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                                  March 2013     

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Sat., March 9, 2013, 8 a.m. -- 2013 San Diego Dog Friendly Undy 5000 5K Run/Walk (& one-mile fun run), sponsored by the Colon Cancer Alliance.  Grab your kids and dogs, but leave your pants at home.  Run in your underwear while raising awareness of colon cancer.  Advance registration for adults $30, for kids 6-13 $25, and 5 and under free.  Instead of a race T-shirt, receive a commemorative pair of Undy 5000 boxers.  At De Anza Cove (2750 North Mission Bay Dr.) in Mission Bay Park.  




Sat., March 9, 2013, 9 to 11 a.m. -- Dog Beach Cleanup, with Friends of Dog Beach, at the pawprint entry to Dog Beach.  Bags & gloves, plus toys & treats will be provided for you and your friendly dogs

Ugly Dog Contest

Sunday, March 10, 2013, 10 a.m. -- 18th Annual Ugly Dog Contest, sponsored by the Del Mar Kiwanis Club & San Diego Coastal Chamber of Commerce, at the Bates Nut Farm, 15954 Woods Valley Rd., Valley Center, CA.  If you don't have an ugly dog, you may enter in nine other categories, including Cutest, Most Beautiful, Most Handsome, Best St. Pat's Costume, Dog Who Looks Most Like Its Owner, or Best Trick.  All proceeds given to charity.  Admission $6 to $12, and contest entries $10.
Escondido Humane Soc. Paws in the Park
Sat., March 24, 2013, 8 a.m.-12 Noon -- Paws in the Park, sponsored by the Escondido Humane Society to benefit animals in need, at Kit Carson Park, 3333 Bear Valley Parkway, Escondido.

Sat., April 13, 2013, 8 a.m.-2 p.m. -- emBARKadero:  Run.Walk.Roll.Wag.  A 4-Legged 4K Run/Walk/Roll is from 8 to 9:30 a.m. ($25 adult registration, $10 for children under 12) at the Embarcadero Marina Park South, near the Convention Center, to benefit Canine Companions for Independence.  The festival begins at 9 a.m. and is open to the public with free admission, and features Flyball, a K9 Agility Playground, Dog Yoga, food, shopping and games and crafts for kids.

Sat., April 20, 2013, 8 a.m.-2 p.m. -- Fighting Parkinson's Step by Step, a 5K Dog-Friendly Walk/Run, sponsored by the Parkinson's Association of San Diego.  Registration for this event is $45, and benefits the 60,000 San Diegans affected by the disease (as patients, care-givers, and families).  At NTC Park at Liberty Station (Farragut & Cushing roads) in Point Loma.

Creek 2 Bay
Sat., April 27, 2013, 9 a.m.-12 Noon -- 11th Annual Creek to Bay Cleanup, sponsored by I Love a Clean San Diego, at more than 80 coastal and inland sites throughout San Diego County.  Last year, 6,000 volunteers collected more than 150,000 lbs. of trash from entering our creeks and ocean. 
Join us at Ocean Beach-Dog Beach!

19th Annual Walk for Animals
Sat., May 4, 2013, 7 a.m. to 12 Noon -- 19th Annual 2013 Walk for Animals, sponsored by the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA, featuring a pancake breakfast, a scenic 2-mile (or 1/2-mile) walk, and doggie activities, to celebrate our love for animals while raising the vital funds needed to ensure that every homeless animal can find a loving home.  At a NEW location at NTC Park at Liberty Station (with ample parking).

 Hornblower Pet Rescue Day
Sat., May 18, 2013, 9  or 10:45 a.m. or 12:30 p.m.  -- 13th Annual Pet Rescue Day on the Bay, sponsored by Hornblower Cruises.  This narrated one-hour cruise ($24 per adult) collects towels and bedding, and benefits pet rescues at the Helen Woodward Animal Center.  Board at 970 North Harbor Drive (between Broadway & Ash streets) in downtown San Diego.

Dog Shedding Solutions

   All dogs shed.  Some dogs shed tons, leaving behind evidence all over the house.  Even "hypoallergenic" dogs, such as Bichons, Poodles, and some terriers, shed hair -- it just doesn't always hit the floor.  dog shedding cartoon

   Dead hairs must be washed or brushed out or matting may occur quickly.

   Dogs with short, straight hair (e.g., Pugs, Labs, Dalmations) can shed more than expected.  Once the hair is dead, it tends to fall right out.  Double-coated and Nordic breeds (Huskies, Malamutes, Akitas) are the most likely to suffer an excess of shed hair, often called "blowing coat."  This usually occurs in the spring, and less so in the fall.

Dog Sheddding

 What causes dogs to shed?  Heredity, seasonal changes (warmer temperatures, longer daylight hours), age, hormones, environment (especially stress), and nutrition.  Pet owners can't change genes and weather, but we can keep stress levels to a minimum. 

   Diet is the area that pet owners can have the biggest Skin & Coat Supplements impact.  A high-quality protein diet, with supplements containing omega-3 and -6 fatty acids (fish or flax-seed oils), and various minerals and micronutrients can help ensure that the coat is as healthy and glossy as possible, and keep shedding to a minimum. 

    Brushes, combs and dematting/deshedding tools are among the best ways to remove shedding hair before it hits the floor.   Dog DeShedding Tools We recommend using these tools outside in a local park, where birds can use the hair in nest-building.  The trick is using these tools frequently and consistently.

   Shampoos and conditioners as well as grooming sprays with silicone or Vitamin E (such as Nature's Specialties' Quicker Slicker or Tropiclean's D-Mat Tangle Remover) can help loosen and remove excess hair, and make brushing more effective. 

   Shaving your dog down is not a good idea, as it can interfere with your dog's natural self-cooling and self-warming mechanism.  In the long run, it will not make your dog shed any less.  In most dogs, the hair will grow back in 12 to 24 months.  In some dogs (notably in Malamutes and Pomeranians) the regrowth is permanently altered, and comes in wooly and fuzzy, or loses color (called "coat funk"). Or it never grows back at all (called Alopecia X).

   If your dog is already on a quality diet but you notice excessive hair loss or bald patches you should consult your veterinarian.  The condition may be caused by:

  * Parasites
  * Fungal or bacterial infection
  * Allergies
  * Kidney, liver, thyroid or adrenal disease (such as Cushing's)
  * Self-induced trauma due to licking
  * Cancer
  * Immune disease
  * Sunburn 
  * Contact with an irritating or caustic substance

Dog hair

   According to the ASPCA, if you notice any of the following conditions, or if your dog's initial skin problem persists for more than a week, consult your veterinarian for treatment:

  * Skin irritation, including redness, bumps, rashes or scabs
  * Open sores of any kind
  * Bald spots or thinning of coat
  * Dull, dry hair that pulls out easily
  * Scratching
  * Constant foot licking or face rubbing

Uses for Excess Dog Hair

   If recycling is high on your agenda, there are several uses for shed dog hair:

  * Knitting sweaters, mittens & scarves
  * Bird nests
  * Compost (small amounts)
  * Warding off pests (a light dusting around flowers, vegetables, shrubs & trees is a natural deterrent to wild rabbits, deer and other creatures)
  * Stuffing or filling (clean hair only in pin cushions, pillows, soft toys)
  * Tying flies
  * Cleaning up oil spills
   And finally, some not-so-serious uses for dog hair in this funny video from "WyUtahMed":

Reduce Reuse Recycle-Dog Hair:   
Reduce Reuse Recycle-Dog Hair: "USEFUR"
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