March 1, 2012


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Industry Conferences


PIRA Sustainability Packaging Conference

March 12-14, 2012

Orlando, FL


Brainstorm Green 2012 Conference 

April 16-18, 2012

Laguna Niguel, CA


Sustainable Cosmetics
Summit 2012

May 17-19, 2012

New York 



Meetings & Events


Electronics Sector 

Face to Face Meeting 

March 20-21, 2012

Dell Executive Briefing Center, Round Rock, TX 


End of Life Electronics Workgroup Face to Face Meeting 

March 21-22, 2012

Dell Executive Briefing Center,

Round Rock, TX


Paper Sector Meeting

April 10-11, 2012
Fayetteville, AR 


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The Sustainability Consortium is a global organization of diverse stakeholders who collaborate  

to design and implement transparent measurement and reporting systems for producers and users of consumer products. TSC delivers results through science-based tools that improve informed decision making for product sustainability throughout product life cycles.