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Tillerman Tea NewsletterMarch 2013
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Saturday March 9th and Sunday, March 10th

Tillerman's Chinese calligraphy demonstration and exhibit 

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Dear Friends   


On Saturday March 9th and Sunday March 10th join us at our shop in Oxbow Public Market for an exceptional exhibit of Chinese calligraphy produced by Bay Area masters. The highlight of the event will be the Sunday demonstration by renowned Chinese artist and calligrapher Master Wang Jian Zhong (王建 中.) Mr. Wang was born in Binzhou in Shandong Province in China and moved to San Francisco last year. His work had been exhibited throughout China,  as well as in Japan, Paris and the Bay Area.  

Below is Wang's painting "Sun Rise at Tai Mountain"; a spectacularly  vivid composition of the sun rise at the sacred Tai Mountain(泰山.) Notice the fascinating way the character for "Tai" (泰) meaning "safe" and "beautiful"  has been incorporated into the art.

Throughout the exhibition, you also will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for Shen Yun 2013. Shen Yun is a stunning presentation of 5000 years of Chinese culture and is a show absolutely not to be missed.  See more details in following the article.  





See you next weekend,




For more information contact: 

Tillerman Tea 
610 First St., Unit 8  

(in the Oxbow Public Market)

Napa, CA 94559

(707) 265-0200



SHEN YUN - A Cultural Treasure Brought To The Stage


For 5,000 years, the Middle Kingdom has been home to an unparalleled legacy of heroes, legends, and virtues that continue to resonate around the globe.


Shen Yun is the first theater company to present classical Chinese dance to the world on a large scale. It also features the only orchestra to combine both Western and Chinese instruments as its permanent members. Shen Yun has taken the globe by storm, performing in over 100 cities. Its January shows at New York Lincoln Center were sold out.


The show is a celebration of traditional Chinese culture as it was meant to be experienced-a study in grace, wisdom, and virtues distilled from millennia of civilization.


With mesmerizing choreography, colorful costumes, stunning animated backdrops, and tremendous athleticism, Shen Yun takes the audience on a journey through time and space to ancient lands, mountain peaks, and even heavenly paradises.


"If heaven is the way we saw it tonight, count me in," said Academy Award-nominated producer Nathaniel Kahn after seeing Shen Yun.


Ancient Chinese artists cultivated virtue, believing that to create true art worthy of the heavens, there must first be inner purity. Today, Shen Yun's artists follow this noble tradition. The result is a performance of consummate beauty. It is a show that nourishes the soul.


Shen Yun will perform at San Francisco Orpheum Theatre March 20-24. For more, visit: ShenYun2013.0rg or call 1-888-633-6999.


Anji Bai Cah

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