and Exercise Physician

Cervical spine sensorimotor rehabilitation: clinical approaches to proprioception,
oculomotor control, and postural stability
Mr. Chris Worsfold MSc PGDipManPhys MCSP, - physiotherapist specialising in neck pain

Motor control exercise specificity to influence spinal-pelvic mechanics in elite
track and field athletes.
Dr. Liba Sheeran PhD MCSP - Chartered Physiotherapist, University of Cardiff

If exercise could be packed in a pill: the benefits and challenges of promoting
physical activity in patients
Dr. Mark Tully BSc BMedSci(hons) PGCHET PhD - Lecturer in Physical Activity and Public
Health UKCRC - Centre of Excellence for Public Health, Queens' University


How does running style affect injury risk and performance?
Dr M Polly McGuigan - Lecturer in Biomechanics, Director of Learning and Teaching,
University of Bath  

Liz Mendl, Jill Simmons and Colin Patterson.

Nearly 100 attended the Saturday event.

The morning began with tea and coffee with the exhibitors.

Laura Hanna and Dr. Pippa Bennett compare notes.

The crowd settles in for the conference.

Dr. Pippa Bennett presents on the Female Athlete Triad.

Dr. Nicola Phillips, IFSPT president, relates her case study of work with an extreme athlete.

IFSPT Executive Board Meeting Held April 1
The IFSPT Executive Board met on Tuesday, April 1 at the CSP headquarters in London,
A (somewhat squinting) Executive Board and staff pause for a moment outside the CSP office in London for a photograph after a long day of meetings. 
England, with all board members present except for Dr. Nevin Ergun (Turkey) and Dr. Tony Schneiders (New Zealand) who were unable to make the meeting because of work commitments.

The IFSPT membership will be seeing the results of this meeting in the upcoming months, but one of the most exciting decisions from the board was the selection of Bern, Switzerland for the 2015 General Meeting and Symposium, in conjunction with the Swiss Sports Physical Therapy Conference. This conference draws over 350 attendees from all over Europe each year.

"Our selection was based on the history of the Bern conference, the central location and the overall proposal from the Swiss organization," states Nicki Phillips, IFSPT president. "Two other proposals were also close competitors for the site selection. We hope that the accessible location, only one hour by train from Zurich, will allow all of our member organizations to attend the General Meeting and to stay to support the IFSPT and Switzerland at the conference."

The General Meeting will be held Thursday, November 19, 2015 in Bern, with the joint IFSPT/Swiss conference taking place Friday and Saturday, November 20 and 21. The conference theme will be Return to Play.

A variety of accommodations are available close to the conference center to satisfy any budget. More details will come this summer, but for now...
  • General Meeting: Thursday, November 19, 2015
  • IFSPT/Swiss Sportfisio Conference: November 20 and 21, 2015
  • International speakers currently confirmed:
    • Ben Clarsen, Norway
    • Mark De Carlo, USA
    • Phil Glasgow, UK
    • Marie-Elaine Grant, UK - IOC
    • Havard Moksnes, Norway
    • Tony Schneiders, NZ - IFSPT
    • Jan Shrier, Canada
    • Kristian Thorborg, Denmark
    • Kevin Wilk, USA
    • Erik Witvrouw, Belgium and Qatar
Also discussed was the Register of International Sports Physical Therapists. The new program has been successfully launched, with more members joining weekly. Currently, the following countries have established criteria with the IFSPT for automatic acceptance for registration.
  • Australia: APA Sports Physiotherapist Title Program 
  • Denmark
  • Ireland: Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, Level 3 Accreditation in Sports Physiotherapy
  • New Zealand
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom: Continuing Professional Development Level 3, Gold
  • United States: APTA Sports Certified Specialist
Pathway development for other member organizations to participate are currently being developed. The information for member organizations to submit their country's pathway for consideration may be found on the IFSPT website here

More information is soon to follow after meeting minutes are confirmed.
South Africa Physical Therapists Support the Momentum 95.7 Cycle Challenge and Provide Bicycles to Needy Children
Submitted by the SASPG



  The Sports Physiotherapy Group riding team.


What started out as a spur-of-the-moment discussion with one of the University of Pretoria (TUKS) physiotherapy students at the SPG Congress 2013 in September, blossomed into a countrywide organization of physiotherapists and other willing cyclists to take on the physical challenge of the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge and see if we can help to make a number of kids' dreams come true.


In the end, 25 students, both TUKS and University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (WITS), with their friends and family, 30 physiotherapists with their friends and family, and almost 45 people from Limpopo, especially Tzaneen, reported at the starting line to don the SPG cycling shirt and raise money for the Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis Nylstroom.


After many e-mails and phone calls, the day finally arrived: Sunday, 17 November 2013 - Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge Sunday. From early on, the cyclists faced the traffic and the challenge of finding parking at the Waterfall Estate on the R55, Woodmead. Then the next challenge: to find the SPG gazebo at the Polo Fields. We didn't realize polo fields could be so big! Most of the group gathered at the gazebo to sort out last minute shirt and number collections and then moved down to the start. A couple stayed behind to do last minute tyre pressure checks, but everyone was well on time.


08:26 - "And it's go, go, go..." Luckily, there were only a few that wanted to race. The rest first sorted out where the pedals were and got their balance - you don't want to crash this early in the race. Riding on the highway (M1 South) with no cars will always be one of those exhilarating experiences that one cannot explain to a non-cyclist. We passed some of the CHOC Cows with their ice cream trucks - that looks like hard work! As expected, the group split up into smaller groups, with people of the same caliber joining and riding together.


Down Houghton we picked up speed, and then through the city - just a different perspective from a bicycle. Over Nelson Mandela bridge and then the first of the climbs: Jan Smuts Avenue. Luckily, there were lots of supporters next to the road with words of encouragement and bottles of cold water that they use to spray the cyclists. And then a downhill past the Zoo where land speed records were set.


Through the beautiful tree-lined streets of the suburbs we travelled until we reached Witkoppen and then Malibongwe and the N14. You are thankful for every person that sits in front of you to break most of the wind and help to get out the baking sun a little bit faster. Every water point becomes a necessary stop to get rid of lukewarm water in your bottles. Just past the Total Bonjour, we pass a group of students that are jumping up and down and encouraging every cyclist to give it all they've got. Then they recognize the SPG cycling shirts and go absolutely crazy!! The right support at the right time...


Down the off-ramp and onto Summit road - you start to smell the water at the finish line, but I'm told that is only a hallucination. Heartbreak Hill on the R55 is the last test for tired and hot legs, but everyone passes and the adrenaline starts to pump when you realize how close the end really is.


FINISH! - there are few things as satisfying as finishing a race. We're looking forward to next year's race already.


  The Sports Physiotherapy Group support team. 



A couple of the physiotherapists felt more comfortable on a mountain bike (MTB), and participated in the Momentum 94.7 MTB Challenge the week before. They sent pictures of the tunnels and the bridges that they had to face. Hopefully, next year we'll have just as big a group representing us at the MTB Challenge - and maybe some will do both!


After a day's rest and recovery, the "post-fun" work starts: to collect all the money raised and calculate how many bicycles we'll be able to donate to the Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis Nylstroom. A total of R 75 000,00 was raised (unbelievable!) and we're busy negotiating with one of the local bike shops to get as many bicycles as possible to the 140 kids. The handover ceremony will take place in January when all the children are back from holidays with foster parents.


"It was my first Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge and I enjoyed every minute up to 70km. The atmosphere is something out of this world with music and dancers next to the road, while thousands of supporters encourage you to just keep going. It is an experience, and to do this without the fear of a car crashing into you at any stage, one of the most enjoyable races I've done. The organizers should really get a lot of credit and recognition to have such a successful event.


Unfortunately the heat got to me in the last 20 km and cramps forced me off my bike four times. I was VERY grateful to finally cross the finish line and aware of the wonderful Grace that enables us to participate in events like these. I will definitely be better prepared for the heat next year."  


- Hennie le Roux, cyclist from Polokwane


"My experience of Sunday was a positive one. I had minor hiccups along the way, like tyre punctures but it couldn't detract from the fun and excitement of riding through Jozi with Moo-ing CHOC riders and many Brides and bridegrooms-to-be! The crowds of support and the cyclists along the road created such an awesome atmosphere, and ensured that lots of fun was had. The highlight for me was definitely having our very own support team along the side of the road to cheer us on- it really was encouraging and came at a perfect time in the race!"  


- Simone Barrett, TUKS student 


"Just a bit of useless info...the man being rubbed by three students at the expo, is one of those cyclists who races the first  lap, then hop onto an ice cream vendor bicycle in a choc cow suit for the second lap ! So next time your legs are tired, think of that !"  


- Ingrid Cloete, SASP member (Ingrid and her family did the MTB race, and she helped at the Expo)


"To cycle 94.7km is no easy task. But just because we weren't brave enough to tackle the race, it doesn't mean we couldn't get involved. So we decided to make a support team to cheer on all the cyclists and especially our very own charity team. 


"The scorching sun didn't sizzle out our enthusiasm. We spent the morning making Mexican Waves along side the road; "moo"-ing at every cyclist in a cow outfit; cheering, "Steve!" at every FNB-sponsored cyclist and giving an extra loud cheer for the cyclists in wedding attire who entered the wedding competition. The most exciting part was definitely seeing our own cyclists and trying to recognise who they were.


All in all it was a good day spent with good company and a braai to make it even better. We look forward to next year's event."

- Meghan Dodds, TUKS HK representative and organizer of the support group

Out of the gate at the starting line.

Team Sport Physio on the road.

Our own cheering committee!

Coming out of a tunnel.


Crossing the finish line at last!

Student physios at the expo. They provided treatment to the exhausted riders.

The cow with a physio at the expo.

Doing a little physio work.


Children waiting patiently for their new bicycles.


After tallying all the funds received, and negotiating with Jimmy and Raai from Jimmy's Cycle and Sport shop in Modimolle (Nylstroom), we got the final bike count ready. With all the money we raised, we could afford a total of 60 bikes that we divided between 24" and 26" sizes, to accommodate as many children as possible. Inspired by the generosity of all the participating cyclists and their sponsors, Jimmy and Raai sponsored ten kiddies' bikes for the smaller children of Huis Maroela.


So on a hot and dry Friday, 24 January 2014, we set out to Modimolle to hand out the bicycles to the children. After Gezina Lombard introduced all of us to the children and the caregivers, I explained to the children what exactly the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge is, and how many people decided to do this year's race in order to support them. I had to share my gratitude about every cyclist that joined us. We started this project hoping we would be able to donate fourteen bicycles (some of which would be the cyclists' old secondhand bikes) - one for every house, but ended up quadrupling that amount!


Bicycles awaiting their new owners.


After all the official business was done and dusted, every child got his bicycle with a matching helmet, and all the local newspaper photos were taken, we had a chance to discuss possible involvement with this year's Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge again. This year we hope to top the funds raised by the group, not necessarily to buy more bicycles, but to help the Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis Nylstroom in any way they need.


We left the Home amid children riding their brand new bicycles up and down the streets, some even with their arms in casts. As one of the older boys retorted: "This is so much more fun than skateboarding!"  


Some of the proud new owners, their helmets in place and ready to go! 



About the Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis Nylstroom


After the Boer War a lot of children were left orphaned.After the flu of 1918 more children were left orphaned. As a result of the drought in 1933 parents could no longer take care of their children. No more children could thus be accommodated at Langlaagte.


The Church Board of the Dutch Reformed Church in Nylstroom (Modimolle) saw the opportunity to help children in need.The municipality decided to donate 20 hectares of ground for the erection of a children's home in Nylstroom (Modimolle). Building started in 1958 and the first children moved in in 1959.


Today, children are placed in a Children's Home by means of a court order as a result of child abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, lack of parental skills, family violence and other factors that might endanger the lives of children.  




About the 94.7 Momentum Challenge and Ride for a Purpose 


94.7 is a radio station in the Johannesburg/Pretoria area in South Africa. They are the founders of the 94.7 Momentum Challenge and Ride for a Purpose. 


The Ride for a Purpose campaign has proven to provide an incomparable platform for cyclists to create awareness about personal causes that are close to their hearts, and this year is no different.


Over R12.5 million was raised for charity last year and this year the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge is encouraging riders and charities to get involved, so they can top last year's massive success.


This year, Joburg's favourite race has reserved 8000 spots for charities to register their teams and for individuals who want to ride for their favourite charity.


Everyone gets into the action!

With a little encouragement - and some training wheels - this little girl will soon be confident on her new bicycle.

The Sports Physiotherapy Group of South Africa was able to raise enough money through their participation in the 94.7 Momentum Challenge to outfit 60 children with bicycles and helmets. What's more, their supportive bicycle shop donated 10 additional bicycles for the smallest residents.

Congratulations SASPG for a job well done!

Upcoming Conferences from IFSPT Member Organizations

Sportfisio Switzerland Annual Conference
  • Bern, Switzerland
  • Friday, November 21
  • More information to follow: save the date!

1st World Conference on Groin Pain in Athletes

  • November 1-3
  • Presented by Aspetar 
  • Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence Auditorium
  • Doha, Qatar 
  • For more information, click here  
Team Concept Conference 2014
  • December 4-6
    Green Valley Ranch Resort
    Las Vegas, Nevada - USA
  • December 4: Full day of education sponsored by the editorial committee of Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach
  • December 5-6: Head-to-Toe programming for the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of the athlete
  • Save the Date: Registration available in May 2014 

Danish Sports Medicine Conference

The Finnish Sports Physiotherapist Association presents

Prevention: Mission Possible 2015

In cooperation with the IFSPT

  • 20-22 March 2015
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • This is an inaugural international sports physiotherapy conference in Finland. Today in sports physiotherapy, the importance of sports injury prevention programs and preventive strategies are recognised as determinant in therapeutic strategies. Therefore it is obvious that injury prevention and illness in sport is an important focus of sports physiotherapy as well.
  • Registration to come! 


IFSPT 2015 General Meeting and Symposium: In Conjunction with the Swiss Sportfisio Conference

Conference Topic: Return to Play

  • General Meeting: Thursday, November 19, 2015
  • IFSPT/Swiss Sportfisio Conference: November 20 and 21, 2015
  • Exciting international speakers!
    • Ben Clarsen, Norway
    • Mark De Carlo, USA
    • Phil Glasgow, UK
    • Marie-Elaine Grant, UK - IOC
    • Havard Moksnes, Norway
    • Tony Schneiders, NZ - IFSPT
    • Jan Shrier, Canada
    • Kristian Thorborg, Denmark
    • Kevin Wilk, USA
    • Erik Witvrouw, Belgium and Qatar
  • Save the Date! More information to come.


Attention Member Organizations:  

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